You'll have to drink a lot of wine to see any ghosts on this tour. Photos by Meghan Stephens.

You’ll have to drink a lot of wine to see any ghosts on this tour. Photos by Meghan Stephens.

You may have heard that just in time for spooky season, the borough is now home to the brand-new Brooklyn Paranormal Society — a group of ghost-hunters who advertise an enticing blend of drinking, paranormal history lessons and an investigation of the spiritual forces that may surround us. The mix of attractions for the first outing a few weeks ago was right up our alley: drinking on a weeknight, starting at a bar in Fort Greene, then moving on to boozing in the park and, most importantly, hunting for ghosts. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, hearing haunting tales while drinking outdoors sounds like a pretty fun free way to spend a fall evening.

These ghostbusters are hardly Peter Venkmans or Egon Spenglers, though. The group is led by an amateur foursome of Brooklynites who advertise the Meetup events as BYOB boos-and-booze bonanzas. They’re holding another one tonight in Prospect Park, which has already attracted lots of media attention. The organizers are enthusiastic, but if you’re expecting any ghost-hunting expertise, set your proton packs to “low expectations.” It felt a lot like what would happen if your high school friends got their hands on some “ghost-hunting” equipment and a box of wine.

Here’s how the first-ever outing of Brooklyn’s own artisanal ghostbusters went down: (more…)

04/09/14 3:13pm
execution rocks lighthouse

Possibly you’ll be haunted by vengeful Revolutionary War ghosts, but whatever, it’s just $300. via Lighthouse Restorations

Thinking of all the summer trips you’d like to take this summer before remembering that you’re poor as hell and you aren’t going anywhere? Us too. That could change though, because we’ve just been alerted (via Untapped Cities) to the Execution Rocks Lighthouse, a possibly haunted lighthouse in the Long Island House that you can stay in for just $300 per night. It’s like an island getaway, except you’ll be kept awake and terrified by the ghosts of executed American Revolutionary War soldiers. But hey, beats taking a Greyhound Bus to the Jersey sure, are we right?? (more…)

09/19/13 4:33pm
People can't call these guys, so they may as well call you

People can’t call these guys, so they may as well call you

You guys notice anything strange lately? In the neighborhood? Anything weird? And it doesn’t look good? Seeing things running through your head? An invisible man sleeping in your bed, perhaps? Well if that’s the case, you might have someone to call soon. That’s because an ambitious person on Craigslist is looking for some driven, team-oriented paranormal investigators, researchers and mediums. Hell, it’s gotta beat interning at some publishing house that doesn’t take you seriously. (more…)

10/23/12 2:53pm

Beware the ghost of Bedford Avenue. via Brooklyn Street Art

Ever wander around Brooklyn and end up in front of one of the creepy old abandoned buildings that are everywhere and suddenly get that goosebumpy “being watched” vibe? Ghosts totally live in there. Brooklyn is OLD and you know loads of folks died mysterious and macabre deaths that left their spirits lingering in the bones of the building, burdening subsequent tenants with the dark aura of unfinished business.

Syfy’s Paranormal Witness recently featured (an unintentionally hilarious) CGI rendering of the otherworldly occupants of a Gravesend townhouse, and it got me to wondering about other freeloading spirits of Brooklyn’s past who refuse to give up rent-free residence and go into the light. You think the DJ upstairs is an annoying neighbor? Try living in some of these spooktacular Brooklyn abodes.  (more…)