Until he read this profile, he didn't know he was hosting. via Instagram

Until he read this profile, he didn’t know he was hosting. via Instagram

Despite the fact that we all watch late night take shows on YouTube these days, anticipation for Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has been building for months. You might be one of those people curious to see how Colbert does with the show, but like so many other lousy Millennials, don’t own a television. Quit looking around for an unauthorized streaming site or a very specific torrent and get yourself to Prospect Heights instead, because The Way Station (683 Washington Avenue) is showing the first episode in this potential new era of late night TV. (more…)

04/19/12 5:55pm

Yeah you do. No matter what sexual/gender/political persuasion you are, don’t kid yourself here. Donate any amount to the campaign (although the official rules say you don’t legally have to donate) and you’ll be entered to win a round-trip ticket for two to DC. hotel accommodations and a seat at the dinner reception, a package worth some $3,200. The campaign did something like this before, but upped the ante this time by adding the Fantastic Mr. Fox himself. Note: this post is not a political endorsement of any kind. It is merely an endorsement of handsomeness.