04/17/14 2:57pm
g train touch screen kiosk

At least you’ll have something to play around with while you wait. Photo by David Colon

The G isn’t exactly a line one that’s known for technological innovation, unless you count “waiting for so long it feel like you’ve gone back in time” as a form of time travel. Which maybe you do. But over the weekend, we noticed what looks like a promising upgrade for the G. Not more than four cars per train, but one of those fancy touchscreen kiosks that give you directions and real time-information on train delays. Well look who’s fancy now. (more…)

04/07/14 4:13pm
Yeah, just keep running, it's healthy. Photo by mili005 on Instagram.

Yeah, just keep running, it’s healthy. Photo by mili005 on Instagram.

As we know, there was a meeting last week that allowed people to finally yell at their elected officials/the MTA about the G train. Sure it was supposed to be about the looming summer shutdown between Brooklyn and Queens, but people can live with that. What they wanted to know was why the MTA insists that the G train still can’t have more than four cars at a time. According to the MTA, it’s because things are fine like that and everyone loves it. (more…)

03/13/14 12:56pm
sasheer zamata girls tour

Sasheer Zamata, the only human ever pictured smiling near the G train

Now that we’ve thankfully escaped one last snowstorm and we know that Fort Tilden will be open, everyone is making plans for summer. Although if you’re the type who needs to take the G train from Greenpoint to Queens, you’re making plans to wait around for a shuttle bus, because that promised five week shutdown is happening between July 26  and September 1. If you’re frustrated, the good news, according to Greenpointers, is that you’ll have a chance to shout at your elected officials about it in a few weeks, at a public meeting on the summer shutdown taking place April 3 at 6pm. (more…)

01/22/14 3:30pm
subway cat

Subway Cat knows what’s up. via A Fine Line

Even though by this point we’re all endearingly used to BuzzFeed’s particular style of writing, we still have some expectation of journalistic accuracy. Right? Among piles of “Facts you Learn in Your Twenties” and “Reasons These Animals are Winning,” yesterday the site dropped a “Definitive Ranking of NYC Subways.” At the bottom of the pile was our beloved C Train, and at the top was the Q, which just this weekend decided to not have service at all between Brooklyn and Manhattan. So, we figured, we’d let some cats tell you what BuzzFeed got wrong about their subway rankings. (more…)

01/14/14 2:58pm
No need to move faster than a stroll on the L train platform.

L train, always on time, now will be there when you, ah, check your phone. via rooseveltislander.blogspot.com

As if L Train riders weren’t spoiled enough already, with their consistently low wait times (at least, compared to those of us on the G) and countdown clocks in the station, here’s another perk: the L is now the first of the lettered trains to be added onto the smart phone app Subway Time, according to Metro NY. While other apps have shown you the scheduled time before, this one actually lets you know where the train really is, not where it’s supposed to be. (more…)

07/22/13 3:59pm
This will finally take you out of Brooklyn on the weekends. via Flickr user Vincenzosi

This will finally take you out of Brooklyn on the weekends. via Flickr user Vincenzosi

Maybe these fare hikes are actually doing some good? Although don’t say that too loud, for feat that the MTA will keep up with them. But, for the second year in a row, surpluses in the MTA budget will lead to service on bus and train lines being restored across the city, and even improved, especially in the case of the G train, which is getting the improvements recommended after the MTA studied it. (more…)

07/15/13 12:54pm
Soon they can add "ran cars on time." Photo by Tim Donnelly

Soon they can add “ran cars on time.” Photo by Tim Donnelly

A few months ago, the MTA promised they were going to do a big review on the G train to see if it was as bad as everyone was saying it was. Some cynical jerks were skeptical, but in your face jerks: according to a press release that landed in our inbox, a whole bunch of changes were recommended for the G train including more frequent, spread out service, more public address systems and better platform layout. Maybe dreams really do come true. (more…)

07/08/13 2:21pm
It's a killer

It’s a killer

Despite the best efforts of the Transit Workers Union (Hip-Hop Division), people just won’t stay off the goddamn subway tracks. We don’t quite understand the appeal of hopping down off the platform, since even at the cleanest subway stations,  the tracks are full of garbage, rats and gross puddles of garbage water. The latest victim of the train tracks managed to add a little bit of humiliation to the usual sad story by electrocuting himself while peeing. (more…)

07/03/13 8:26am
Oh, hi. Photo by Katie Capri

Oh, hi. Photo by Katie Capri

With longterm G-train blackouts looming for some weekends to come, starting this weekend, we decided to round up why getting stuck in Greenpoint is actually pretty awesome. Drink well, eat better, tan yourself on the shores of the East River and shop for the perfect party dress all while your MetroCard is stashed away with the rest of your office attire. It may actually be more of a hassle come December, when your friends expect you to spend your weekends somewhere else. (more…)

06/05/13 2:18pm
Say goodbye to this. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

Say goodbye to this. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

We hope you don’t like riding the R train between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Oh, what’s that, it’s your favorite subway ride in the whole world? Well, in that case, sit down, because we’re going to just tell you this and not sugarcoat it: the R isn’t going to be running between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 12 – 14 months. Oh, and the G train between Queens and Brooklyn will also close for a few weekends, but what else is new? Don’t worry, it’s nothing you did. Unless of course you’re that horrible Hurricane Sandy. In that case, it’s all your fault. (more…)