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Our common experience of furniture as New Yorkers usually comes in two forms: 1) the kind you find on the street and hope beyond hope that it isn’t a Trojan Horse of bed bugs lying in wait to seize your apartment; or 2) the kind you get from Ikea, because it’s cheap and easy and they have those meatballs at the store and maybe if your relationship can’t survive a trip through the store it wasn’t destined to last anyway. The second one can either lead to a fun challenge if you like snapping together the adult LEGO set that is Ikea furniture, or can cause lose your mind and start stabbing things with an allen wrench while cursing in Swedish about all the goddamn pieces not fitting together.

Now imagine the fun/horror of trying to assemble that furniture while tripping your face off. That’s the premise of the new web series Hikea created by two Brooklyn-based filmmakers. The show gives willing participants hallucinogens, hands them a box of Ikea furniture to assemble and let’s them have at it. As you can imagine, it takes a lot longer than usual.

“It’s a struggle we all know,” co-creator Alex Taylor told Bushwick Daily. “And many people have probably attempted it under some mild influences like beer or weed. So it seemed naturally relatable to amplify the degree of difficulty with something a little stronger.”


05/25/16 11:00am
Ikea is fine but ugh who has the time or energy.  Via Khalid Ahmed/Flickr

Ikea is fine but ugh who has the time or energy. Via Khalid Ahmed/Flickr

The problem with shopping at Ikea — besides the couples counseling you’ll need and the literal stereotype of yuppie adulthood you’ll be snapping together like so much Grundtal pieces — is that your apartment ends up looking exactly the same as everyone else’s in Brooklyn. This is an understandable trade off for low-cost, accessible, one-stop shopping that comes with a side of cheap meatballs. The same could be said of shopping at Target or any other assemble-at-home furniture seller, the ones you find scattered around the city or huddled in gangs at the opposite ends of vast oceans of parking lots in the suburbs. The one-stop shopping angle is enticing: you buy a piece of furniture, that matches other furniture, and goes with that accent wall, and, after a few frustrating grunts and screaming at the instruction manual, you screw together a bedroom set that looks like a lot of other bedroom sets, bing bang boom.

To avoid this trap of sameness, maybe instead you can turn to the internet to try to order things, but then there’s the searching, and the pretending not to search when your boss walks by your desk, and the waiting, and the hoping to be home at the exact right moment to catch the UPS guy, who makes his rounds with ninja assassin levels of sneakiness. You can try Craigslist, but then there’s the fear of bed bugs or being sex murdered over a futon, which seems like a hassle. (more…)

ruby's bar coney island

Not just any bar stool, a Coney Island bar stool. Photo by Trivia Vita, via Amusing the Zillion

Doing a bit of redecorating in your apartment? Why, you don’t own it. We’re not gonna stand in your way if you feel the need to get some new furniture though, that’s not our thing. What we will do instead is point you in the direction of furniture that is both cheap and cool, which today means letting you know that as per Amusing the Zillion, Ruby’s in Coney Island is selling off some of their chairs for just $10. Better move fast on this one, just leave work, they’ll understand. (more…)

bunna couch

Do you need a couch, or do you need dinner? via Flickr user micahaci

Bunna Cafe, the nomadic vegan Ethiopian restaurant that has travelled from Smorgasburg to private Brooklyn events to indoor markets is now ready to move into its permanent home at 1084 Flushing Avenue in Bushwick.

But they need your help in providing a little bit of seating. So, they’re asking for someone out there to donate their couch to them, in exchange for steamed kale, obviously. (more…)

film biz recycling

You can have Christmas cheer all year long in your apartment, and you can get it cheap. via Facebook

Have you been looking around your apartment and feeling like all of your furniture is a bit drab? That all it does is provide a place for you to sit, or put your other possessions on, without really popping? Well good news! The folks at Gowanus’ movie recycling store Film Biz Recycling (540 President Street) are having themselves a giant sale, with 50% off everything in the store. Like say, that Christmas-based monstrosity above. Though you could probably pick something less garish than that, but what do we know? (more…)

You know that janky-looking furniture store at the corner of Pacific and Flatbush? American Mattress &  Furniture  Warehouse is having a going-out-of-business sale, and while there’s some kind of something funky going on in the store fragrance-wise, they’re ready to play let’s make a deal if you find anything you like. Provided they come fragrance-free (a big “if”), this pair of couches looks like a good deal, originally $1099, then $899 and now $699 for the deuce. Certainly beats the infested curbside variety. Plus, the more you talk to the salesman (ask for Naeem), the cheaper everything gets. There’s not tons, but here’s some other stuff: (more…)

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This is fun, but really you should get some furniture already. Photo via Flickr's Andrew Shoemaker.

The stresses of school/work/lack of work make your home your solace. Start crafting that awesome apartment you always wanted one piece at a time. Craigslist offers some of the best vintage and designer quality furniture for budget-friendly prices. Yes, there’s always a bit of risk when getting anything second hand, but what’s the fun of just walking into Pier One and knowing exactly what you’re going to get? Here’s some great stuff available this week: (more…)

07/19/11 10:38pm

This here Oppdal bed is big news.

If you’ve been putting off a trip to Ikea for Billy bookshelves, this weekend they come with gratis gravlax. Yep, if you spend $100 or more, you get to eat in the cafe for free — so says the Ikea web site. BTW, the new 2012 Ikea catalog just came out, and if you can’t wait to find out what Torva, Tived, Isala and Oppdal (left) refer to, here’s a link.

08/11/10 9:27am
MoMA-store looks, Ikea pricetag. The new Tradig Bowl, $24.99.

MoMA-store looks, Ikea pricetag. The new Tradig Bowl, $24.99.

Even if your iPhone fund went to student loans and the price of a single Chanel clog is more than your share of the rent, there’s one product launch we can all get in on:  IKEA’s annual catalog release.

The print version, won’t be in local stores for a few more weeks, but the online 2011 catalog is now available for browsing.

New products officially launched in August have been quietly appearing in stores throughout the summer (some are not yet available online) while a few old favorites have dropped in price.  The highlights: (more…)

09/23/09 5:07pm

Picture 82Atlantis, Red Hook’s second-largest furniture retailer, will be closing the retail half of their business on Sunday, September 27. Before everyone gets up in arms about Red Hook’s largest furniture retailer putting Atlantis out of business, let it be known that Beatrice, Atlantis’ owner, is only closing her retail outlet to focus on the upholstery and decorating side of things. Her new workshop will be located just around the way, at Screwball Studios (188 Lorraine St).

Beatrice will be “lightening her load” for the remainder of this week, with a closing sale. Lighting, art, and mirrors are 50 percent off, and all furniture is 20 percent off. In case your apartment is in desperate need of vintage mongolian lamb stools to go with your zebra print bar, you’re in luck!

The sale only runs from 11 to 7, Thursday through Sunday, when Atlantis will shut its doors for good. Atlantis, 351 Van Brunt St., 718-858-8816.