02/07/17 4:23pm
Trump Tower Muslim Refugee Fundraiser

If you can’t beat ’em, fill their safe space with the thing they fear the most: human beings looking to live a decent life. Photo via Indiegogo

Simultaneously affect change and promote affordable housing by donating to this Indiegogo effort to raise a year’s rent and put up a recent refugee from one of the countries impacted by Trump’s Muslim travel ban in Trump Tower itself. Your hard-earned cash can at last achieve what our tax dollars never have: diversifying Midtown’s Tower of Terror and tainting the Donald’s quality of life. This might even scare him out of his New York ivory tower to his White House in DC.

Started by good samaritan Jonah Bliss, the campaign aims to shelter a couple or young family from Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, or Iran in “our President’s egotistical monument to himself” as a statement that “Muslim refugees deserve the right to live in America as much as anyone else,” while simultaneously “using his own gold festooned tower against him.” (more…)

05/01/13 12:40pm
Sunny's in better days (via flickr user waywuiwei)

Sunny’s in better days (via flickr user waywuiwei)

Six months after Hurricane Sandy, Red Hook staple Sunny’s Bar is still shuttered, which sucks for everyone in the neighborhood, and for pretty much most breathing, thinking human beings capable of feeling love, too. But they’re doing their best to get back on their feet, launching an Indiegogo campaign and feting it with a May Day celebration/benefit at the Bell House in Gowanus. (more…)

08/24/12 10:21am

Fight for their right to riot.

Contrary to potentially popular belief, Pussy Riot is not an uprising over the failed Trojan vibrator incident of yesterweek. In case you haven’t heard, Pussy Riot is an unapologetically raucous and unapologetically feminist Russian punk trio arrested in March for staging an anti-Putin performance in Moscow’s main cathedral. As such badassery could not possibly go unpunished, the three women of Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years of prison camp on chargers of hooliganism, which is essentially as trumped up as it is silly-sounding.

If you’re willing to go all the way for Pussy Riot, then you’re going to want to be at Public Assembly next Friday, Aug. 31. From 10pm to 4am, the Williamsburg spot will be hosting a Pussy Riot defense fundraiser featuring a number of guest DJs, pussy revolutionaries, and free PBRs to the first 150 who show up wearing brightly colored ski masks, the band’s signature. (more…)

03/18/11 9:35am

Barie Shortell, before and after

In a world where a lot of people suck, there are those that still super suck, even in Williamsburg. On a February night, about 10pm, a group of six teenagers followed  Barie Shortell on North 4th Street while shouting anti-gay slurs, then jumped and brutally beat him. They didn’t steal anything, but left him with a broken jaw, eye socket and nose. Barie was in surgery for 10 hours to repair his face, and he has more surgeries scheduled. The police classified it as a hate crime, but no arrests have been made. Like most of us, Barie did not (and still does not) have health insurance and is now $100,000 in debt. His sweet sweet friends have set up a donation page, and planned a great event next Wednesday called “Gay Bash: A Benefit for Barie Shortell,” at the Blackout Bar in Greenpoint. It’s $35, which includes three hours of open bar. So please go, and represent those Brooklynites who don’t suck. And Barie, get well soon!