05/14/15 9:58am
If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). via flickr user Candie N.

If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). Via flickr user Candie N.

Miniature golf enthusiasts rejoice! Actual golf enthusiasts, just say “Oh, okay, sure.” Among the slew of summer expansion packs to the borough (read: patio season), comes an announcement that we may be getting our very own miniature golf course in Downtown Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, the course would occupy the stretch of plaza in Fulton Mall known as Albee Square. And it would be free to play if you bring your own clubs and balls. (more…)

11/19/13 11:50am
fulton mall

Doom doom doom doom

As we’re learning with the cowardly whitewashing of 5 Pointz in the middle of the night, nothing in New York is sacred if you don’t slap a landmark plaque on it. Progress marches on no matter what’s in its path, and fortunately (?) you can see it close to home at the Fulton Mall. The historically black shopping district and social space has gone through an upheaval thanks to a massive rezoning effort surrounding it. And now you can take a tour through it with social worker and Brooklyn resident Rahsun Houston in an interactive clip from My Brooklyn that offers pop-up resources giving context to the changes happening there. (more…)

07/30/13 9:24am
We're back for more. via Flickr user emily geoff

We’re back for more. via Flickr user emily geoff

As we’ve all learned, I’m a Fulton Mall junkie. I just can’t stop, won’t stop this affordable and stylish lifestyle. I hopped on over to my preferred shopping strip to hopefully find some threads that won’t make me want to jump into the dreaded East River the second I leave my A.C., and while I was there, I decided to take tips from the street by checking out what the ladies were wearing right now. Take a look at what I found. (more…)

04/18/13 9:21am
What treasures await educated bargain hunters? via Flickr user emily geoff

What treasures await educated bargain hunters? via Flickr user emily geoff

I LOVE to shop, but this habit of mine comes with some unfortunate side effects.

In the past, I’ve hit up an outlet spot like DSW, thinking I’m getting a deal on some pair of Aldo boots or something that still comes out to like, 100 freaking dollars, and then 6 months later the zipper breaks and the heel pops off. Or there’s the time I spent $60 on some dress at Topshop, since that’s apparently the going rate nowadays for something that cost $2 to make, only to have the seam inexplicably unravel and leave me half-naked in line at some Duane Reade NOT within walking distance from my house.

F that.

I don’t know about you guys, but these betrayals, which always occur after I justify a higher-than-normal purchase price, are what caused me to look into other cheaper outlets to do all my shopping. And let me tell you, Brooklyn’s very own Fulton Mall is the place to Get. Shit. Done. The amount of times I’ve spent more than $30 on a single item are zero, and I’m still rocking things bought from years past. Here’s a little guide to help you save in your wallet and amp up your wardrobe, minus the morning after guilt. (more…)

12/05/12 1:00pm

Williamsburg has been hogging Brooklyn’s share of serious movie houses going up lately with its additions of Nitehawk and indieScreen, but the grandaddy of boozin’ at the movies, Alamo Drafthouse, is set to make cinephiles outside Williamsburg happy, with their planned opening at the Fulton Mall. The Austin-based movie house isn’t set to open until 2015, which should be just in time for the next regrettable, alcohol-necessitating Star Wars movie to come out. (more…)

09/20/12 2:17pm

Sara Horowitz tours the new building. Photo from Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times.

One in three working Americans is a freelancer of some ilk and, judging by the amount of serious faces clicking away on Macbooks in every coffee shop at 11am on weekdays, a lot of them are in Brooklyn. So it makes sense that the first medical center in the country designated exclusively for independent workers and their families would be located in the heart of the rapidly redeveloping Downtown Brooklyn business district.

The Freelancers Union is renovating a bright, 6,000-square-foot space at 408 Jay Street in Fulton Mall for a November opening of what they call a “medical home.” You have to have insurance through the Freelancers Insurance Company to take advantage of it, but if you do, you’ll get free primary care and pediatric services. Plus, since time spent in waiting rooms is lost money in the freelance world, the waiting area will be wifi-enabled with iPads for freelancers’ convenience. And a yoga center, because this is Brooklyn after all.  (more…)

02/28/12 6:00am
Gap Factory store

The new Fulton Mall Gap. Photo courtesy of Racked NY

People still shop at The Gap? Maybe it only seems like the overlooked middle sibling to Old Navy and Banana Republic, because yesterday at Fulton Mall, Jan Brady stole the show. Racked NY reports that at yesterday’s opening of the new Gap Factory Store, the mid-afternoon lines “snaked to the very end of the store.”

So how Brokester-worthy is this store? Racked found sandals for $26.99, dresses for $59.99 and women’s wide leg denim trousers for $64.99, with an additional 25 percent off. Men’s graphic t-shirts were $26.99 and plaid shorts for $34.99, both with an additional 20 percent off. If you’re interested, Racked has photos here, and if you go check it out, please report back in the comments to let us know if it’s worth the trip. But don’t spend all your spring dough — Marni for H&M drops on Thursday March 8. Here’s the godohgodohgodyesssss full collection.

Gap Fulton Mall Factory Store, 400 Fulton St. between Jay and Lawrence.

[via Racked]

10/25/10 8:51am

The wisdom of the Re/Dress chalkboard

Being a “fatshionista” on a budget anywhere can be tough, but Brooklyn is full of great finds for the plus-size shopper with a less-than-plus-size budget. From the designer stuff of W’burg pop-ups to the vintage of Re/Dress to just the chain-store basics, ma’am, Brooklyn’s full of cheap ways to fit your fashion needs.

is a popup store for plus-size ladies in Brooklyn that shows up every now and then (the last one was in Williamsburg). They feature pieces from designers all over the world, and the deals go very quickly, but at the end of the store’s stay, the entire inventory can be marked down to 30-40 percent off.   (more…)

02/19/10 3:55pm
Planet Fitness on Duffield St.

Planet Fitness on Duffield St.

We just got turned onto to this hot offer from a new gym near Fulton Mall: the recently opened Planet Fitness on Duffield Street is offering you the ACT NOW deal of $29 to signup and $10 a month after that. The deal is good through Feb. 26, so you’ve got less than a week to talk yourself into doing it (ladies, two words: swimsuit season. Dudes, three words: Board short thighs).

The gym looks brand new, with spiffy yellow-and-purple machines everywhere and a bank of flatscreen TVs against the treadmill wall, each labeled to what station they were turned to (The Fresh Prince was a popular eye-grabber this a.m.). Planet Fitness is open 24 hours Monday-Friday and 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on the weekends.

07/27/09 6:46am

picture-346For some women (not me), getting glammed up for free at a makeup counter is a regular ritual. Most department stores provide the service gratis—along with sales pitches of varying intensity—as a way to move product. And even though I’m the type of gal whose eyes glaze over at the word “foundation” (unless we’re talking philosophy or construction), I also love free stuff—in my vegetarian years, my most painful trial was free samples of salami. So I decided to hit up the Macy’s at Fulton Mall three times, putting my usual undone look aside to find out how three different makeup artists might reimagine me. (more…)