01/11/17 1:37pm
One word makes a world of difference.

One word makes a world of difference. All photos by Maddy Owens

Just last week, many of us were heralding the long-awaited arrival of 2017. We opined that this was a year promised to us by the Fates, who, seeing how much death and destruction 2016 had wrought, must needs pity us and hand us a gilded new year saying, “Sure, they can have this one.”

Of course, that vision didn’t last. Presi-don’t-elect Donald Trump has managed to take the piss out of 2017 in record time, leaving most of us wondering whether we ought to have opted to be cryogenically frozen and ported back a few years for a do-over.

But we gained a little perspective near the end of 2016 at our sixth Annual No Office Holiday Party in December, where we put up two signs (both alike in dignity): They read FUCK 2016 and FUCK YEAH 2016, respectively. We invited partygoers to write down their best and worst memories of the year in Sharpie. And what we discovered was: Some folks had a pretty good year. (more…)