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Friendsgiving > Thanksgiving: 8 reasons why you shouldn't leave Brooklyn for the holiday

Dads and Thanksgiving, am I right? – via Wikipedia

The first non-spooky holiday of the season is just a few weeks away and that means it’s time for a big decision: Should you go home for Thanksgiving, or stay in New York? Your parents are dropping hints, anyway; if you went home you could see the family, get a home-cooked meal, take a break from the city… sure seems tempting, right?

Wrong! Welcome to the smear campaign on family Thanksgivings. I’m here to tell you that, despite what the media and Charlie Brown want you to think, Thanksgiving is a holiday best spent right here in New York City amongst your friends. Maybe you’re on the fence about leaving town; even if you’re from Brooklyn, the trek to Mill Basin or to your aunt’s place in Long Island can seem like too much for you. Either way, we put together eight reasons why staying in celebrating Friendsgiving in New York is way better than going home, wherever home is, along with reasonable excuses you can use when the relatives start to needle you about it. (more…)

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We're thankful for Jean Grae's amazing fashion sense (#3)

We’re thankful for Jean Grae’s amazing fashion sense (#3) (pic by Ochos Photography)

1. It’s Thanksgiving week, so start it off right by stuffing yourself at Sycamore Bar’s Friendsgiving, which promises turducken meatballs, mulled wine, and pie. Nommmm. (Monday, FREE)

2. Or if you prefer to start it off laughing, head to the Brooklyn Brewery, which has joined forces with Above Average to present an excellent comedy showcase, featuring Aparna Nancherla, Aaron Jackson, Jo Firestone, and Jon Rudnitsky. (Monday, FREE) (more…)