01/11/17 3:29pm
Here are the museum memberships you can get with your NYC ID in 2017

The Center for Performance Research now accepts the NYC ID for a free membership. via FB

2017 brings with it a wave of anxiety about the future, as prose-inept-eel-necked Donald Trump looks poised to take the White House despite allegations of treason, assault, ethics, etc etc. Whether it shows on our faces or not, we’re all quietly panicking about our future access to health care, the survival of the free press, and whether we’ll even be able to function in America after January 20.

The great thing about NYC is that it remains a Whoville-esque snowflake in this blinding political avalanche, at least where culture is concerned. Few other cities can boast such impressive access to public programming. The NYC ID is a shining example of that access. It’s free to obtain, and gets you free memberships at dozens of cultural institutions, not to mention movie tickets and discounts at your local grocery store. Regardless of when you first obtained your NYC ID (and if you haven’t gotten yet, what are you waiting for) you can get a free one-year membership at any of the participating cultural institutions so long as you haven’t been a member of it since Jan. 1, 2013.

The roster of participating institutions in the IDNYC program has changed for 2017. Some institutions have bowed out, while a number of others have joined. Our friends at DNAinfo made it easy to spot the changes with a list of institutions that have taken leave of the IDNYC program, as well as the list of places now participating. Here’s what your ID gets you in 2017: (more…)

09/27/12 12:12pm

Inside the Museum of American Finance, which who knew even existed?

If NYC museums were music, MOMA and the Met would be The Strokes: reliable, enjoyable and known to even your grandmother in Arizona. It takes the real New York museum snob to check out the more obscure offerings in the city, such as the Skyscraper Museum, The Museum of American Finance and Museum of American Illustration. This Saturday is your chance to catch up on some of the smaller, esoteric museum offerings in the city, for free! All you need is a free ticket from Smithsonian Magazine to get you and a friend in. (more…)

03/09/12 7:30am

I am ... car parts. At the Guggenheim.

Between the Cindy Sherman retrospective and the Diego Rivera murals at the MOMA, John Chamberlain’s car parts at the Guggenheim, the Whitney Biennial and the incomparable Stein Family’s treasures at the Met, there is a veritable cacophony of culture on show at New York’s best museums this spring. But we’re Brokelyn, so we’re going to show you how to do it all on the cheap/free. We have covered NYC’s free or pay what you wish museum viewing times, but these are usually very busy, especially during popular exhibits. There are other ways you may not know about to get a good deal on some soul-expanding art experiences, so read on. (more…)

05/18/11 10:15am

Brooklyn Museum, photo by Flickr's Emilio Guerra

Today is a rainy mess, sure, but it’s also Art Museum Day, which means free or reduced admission to lots of museums in the city (and across the nation), and waltzing into a museum for free is a pretty nice way to spend a rainy day. It’s the second year the Association of Art Museum Directors has organized the Art Museum Day, and today is also International Museum Day, which this year is focusing on the theme Museum and Memory. Participants in today’s discount include the Brooklyn Museum and MOMA. See a full list below, via WNYC: (more…)

02/25/11 12:19pm

Free first Saturdays at the BK Museum: one of the best parties in town.

Culture is part of the reason we love Brooklyn, but it often comes at a premium: steep entrance fees in the city museums. Many places also have those “suggested” fees that make you acutely uncomfortable as you whisper to the cashier you’ll be donating less than the recommended amount. Dan Nguyen, a journalist with ProPublica, has solved some of those problems with his new site I Heart NY Museums. It’s an easily sortable, color-coded database that  indexes most of the city’s major cultural centers, listed with normal entrance fees, hours, Yelp ratings — and when you can get in for free. (more…)