05/18/16 3:48pm
Alamo Drafthouse is bringing a free, interactive movie series to Fort Greene Park!

Alamo Drafthouse is bringing its famed screening parties, like this Texas Chainsaw Massacre screening in 2011, to Brooklyn. Photo by Mary Sledd via Facebook.

We’ve been waiting years for the fabled Alamo Drafthouse to open in Downtown Brooklyn. We finally got word earlier this month that the Austin-based chain famous for its in-theater dining and drinking would actually be opening this summer. But the Drafthouse is known for more than just getting queso fries and Lone Stars delivered to your seat: It’s also loved for its outlandish and elaborate movie parties (including, famously, Jaws screenings held on a lake). We wondered: Would Brooklyn get some of that fun too?

Well now we have the answer: The Drafthouse announced today it’s bringing a FREE three-movie screening series to Fort Greene Park this year. It starts May 27 with a Bring Your Own Dog screening of the fabulous Christopher Guest mockumentary Best in Show, followed by the Brooklyn debut of its storied Labyrinth sing-along on June 3 (rescheduled to June 4 due to weather), where you can sing and dance along to words on the screen. The final film will be a costumes-encouraged screening of Finding Nemo on June 10, a week before the sequel Finding Dory hits theaters.  (more…)

We can't wait to be here with Kelso beers and good friends. via Facebook

We can’t wait to be here with Kelso beers and good friends. via Facebook

Of all the free outdoor movie series in Brooklyn every summer, the one at Fort Greene’s Habana Outpost (757 Fulton St.) remains my personal favorite. Maybe it’s the convenience of cheap alcohol and foodstuffs (CORN PORN) next door, or the colorful decor of the courtyard that sits right on the street. Or maybe it’s just the rebellious feeling that watching a movie projected onto the side of a building wall offers to an otherwise waning weirdness in present-day Fort Greene.

Whatever the reason, the Habana Outpost movie series is, IMO, the one to get pumped about. This year’s movie selection is tops, as per usual: all pre-2000 classics, with cult New Yawk flicks like The Warriors and Ghostbusters alongside lesser-known gems like John Hughes’ Weird Science and Warren Beatty’s Bulworth. So between this, the Summer Screen series at McCarren Park and the movies in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the coming season is already jam-packed with excuses to leave your house. Stay tuned for our ultimate guide to all the outdoor movies in BK this summer! And in the meantime, mark these dates on your calendar.  (more…)

04/07/16 9:42am
Eat your heart out, Mission Dolores. Photo by Etienne Froussard / BBPC

Eat your heart out, Mission Dolores. Etienne Froussard / BBPC

You’d think summer might never come, what with this unfortunate springtime chill and day after day of rainy skies. But hey, you know what they say about April Showers? That’s right, April Showers Bring Free Movies. And we loooove free movies. There’s nothing quite so definitively “summer” as picnicking on park grass or sidling into rows of folding seats to sit back and yell at watch movies on a giant screen under the starry night sky, a warm breeze at your back and fellow Brooklynites (or people you dragged kicking and screaming from Manhattan) by your side.

The countdown to summer starts now, because Brooklyn Bridge Park just released its 2016 schedule for free movies! With live DJs from Brooklyn Radio at 6pm and movies screening at sunset, BBP’s Pier 1 is about to get turnt up for a glorious two months of cinematic summer haze. Here’s the movie schedule, curated by a committee of volunteers.  (more…)

03/31/16 11:00am
Hurry, summer. Photo via SummerScreen.

Hurry, summer. Photo via SummerScreen.

Summer is charging full steam ahead and all the wonderful free events it brings are already starting to eat up your calendar. Save those precious Wednesday nights if you like free movies in in McCarren Park because the lineup for the 11th annual SummerScreen is here! The movie series stuck to its tradition of including some 90s classics and also some good movies to get stoned during.  (more…)

What else are you doing on a Wednesday night that you can't hang out with Hans Landa?

What else are you doing on a Wednesday night that you can’t hang out with Hans Landa?

Ah, summers in Brooklyn where you can see virtually any concert or film you can imagine for free. It almost makes up for the six months of soul crushing snow. Where once stood a sad empty park there is now hundreds of sweaty bodies blocking your view. Now there are certainly times when we want to watch a movie with half of New York (hello Brooklyn Bridge Park movie night lineup) but sometimes it’s nice watch a movie when you’re not competing for seats. Luckily, the People’s Republic of Brooklyn (247 Smith Street) just started a free movie night this summer, so check classics playing every Wednesday from May through July in PRB’s beer garden, starting around 9:30pm. (more…)

Just you and your hundred closest friends. via Facebook

Just you and your 100 closest friends. via Facebook

The week’s theme of “marching into summer,” which began with the announcement of the Brooklyn Bridge Park movie schedule, then the Celebrate Brooklyn schedule now continues with another summer tradition that can’t be beat ready to go. Get ready to drink margaritas, eat Cuban sandwiches and elote and revel in warmth as you watch movies outside, because the Habana Outpost outdoor movie schedule just landed in our inbox! Starting this Sunday at 8pm and running every week until October, Habana Outpost will be showing free movies like The Warriors, White Men Can’t Jump and Coming to America, so take a look at the schedule and start making plans. It beats working. (more…)

04/28/15 3:48pm
This can (will) be you this summer! via Facebook

This can (will) be you this summer! via Facebook

It’s warm! It’s warm and that’s great news. In part yes because it means you no longer have to wear a heavy coat anywhere, but even more exciting, it’s time to start planning trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park to sit outside and watch free movies with the harbor and Statue of Liberty and all the tall buildings in the background. That planning starts today, because the 2015 schedule for the movies has just dropped. As usual, it looks great, a mix of modern and older classics, with nary a dud in site, unless for some reason you hate Dr. Strangelove or Friday or Die Hard. (more…)

flicks on the beach

Movies on the beach means everything is awesome. via Facebook

Paying for movies (or even Netflix, really) is so unnecessary over the summer. You may not enjoy the free air conditioning, but bringing your own snacks and sitting in the warm NYC breeze while watching that movie you kept meaning to see is one of the best parts of a New York Summer.

Speaking of all that, this year’s fourth annual Flicks on the Beach lineup, Coney Island’s free outdoor film festival, has finally been announced! Cool off (and sing along) with Frozen, enjoy summer classics like Dirty Dancing (try and carry a watermelon down to the screening), and vote for the audience choice film on August 18. (more…)

Spend a quiet Monday evening with these two ladies

Spend a quiet Sunday evening with these two ladies

The summer taketh away Tiki Disco, the summer giveth something else for us to do in June, with a slew of free movies being shown at South Slope’s Supercollider (609 4th Avenue). The movies will start on Sunday, June 8 and then go all month on every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. The them for Sunday movies is “Girls,” for Monday movies it’s “Overlooked foreign films” and on Wednesdays it’s “Not on Netflix.” If you want to see Edward G. Robinson fight Nazis, Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly as a lesbian couple or Leni Riefenstahl propagandize (and why wouldn’t you?) get to Supecollider by 8pm for these screenings: (more…)

05/06/14 12:20am
It's like a drive-in without all the dumpy cars. Via FB.

It’s like a drive-in without all the dumpy cars. Via FB.

The past week has been very kind to us in terms of announcements of the glorious free concerts, openings and the like that summer brings, and now here’s another one of our favorites that will help vaporize those memories of a homebound winter. Your summer 2014 Brooklyn Bridge Park movie schedule is finally here! And it’s going to be a good one too (I mean, it’s always a good with with dat view, but still).

The 15th year of the screenings includes new campy summer staple Sharknado, as well as masterpieces like Beetlejuice and Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I will gladly argue with you under the sunset as being Wes Anderson’s finest achievement.See the full list below and then we’ll see you there with picnic basket in hand: (more…)