08/27/15 1:15pm
I scream, you scream, etc. via flickr user Chun Yip So

I scream, you scream, etc. via flickr user Chun Yip So

The dog days of summer are upon us, where all you want to do is lay out in the sun and eat ice cream. And usually, only one of those two things is free. But today, you can do both without spending a dime, because Van Leeuwen is giving away ice cream tonight! According to Gothamist, the dessert-isans will be offering up gratis scoops of ice cream at their new flagship location in Williamsburg (204 Wythe Avenue).  (more…)

08/07/15 3:13pm
There's no ice cream like free ice cream, like no ice cream we know. via Facebook

There’s no ice cream like free ice cream, like no ice cream we know. via Facebook

You know, you make a whole list of where people can go and get their fancy ice cream in Brooklyn and you think you took care of the issue for people, and all of a sudden a whole new fancy ice cream place decides to show up. Not that we’re complaining, since to celebrate their arrival in Williamsburg tonight, East Village ice cream shop Davey’s Ice Cream is just giving away the sweet stuff for three hours tonight. If only everyone coming here from Manhattan was this nice. (more…)

06/15/15 9:53am

Biz Markie, ready to be your friend. (#7)

1. Hear tales of international journalism from Roads & Kingdoms editor Mitch Moxley and correspondent Jen Percy, in support of Doctors Without Borders. (Monday, $10)

2. Laugh with Phoebe Robinson, Jacqueline Novak, Trish Nelson, and many more at the Side Ponytail Comedy Show—this month with free ice cream! (Monday, FREE)

3. Learn about diversity in books at the Akashic salon on reverse gentrification in the literary world. (Monday, FREE) (more…)

05/27/15 11:20am
full moon festival

The best kind of sandwiches, for the best kind of price (free)

We’re into the jorts and jerseys part of the year, which means a person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…ice cream. What, did you have another end to that sentence? Anyway, it’s ice cream season, which is good because ice cream is delicious. Even better, you can get some ice cream for yourself for free on Thursday, when an ice cream truck parks in front of Roberta’s and just starts handing out ice cream sandwiches all willy-nilly. (more…)

04/30/15 9:35am
carvel free cone day

Yours, all yours, for nothing. via Facebook

Whether you fall on the side of liking Ben and Jerry’s or like Tim, think it’s “the Huffington Post of desserts,” the one thing we can all agree on is that their free cone day doesn’t always come at the right time. Early April just isn’t always a time when people think of ice cream and shorts and warmth. Luckily, there are other free cone days to take advantage of, like Carvel’s free cone day that’s happening today from 3pm to 8pm. More luckily, there are plenty of Carvel locations in Brooklyn (and incidentally none in Times Square), so getting your free ice cream doesn’t mean extra time in Manhattan. (more…)

04/14/15 9:59am
ben & jerry's free cone day

What price for ice cream? via Facebook

Looks like the weather may finally have turned this week, which means you can start thinking of things like eating ice cream. Don’t want to pay for said ice cream? That’s okay, today you don’t have to, because Ben and Jerry’s annual ice cream giveaway is upon us once again, from noon to 8pm. Obviously free ice cream is always good, unless like Tim, you think that Ben and Jerry’s is a “mediocre…faux-hippie chic” excuse for ice cream, in which case you probably won’t want to brave Times Square for a free cone. Oh, did we mention you have to go to two of New York’s most tourist-infested places for your free cone? (more…)

05/13/14 10:00am
häagen dazs

Mmmmm. And there are stores in Brooklyn. via Facebook

It’s not quite officially summer, but we’re getting close, very very close. You might be wondering, what’s the best food that goes with your basketball jersey and jorts? The answer of course, is ice cream. You might not want to actually pay for ice cream though, and at least today, you can get away with that. No, the ever-controversial Ben & Jerry’s free cone day hasn’t reappeared. Instead, fellow bougie ice cream chain Häagen-Dazs (don’t forget the umlaut) is holding their own free cone day. And unlike Ben & Jerry’s, they actually have locations in Brooklyn. (more…)

03/17/14 1:05pm
odd fellows ice cream

There’s never a bad season for ice cream. via Facebook

You might be looking at that headline and saying, “Who can think of ice cream when there’s more snow on the horizon?” Well, we can think of ice cream, and we also think that by grabbing this coupon for a free scoop from Williamsburg’s OddFellows Ice Cream (175 Kent Avenue), we can will summer to get here faster. And if you’re still not convinced? Hey, more free ice cream for us. (more…)

06/20/13 1:00pm
Good enough to kill for? Maybe, maybe

Good enough to kill for? Maybe, maybe

Is there ever a bad time for free ice cream? Wait, don’t tell us if there is, we don’t want to know. Hell, there’s barely ever a bad time to pay for ice cream. But free is better, and guess what? We’re here to make your lunch break/post-work dreams come true, because Coolhaus will be giving away ice cream sandwiches out of their truck from now until Sunday. (more…)