freddy's dog fashion show

Can you dress your dog better than this? Can you dress YOURSELF better than this? via Freddy’s Bar

Remember that thing about loving dogs and hating people who mistreat them? And how sometimes, drinking beer can save them? Well, on Friday, July 18, you get another chance to help pups in the pound when the holy trinity of awesomeness – beer, dogs and a bar – band together for a dog fashion show at Freddy’s (627 5th Ave., South Slope). (more…)

06/19/14 9:30am
mermaid parade

Yaaaayyyyyy, summer is officially here! Photo by Madelyn Owens

1. Just FEEL is an exhibition on glass sculptures and paintings. Try not to feel them too hard, though. (Friday)

2. The Bell House brings you a confetti dance party. You bring the confetti cake. (Friday)

3. Former child actor Giuseppe Andrews has made 30 underground films with close to no money with the help of trailer park neighbors and homeless friends. Giuseppe Makes a Movie follows him as he creates his latest film. (Friday)

4. Keep it loose, keep it tight with Amos Lee at Celebrate Brooklyn. (Friday) (more…)

06/16/14 9:22am
tktktk. Via FB.

To Freddy’s, the strongest bar in the world. Via FB.

If you’re bummed you missed the Pete & Pete reunion at Punderdome earlier this month … don’t be, because Big Pete got sick so it came up a little short. Of course, “reunion” is a little bit of a misnomer anyway since the two (Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna) are friends who have a podcast together called The Adventures of Danny & Mike. So here’s another chance to hang out with them, and do your patriotic duty at the same time: The former Nickelodeon stars are inviting everyone out to watch the U.S. team play their first World Cup match tonight for a podcast recording, at Brokelyn-favorite bar Freddy’s. You haven’t seen so much competitive excitement since the Petes took on the International Adult Conspiracy.

05/23/14 11:45am
memorial day brooklyn

Don’t have a summer grillmaster? These bars have your back.

So you kept putting off your plans to buy a grill all year, your friends did too, and now you’re stuck with the possibility of not eating any delicious cooked meat (or tempeh, we guess) on Memorial Day. Don’t worry! Or, don’t worry about barbecue situation anyway, because a few Brooklyn bars are firing up their grills and inviting you to chow down for free. The rest of things you need to worry about in life, well, we can’t help you there.  (more…)

03/20/14 3:30pm
nba jam

Oh hell yes, this is going down at Union Hall

1. Handsome young rock and roll man Luke Rathborne will be at Rough Trade Records to perform and make you feel old (Friday)

2. Or see hardcore music performed with violins instead of guitars, which apparently promotes “an egalitarian message of global change” instead of punching people, at Metal in the Meadow (Friday)

3. The Suzan and a bunch of other all-girl bands are going to be at Death By Audio for She’s United, a celebration of women in the music industry (Friday)

4. You’ve seen the comedians from Bob’s Burgers live at Splitty’s, now watch them in their natural, animated habitat at a TV party (Friday) (more…)

03/10/14 9:30am
hank comedy

Sure HANK Comedy’s story of a man who marries a pizza slice seems cliche, but maybe they’ll bring something new to the table Friday at Videology

1. powerHouse Arena supports the troops by hosting a reading from Redeployment, Iraq veteran Phi Klay’s short story collection about soldiers’ experiences at war and at home (Monday)

2. Game Night rolls the dice on another set of comedians this month, including Dan St. Germain, Drew Michael and Ryan Beck (Monday)

3. Or check out upstart new comedy show kid on the block Side Ponytail at Over the Eight (Monday)

4. Mondays inevitably have a dangerous lack of soul, so get some in there with a brass band concert at The Plank (Monday) (more…)

02/13/14 1:24pm
brooklyn night bazaar

A Brooklyn Night Bazaar SuperPass will allow you to play free mini-golf, but don’t let the competitiveness ruin your date night. via Facebook

Whether you’re in a highly dysfunctional relationship, pissed that you’re single, or (gasp!) happily dating get your head in the game this Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on. Yes, some of it revolves around gushy love stuff or lonely angst, but hey, nothing’s perfect. Skip the Groupon prix fixe dinner in Midtown and check out some of these Valentine’s alternatives:


01/29/14 1:35pm
richard sherman interview

We’re as excited for this as Richard Sherman

Even if you’re not from Washington or the great state of Colorado (JOHN ELWAY WILL RISE AGAIN!), this Sunday’s Super Bowl warrants your attention. Be you diehard football fan, winner of your fantasy league, advocate for the legalization of marijuana or just a gosh-darn American, there aren’t too many days a year when one can yell and eat and drink for hours (in daylight! in PUBLIC!) and watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers wrestle with a bajillion dollars worth of production values…plus, Bruno Mars. The commercials are conversation-starting, the wing sauce is all over your hands, and your apartment is simply too miserable a place to celebrate in. So do what we all do best this Sunday: go to a bar! (more…)

01/20/14 11:32am
via Deadspin

Tom Scocca went to bat for snark on the internet, now see him do it live and in person. via Deadspin

1. Head to BAM and find out just how badd Angela Davis was at a free screening of Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners (Monday)

2. #girlsweek might be over here, but you can keep it going at BookCourt at a reading from the female-focused compilation True Tales of Lust and Love (Monday)

3. African authors Ishmael Beah and Dinaw Mengestsu come to Greenlight to talk about Beah’s new novelRadiance of Tomorrow, and heartwarming topics like civil war in Africa, child soldiers and foreign exploitation (Monday)

4. The first Game Night of 2014 will feature a performance from the identical twin brother comedy team The Lucas Brothers, and allegedly, a dance-off! (Monday) (more…)

12/06/13 9:04am
meatball shop

Sometimes you’re just drunk and need some balls, know what we mean? via Facebook

There’s no point in ignoring the drunk munchies, or the drunchies. They will come for you nightly. They lurk in the back alleyways of cocktail bars, around the corner from the neighborhood tavern and sometimes they flash you blatantly as you polish off that 6-pack of Tecate from the bodega. What you can do is make them less depressing by enjoying them among friends, and at the right places. So here’s a rundown of some of the best late-night drunken eating in the borough.  (more…)