10/16/15 10:38am
If there's more of this in the Mets' future, make sure you're along for the ride. via Facebook

If there’s more of this in the Mets’ future, make sure you’re along for the ride. via Facebook

The last time the New York Mets reached baseball’s postseason, this website did not yet exist and all of you still lived in Ohio. On Friday night, our city’s most lovable team will begin the National League Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Mets are an exciting young team headlined by excellent pitching; Citi Field promises to be rollicking with its first taste of playoff baseball. This handy Q&A will help you enjoy New York’s only remaining postseason baseball team on a budget. Want to know our favorite bars for watching playoff baseball? Debating whether or not to buy some new Mets merchandise or making the big leap and going to a game? Jumping on the bandwagon and need to brush up on your Mets facts? We’ve got your handy Brokelyn Mets playoff guide right here. (more…)

10/01/15 11:20am
Watch her pump that thing, and be amazed. via Shilpa Ray

Watch her pump that thing, and be amazed. via Shilpa Ray

Here we are on Thursday and we haven’t been washed away by a hurricane yet. Now the word is that all the rain and the wind and the need for sandbags will come this weekend, so you know what you should do today? Make today your weekend! As the Brokelyn Events Calendar shows, there’s plenty to do, and those things to do have a weekend-y edge to them like a jamborree, a rock show and a dance party. (more…)

freddy's bar

What lurks behind the door tonight? Something cool we bet. Photo by Sarah Bibi

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom   
627 5th Ave., (between 17th and 18th Streets), South Slope, 718-768-0131

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What is it: A Brooklyn staple nestled in the South Slope, boasting both cult celebrity and a history stretching back to Prohibition. Freddy’s, with its trademark comfortable and casual flavour is friendly and endlessly interesting.

Why we love it: Whether you’re there for the acid-tavern experience (TVs run award-winning video montages 24/7) or to see a free music, comedy, or art show show in the back room, Freddy’s always has something to revive a sleepy night. This neighborhood favorite hosts a welcome mix of locals and far-flung visitors, thanks to its beautiful other worldly decor, bustling vibes and charming staff. Just a few reasons why it was voted one of the best bars in the country by the likes of Esquire and others.

What to order: Aside from the whiskey and craft beers, Freddy’s offers a solid menu of what it calls “Pan-Brooklyn.” This includes burgers, fish tacos, local Polish kielbasa (meaning that they’re actually made across the street by two great Polish butchers), a curious twist on a BLT sandwich, and much more. All tasty and cheap as hell.

Regular tip: The intoxicating video collages you’ll see all over the bar are actually edited/created by co-owner Donald O’Finn.

07/08/15 9:31am
big freedia

Read everywhere, read everywhere. via Flickr user Kowarski

Iiiit’s Wednesday! Halfway through another slog of a workweek. Unless you work a retail/freelance schedule, in which case maybe it’s your weekend or you haven’t worked all week. Whatever the status of your week is, the one thing that’s inarguable is that there are some great things you can find to do tonight on our events calendar. (more…)

07/01/15 12:54pm
She wants you! Ok, maybe she doesn't, but you should still go.

She wants you! Ok, maybe she doesn’t, but you should still go see Wassbasco on July 4th for some sexy freedom. Image via Facebook

Independence Day is almost here. It’s that special time of year where we get to celebrate all things Americana, like BBQ, things that  go boom, Instagram and gay marriage. We’re sure you have your 4th of July outfit ready (which has at least one item covered in stars and stripes), but what’s this? The 4th of July Brooklyn rooftop party you were expecting suddenly got cancelled? What is a patriot to do now that their plans of watching enough explosions to give Michael Bay a full on orgasm have been dashed? Fear not fellow American citizen, because we have for you, a listing of parties happening in Brooklyn that will have you celebrating this glorious country the way our forefathers always intended us to; drunk, filled with red meat and listening to great American icons like Katy Perry blasting off someone’s weak stereo system.  (more…)

02/20/15 9:34am

The crowds at these parties will be just as cool, don’t you worry

The Academy Awards are here again, which means it’s time to get all dolled up and watch with baited breath as Leonardo DiCaprio wins nothing. But what if you’re, ironically, a starving actor with no TV? Or if you’re just someone who needs someone to grab onto if things start getting too wild? Whether you have strong opinions about the nominees for Best Live Action Short Film, or if you have no idea what Selma‘s about, here are places to watch selfie history unfold. (more…)

12/19/14 11:51am
i am santa claus

Mick Foley and Santa Claus will help make your Christmas a little less lonely, as long as you have Netflix

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, which is undoubtedly true if you have a goofy sweater wearing, hot cocoa drinking, Christmas carol singing, adorable family to go home to. But if like me you are among those who can’t – or choose not to – leave the best borough in the world over the holidays, whether you’re fond of Christmas or not, the expectation that it will be a somehow significant and special time can be quite annoying.

As an affirmed boycotter and Christmas orphan (perhaps more commonly referred to as “The Product Of Divorce”), over the years I’ve developed several tactics to keep myself distracted and entertained. (more…)

freddy's bar

Bring some meat, it’s welcome here. via Facebook

Look, this Monday’s Labor Day, and we get it; for most people, this means that it’s time to regret that you once again called it the “Summer of YOUR NAME” and didn’t actually go skydiving, learn to play an instrument, or get anywhere near sculpting that beach body. It’s also the time of year when you’re likely to walk into your local pharmacy and see decorations for Halloween and beyond for sale in the seasonal section which goddamnit, already, really? That’s okay, because Freddy’s (627 5th Avenue, South Slope) is here to help, with a free Labor Day BBQ. (more…)

freddy's dog fashion show

Can you dress your dog better than this? Can you dress YOURSELF better than this? via Freddy’s Bar

Remember that thing about loving dogs and hating people who mistreat them? And how sometimes, drinking beer can save them? Well, on Friday, July 18, you get another chance to help pups in the pound when the holy trinity of awesomeness – beer, dogs and a bar – band together for a dog fashion show at Freddy’s (627 5th Ave., South Slope). (more…)

06/19/14 9:30am
mermaid parade

Yaaaayyyyyy, summer is officially here! Photo by Madelyn Owens

1. Just FEEL is an exhibition on glass sculptures and paintings. Try not to feel them too hard, though. (Friday)

2. The Bell House brings you a confetti dance party. You bring the confetti cake. (Friday)

3. Former child actor Giuseppe Andrews has made 30 underground films with close to no money with the help of trailer park neighbors and homeless friends. Giuseppe Makes a Movie follows him as he creates his latest film. (Friday)

4. Keep it loose, keep it tight with Amos Lee at Celebrate Brooklyn. (Friday) (more…)