10/06/16 3:50pm
Union Hall is for indulging your inner Belle's library fantasies.

Union Hall provides ales and ambiance, perfect for getting lost in a novel.

We often can’t help ourselves from buying a book whenever we pass a bookstore. We’ll save money for beer, of course, because we want to devour our literary haul with some lagers in one of our favorite reading venues: a bar! Not all bars are equal in the eye of the reader, naturally. Who wants to read where jaeger bombs are the norm? To save you the time searching, we compiled a list of fifteen places we think are the best Brooklyn bars to read in, along with suggestions on what to read.

Since most normies converge on pubs when night falls, these places are best read in during the day. But a good number of them remain quiet enough on weeknights to take in some text. Just remember to take care of your bartender if you’re going to spend a lot of time there.  (more…)

12/14/15 8:44am
You could give Negin Farsad a hug, but she'd probably rather you just laugh at her jokes tonight. via Facebook

You could give Negin Farsad a hug, but she’d probably rather you just laugh at her jokes tonight. via Facebook

Welcome to another warm spring Monday. The blossoms are blossoming, the grass is getting green and life is returning to a planet devastated by winter. Hmm, what’s that? It’s December? And it’s 60 degrees again? And winter temperatures haven’t happened here, much less fall ones? Well, rather than worry about that, best to worry about making plans in the here and now using some cool stuff from the Brokelyn Events Calendar. We can all worry about the consequences of a spookily warm late fall and early winter some other time. (more…)

Was Hank Scorpio a Scorpio? No one ever said he wasn't

Was Hank Scorpio a Scorpio? No one ever said he wasn’t

Well everyone, time to shake off the weekend cobwebs and get your ass back to work. And then after that, stare at the clock until the day is over and think about what you’re gonna do once you’re finally not working again. After all, just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be productive. Instead check out these picks from the Brokelyn Events Calendar and dream of not working. (more…)

08/10/15 10:47am
All right all right all right, free movies

All right all right all right, free movies

Welcome to the working week, I know it don’t thrill you, I hope it don’t kill you. Elvis Costello, everybody! Uh, anyway, yeah, it’s Monday and no one’s happy about that. It’s my sincere hope that Monday itself doesn’t kill you, and that nothing else does today. Also that you find some kind of thrill from one of these things to do I found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

04/30/15 11:16am
Josh Sharp sings!

Will you fall in love with Josh Sharp at Union Hall? (No. 16)

1. Sample wine and cheese and other local food, and learn all about what lies north of the Bronx at EscapeMaker.com’s Local Food and Travel Expo. (Friday)

2. Convince yourself summer really is on its way by dancing to reggae, dancehall and summer jamz at Friends and Lovers’ Let’s Get Tropical party. (Friday)

3. See Heems for free at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, where he’ll no doubt be preaching the gospel of eat, pray, thug. (Friday) (more…)

12/08/14 10:37am
Go make Snoopy proud.

Go make Snoopy proud.

1. Franklin Park Reading Series is having their end of the year bash with a little help from some of the year’s best fiction and essay writers. (Monday)

2. Get some real laughs in with Side Ponytail before you have to fake chuckle your way through your uncle’s awful jokes at those holiday dinners. (Monday)

3. Mark the royal visit to New York with free White Castle at Devour Hour. (Tuesday) (more…)

06/06/14 8:00am
Piper and Larry in their Park Slope home, failing at the juice cleanse like so many before them.

Piper and Larry in their Park Slope home, failing at a juice cleanse, like so many before them.

Who’s ready to go back to prison? Happy Orange is the New Black season 2 day! All 13 new episodes of the majorly binge-able hit Netflix dramedy dropped overnight, giving you lots more Piper and Alex, Taystee and  Poussey and Pornstache and Crazy Eyes to destroy your weekend plans. The show mercifully shatters stereotypes about women characters on TV, giving us body and sexuality types that would only appear on a network show if all TV executives were actually thrown in SHU.

Of course, the show is based on the memoir of real-life Park Sloper Piper Kerman. While season 1 gave us lots of flashback scenes to Piper’s yuppie life in Brooklyn — and plenty of digs at Brooklyn idiosyncrasies, from juice cleanses to a writer character who lives off his parents — it also contains some full on references only people who know the borough would appreciate.

08/12/13 9:17am
Don't need money, don't need fame

Don’t need money, don’t need fame

1. Say goodbye to Books Beneath the Bridge forever until next summer when Book Court hosts Ayana Mathis (Monday)

2. The Franklin Park reading series hosts a number of their favorite authors, according to them, one of whom is a carpenter. Maybe he can tell you how to fix that janky shelf after he reads his story (Monday)

3. Toni Braxton is playing a free show at Wingate Field. Be sure to look out for Nets’ rookie head coach Jason Kidd (Monday) (more…)

07/08/13 9:00am
Free movies in the park? Danke schoen! via Facebook

Free movies in the park? Danke schoen! via Facebook

1. Graywolf Poetry has sent three poets on the road to read in three cities in three days, so show the tired poets some love at Book Court (Monday)

2. It’s time for the Franklin Park reading series! This one features Sarah Bruni, reading from her novel The Night Gwen Stacy Died. It’s not about Peter Parker though (Monday)

3. It’s also time for Simpsons Club! And they’re showing the legendary “Whacking Day” episode, with special guest star, Barry White (Monday) (more…)

05/06/13 9:32am
Life wasn't always a party for original VJ Martha Qunn. Oh no wait, yes it was.

Life wasn’t always a party for original VJ Martha Qunn. Oh wait, yes it was.

1. Get civic at the Brooklyn mayoral candidates forum. An unsubstantiated rumor that started right here claims the boys from Vampire Weekend will be there to support Bill de Blasio (Monday)

2. Launchpad is welcoming all you knitters and makers and DIYers to come by, hang out and make some crafts. Beats doing it while hanging out with your cats. Or does it…? (Monday)

3. Franklin Park becomes a literal metaphorical orgy of hot literary talent as Ben Greenman launches his new novel with help from Sam Lipsyte, Toure, Claire Vaye Watkins and Amelia Gray (Monday) (more…)