four & twenty blackbirds

Mmmm. via Facebook

We don’t know what it is about Gowanus that’s making both faceless food megacorporations and lovely local ice cream concerns move in there, but now those two are getting a new neighbor, with a giant Four & Twenty Blackbirds set to open in Gowanus in August. Will the Elsen sisters be sourcing the water for their pie crust locally, from the canal? Probably not! (more…)

03/14/14 10:15am
Four & Twenty Blackbirds

All you need is a good book and you’re set. via Four & Twenty Blackbirds Instagram

In case you haven’t heard, pie mecca Four & Twenty Blackbirds opened a new location today at the Brooklyn Public Library. They’re taking over the BPL’s café space and turning into a full-service food spot, with chefs from The Pines and Vinegar Hill House, but most importantly, will be serving slices of their famous pies. So in honor of Pi(e) Day, and in celebration of this long-awaited expansion, the Four & Twenty pie makers got together to bring you a list of pie & book pairings for your first trip to their new branch.

four & twenty blackbirds

There’s a rumor the cafe will come with a “Pie in exchange for overdue books” program. Photo by Marcus Nilsson, via Facebook

Going to the library is great way to get educated and and a geat wat to stay involved in your community. And once March comes around, it’s gonna be a great place to eat delicious pies, because Melissa and Emily Elsen of Four & Twenty Blackbirds are taking over the cafe in the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Because pies, like reading, are fundamental. (more…)

08/27/13 1:16pm
Emily Elsen, of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, will talk about pie, and you can eat pie. Win/win. via Facebook

Emily Elsen, of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, will talk about pie, and you can eat pie. Win/win. via Facebook

As Mr. Show, the cronut and the ramen burger have taught us, there’s nothing people who like food like more than combining foods. The people who run Greenlight Books are no fools, so they’re combining food with books this fall in an orgy of delicious reading that fortunately doesn’t actually involve eating paper from books. But they are hosting a slew of food-based events by partnering up with chefs at Smorgasburg, starting a cookbook club with discounted cookbooks and a series of readings at the store from chefs discussing their cookbooks and handing out samples of food. Looks like you’ll be paying a lot less to eat this fall. (more…)