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Photo by Ruthie Darling

British cuisine seems to have a bad rap in America. When I tell my friends I’m making some traditional English fare for dinner, there tends to be a collective nervous glance around the room followed by, “we could just order pizza.” Britain is really a nation of comfort food eaters. Butter, cheese and meats are the main component of our diet. It’s a miracle the Empire lasted as long as it did considering how sleepy we all must have been after lunch. As an English transplant in Brooklyn, I often find myself craving the traditional foods from home: scones and tea, Marmite on toast, a big old Sunday roast. Also, some of our dishes have fantastic names, such as toad in the hole, spotted dick and Eton mess (don’t worry, I will provide a glossary at the end of this article). In desperate need of a decent cup of tea last week, I began a one woman quest to find the Best of British in Brooklyn. Here are the results. (more…)

01/12/16 1:00pm
j'eatjet? brunch

At j’eatjet it’s more like moremosa, Photo by Dave Rosado

[We updated this list for January 2016 and added some new spots so everything is up to date!-ed.]

Brunch: it’s that magical meal that’s somehow both over- AND underrated. It’s a great way to start a weekend or coast through a Sunday morning hangover, a meal where you can order a boozy drink and loudly proclaim “It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? Who cares? It’s brunch o’clock here!” to the hearty enjoyment of nobody, because come on. Brunch can also be expensive, as day drinking is apparently a fancy affair once you introduce a fruit cup to the occasion.

Still, there’s no need to be one of the five richest kings of Europe to get your boozy brunch on. Instead of buying a sixer of Milwaukee’s Best to drink alongside some hastily-made scrambled eggs at home, class it up by heading to these eighteen restaurants (!) which offer the best Brooklyn unlimited brunch drink specials.  (more…)

06/25/15 3:40pm
Look you just scrape off the mold and then everyone's happy

Look you just scrape off the mold and then everyone’s happy

Well, you know what they say about being on top: You gotta take the good with the bad. It’s what they say, don’t look it up. So while on the one hand Brooklyn has led the surge in creative industry hires in New York City, on the other hand, we also have the most grocery stores in the city with at least one health code violation. Is weird fungus growing on our food the reason for our creativity? Could be! (more…)

09/29/14 10:09am
Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Provided what you see isn’t terrible, going to the movies could be a great time. Plus, it’s the fall now, so it’s time to grudgingly look at some indoor activities to keep you entertained. Though movie tickets may cost lots of money and the shirt off your back, and a popcorn and soda will cost your shoes, your phone, and you’ll have to work at the theater for a couple of days, the moviegoing experience doesn’t have to be the beginning and the end of your night.

If you’re on a date that, after the theater lights go up, you’re not ready to end, there’s no need to sulk right on home if the ticket took a decent bite out of your wallet. Just because the credits rolled doesn’t mean the good times can’t, and these cheap bars and restaurants within walking distance of the movies will keep them going for you.


08/18/14 10:06am

Don’t throw your mushrooms away, throw them in some apple cider vinegar! Photo courtesy of Andrew Whitcomb

How much of your food skips the fork and goes straight from the fridge to the trash can? Probably too much.  Even if you share a quarter of a mini-fridge, you’re probably not using everything you buy before it starts to stink up your and then your roommate’s partitioned fridge space. Americans are really good at buying more groceries than we can use, and it’s a huge waste of money, not to mention resources.

Chef Andrew Whitcomb, of Colonie (127 Atlantic Ave), teaches us some of the tricks he uses to keep margins down at his restaurant, so we can enjoy our perishables before they truly perish.

We came up with some foods that often turn in our refrigerators before we get a chance to use them and Chef Whitcomb shared his mastermind strategies for optimal deliciousness, with things like pickling, sauces and…carrot jerky? (more…)

02/18/14 2:00pm
rat map

See how there’s not really any yellow there? Yeah.

When you go out to eat, do you ever worry about how many rats have been hanging out at the the restaurant? We’d put that out of mind if we were you, there’s enough to worry about when out eating, like how to pay the bill. But the rat-obsessives over at Gothamist wondered about it, and they got data journalist Steven Melendez to study the restaurants cited for evidence of mice and rats and plot out what percentage of restaurants in each ZIP code in the city had those citations. Surprise! It’s everywhere! (more…)

il fornetto

With any luck, il Fornetto’s pollo farcito will be on the menu. via Facebook

People usually lavish a lot of attention on the restaurant scene in north Brooklyn, so it’s almost understandable if you meet someone who think that’s all there is when it comes to eating out in Brooklyn. We say “almost understandable” because those fictional dum-dums just have to hop on a subway to Sheepshead Bay for something like this month’s A Taste of Sheepshead Bay to see that south Brooklyn has plenty of delicious food as well. Seriously, buy a ticket and go to this. (more…)

Subway: You can do better. via Lisa Hanawalt

Subway: You can do better. via Lisa Hanawalt

Chains overrunning Coney Island is becoming old news, what with all those cool, hip places like Grizzlebees Applebees and Official Nets NBA store moving in. Still, there things that happen sometimes that reveal to you that you’re actually living the darkest possible timeline you could live in. In today’s news that drives that thought home, Coney Island is not only getting a new Subway on Surf Avenue, but it’s going to be a gigantic Subway Cafe. Finally, a safe space for Bill O’Reilly. (more…)

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One of the best things about the summer time in Brooklyn is a good ol’ shaved ice, aka a piragua. For those you haven’t tried it, you’ve got a little time left to experience such happiness.

It’s very easy to spot the sellers of shaved ice. A medium height Hispanic man or woman pushing a white, tan or silver painted wooden cart with a multi-colored umbrella sticking out from the side. The horn or bell of arrival. You can find them roaming parks or train stop entrances or busy corners. I usually find them strolling in the middle of wide streets in Williamsburg or Bushwick, especially when cars aren’t plentiful in the streets of the neighborhoods I call home, but they aren’t in these neighborhoods exclusively. Just whistle to one to get their attention. (more…)

05/29/13 12:51pm
Strawberries from Partners Trace Farm's fruit share. (Via Facebook)

Strawberries from Partners Trace Farm’s fruit share. (Via Facebook)

It’s hard to get good nutrition in when your bank account chains you to a ramen-and-easy-mac existence. But there’s a simple way to bring fresh fruits and veggies into your diet without diving into the worm-eaten produce selection at the bottom of the C-Town barrel. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs provide weekly packages filled with fresh-picked organic goodies, and if you share them with a friend or two, they’re even cheaper (and the food doesn’t go rotten as quickly!) A lot of CSA deadlines have passed for the season, but there are still a whole bunch ready for registration. We’ve rounded up some info on how to join, deadlines, volunteer requirements and other nitty-gritty details; take a look, and start signing up! (more…)