windsor terrace food co-op

Soon to be full of groceries. via Kensington BK

You’ve gotta feel for the people of Windsor Terrace, caught between Park Slope and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and their residents’ constant chattering about how great it is living in a neighborhood with a food co-op. Obviously it wasn’t always that way, but we bet it’s gotten damn near unbearable since PLG actually opened their co-op. Well, soon Windsor Terrace will be able to say “In your FACE” to both of those neighborhoods, because their long in the works food co-op finally has a physical address according to Kensington BK. (more…)

lefferts community food co-op

They’re breaking out the balloons for you and everything. via Facebook

Park Slope’s low-price deliciousness monopoly is getting shaken this Sunday. A couple months ago we told you Prospect-Lefferts Gardens would be getting a food coop this year. Well the day has come and you no longer need to schlep all the way to Park Slope and use a stroller as a shopping cart just so you feel like you fit in, because the Lefferts Community Food Co-op is opening Sunday with an open shopping day for everyone. (more…)

greene hill food co-op

What mysteries lie behind this door? Find out on Saturday via Facebook

If you’ve live in Brooklyn long enough, you’re bound to get curious about food co-ops. Are they really just mysterious hermit kingdoms with strange rituals regarding plastic bags, or are they places people actually shop for food? Usually the answer to this mystery is only available to food co-op members, but this Saturday, the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Bed-Stuy is opening their doors to just any schmuck off the street for a non-member shopping day. Plus, they’re also giving away trees, as that’s the hip thing to do these days. (more…)