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The flea in 2010. Photo by EvanScott7/Wikimedia Commons

When the grass freezes over and droves of Brooklynites huddle indoors for the winter season, what’s a flea market to do? The Brooklyn Flea has been asking itself this question for a while now. Since moving out of their original location in the Skylight space at One Hanson in 2012, they’ve tried multiple venues for their winter market. First, they shacked up in a lofted space in Williamsburg near their outdoor market; then, they tried that warehouse on Dean Street connected to Berg’n. Finally, they opted for Sunset Park’s Industry City.

While they were valiant, none one of these attempts really stuck, and now NY Mag tells us the flea is moving (decisively, we hope) back into the iconic space at One Hanson — née Williamsburgh Savings Bank — in Fort Greene.  (more…)

06/23/15 3:03pm

One minute you’re here, the next you’re gone. via Facebook

Summer flea market shopping season feels like it’s just kicked off, but there’s one market that you won’t be able to throw your hard-earned/easily-inherited dollars at any more. After just under a year of existence, Bushwick’s Shwick Market threw in the towel this past weekend. Were they bullied out by newcomer the Bushwick Flea? Nope, it sounds like just a case of the economics not adding up. Although the founder isn’t leaving without critiquing the spending habits of Bushwickians. Bushwickites? Bushwickers? Whatever. (more…)

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bushwick flea

Don’t confuse them for ‘Shwick though, that might get you cut. via Facebook

The hottest shopping destination when the weather warms up in Brooklyn this year? It looks like it’s going to be Bushwick, which is not only slated to get a mini-Smorgasburg starting in April, but will not be getting its own branded flea market. The Bushwick Flea will be kicking off in April and offering up a flea market for Bushwickers who don’t want to bother going to Williamsburg. Or Fort Greene. Or Park Slope. Basically people who want a flea market in Bushwick, that’s who the Bushwick Flea is for. (more…)

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brooklyn pop up market

They’re coming for the Flea. via Facebook

The Brooklyn Flea might be the most well-known flea market in Brooklyn these days, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the only game in town. Just one neighborhood over, in Crown Heights, a new flea market called the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market is opening this weekend on Atlantic Avenue, with 50 vendors, food trucks, and if an interview with Fort Greene Focus is to be believed, cheaper prices. (more…)

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Dekalb sign

Photos by Christine Herskovits.

By now you’ve heard of the Dekalb Market, where local artisans and foodists peddle their wares in shipping containers parked on the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Willoughby Street. But are there deals lurking in those the steel-encased shops? Here’s what we found on a Brokelyn-style scout… (more…)

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tuxedoscropImagine the BK Flea meets A Night at the Opera: everyone dressed to the 8.5s, tons of used stuff for sale and classy live music wafting through the air. That’s what we imagine anyway, for Saturday’s Super Summer Rummage Sale being held by Brooklyn’s One World Symphony. The big sale, happening Saturday from 10 to 3 in Brooklyn Heights, promises tuxes, 2-piece suits, dress shirts, neck ties, dresses, gowns, jewelry, leather jackets, jeans, CDs, musical scores and “much much more!!!!” Maybe you’re not quite sure what to wear for those last few night-time weddings coming up? This might be a good place to look. (more…)

You'll see some dancers from the Cynthia King studio and their vegan slippers (but maybe not the sheep).

Dancers from the Cynthia King Studio and their vegan slippers (and a sheep).

We’re actually being told to “be there or be square” for the Greenwood Playground Spring Flea Market and Tag Sale on Saturday, and we’re inclined to believe it. This is no ordinary flea the Friends of Greenwood Playground have put together, but a MEGA-Flea, with live music, live dance from the Cynthia King Studio, discounts for local restaurants, prizes, a book-swap and even worm-composting lessons from the Botanic Garden. And, oh yeah, probably a ton of stuff to buy from the vendors selling “treasures, joyous junk, and everything in between!” All this, from 9 to 5 at the playground. We’ll be seeing all you non-squares there.

Greenwood Playground, Fort Hamilton Pkwy at E. 5th St., F or G trains to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.

01/11/10 11:19pm
The Flea in One Hanson Place, photo courtesy of

The Flea in One Hanson Place, photo courtesy of

Holy letterpress cocktail coasters! Racked, the essential NYC retail blog, has some choice photos from the Brooklyn Flea’s debut in One Hanson Place in Saturday, in all of its landmarked art-deco glory. Vendors in teller windows, pupusas in the vault—it’s all too too Brooklyn-fabulous. Izzy Greenspan of Racked (love her, btw) writes:

“The mix of vendors isn’t much different from other Flea locations—there’s the usual vintage coats, grandmotherly furniture, and pressed-tin mirrors, plus a sprinkling of young artisans with homemade bags and clothes. But all of it looks a hundred times fancier under the soaring ceiling.”

The photos from inside the 1895 building, former home to the Williamsburg Savings bank, certainly suggest as much. As Racked points out, it’s a “perfect marriage of market and location.” To us, it’s looking like the perfect place to lose your kids on a freezing Saturday. See more photos on Racked.

01/08/10 1:35pm
We get excited just looking at this photo of One Hanson Place.

We get excited just looking at this photo of One Hanson Place.

Maybe  you’ve been to this building for a root canal or orthodonture. But put those painful memories aside, because starting tomorrow (Jan. 9), One Hanson Place—the dentistry capital of Brooklyn for reasons we don’t really know—will be hosting the Brooklyn Flea for 12 weeks, and the setup sounds totally whack, in a good way. From 10 to 5 Saturdays and Sundays, the flea will take over the ground floor and basement of the former Williamsburg Savings Bank building, where  “vendors will present their merchandise at teller windows, banking kiosks, secret rooms, and even the former vault located within the landmark space,” according to the press release. How cool is that? If you’ve never been, the Art Deco building, with 63-foot vaulted ceilings, giant stained-glass windows, and 40-foot mosaic of New York as a Dutch colony (OK, we took that from the press release too) is worth a gander, even without nitrous.

12/04/09 10:41am
Picture 51

The Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Craft Fair.

On the list of life’s pleasures, holiday shopping in your average mall ranks alongside going to the tow pound. But who doesn’t love a craft fair? Cupcakes, live music, onesies printed with curse words… There are so many to choose from this Festivus season that you can find a hand-quilted potholder for everyone on your list without ever leaving the BK. Aside from wading through the piles of beaded earrings and papaya-chocolate-cranberry scented soap, you can also gorge yourself on pie or learn how to make your own textiles. It’s a Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/non-denominational holiday miracle! And as always, if we missed your school, church or vegan commune’s annual shopfest, please let us know in the comments. (more…)