03/17/17 2:55pm
Pic via LIC Flea & Food

Pic via LIC Flea & Food

I’ve got pocket warmers in my pants and most of Brooklyn is currently covered in ice but spring is right around the corner and with it returns outdoor flea markets. LIC Flea & Food will open its fifth season on the weekend of April 8 – 9 (that’s only three weeks away, people) out across the Pulaski and beyond Newtown Creek on the Long Island City waterfront. (more…)

06/17/15 7:05am
It's so hip, it's practically European. via Flickr user cisc1970.

BK Flea: so hip, it’s practically European. via Flickr user cisc1970

Once upon a Brooklyn, the term “flea market” conjured up images of bug-infested antique wares and stained vintage clothing finds from a deceased person’s estate sale. Now, though, BK’s market game is on flea-k. That’s right, I said it. Our flea markets have grown to boast an especial eye for the Hard to Find, the One of a Kind, and the Melt Your Mind.

Because remember, a flea market isn’t just a vintage store with an open door. These places also have food, and feature smaller businesses/indie makers who can’t necessarily afford a brick-and-mortar storefront. They’re a great all-in-one way to spend a day with friends and family, or meeting strangers with similar tastes and interests. Flea markets away! Here are all the ones in the borough to enjoy this summer. (more…)

Sure, summer is officially ending on Friday, but the endless summer where surfers and other water loving creatures live burns on even through the coldest winter (and the best surf around here is the winter swell anyway). As such, a coalition of local surfers is putting together the first annual Brooklyn Surf Flea this Sunday at Union Pool. The flea will feature local vendors, shapers, non-profits, beach apparel makers, craft jewelers and a surf school, so even you kooks can learn how to wave slide by next summer. Plus, the bar is offering 2-for-$5 Tecates, a $5 pineapple punch and taco specials. Plus, meet your local surf community, which is bigger than you think. And just in case you’re one of those “there’s no surfing in New York!” jerks, prepare to get dumped, brah. (more…)

04/06/12 3:16pm

Corn again: Smorgasburg reopens this weekend.

There’s loads to do this Eastover weekend in Broketown. It’s a Good Friday for dancing, as you can your groove thang at three different venues: a 1960s Brooklyn Soul Club dance party in Williamsburg; a BEATS hip-hop party at Trophy Bar; or Gumbo’s Limelight-inspired gay dance party in a former synagogue. Tomorrow is full-on market mania, what with the Dekalb Market and Smorgasburg re-opening; Shop, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman… whatever  in Williamsburg, and That Tot Spot tater tot shop bowing at Artists & Fleas. Save some energy for Monday’s opening of a new Brooklyn Flea location in Williamsburg. And Sunday night, choose from dueling Mad Men parties, at Sheep Station and Brooklyn Winery. Zou Bisou Bisou ’til next week!


09/19/11 9:19am

Last year's BK Bike Jumble. Photo by Flickr's Dancing Weapon of Mass Destruction.

We’ve got flea markets coming out our ears here, so what’s one more, especially one that can get you an affordable, new-to-you set of wheels? This Saturday is the biannual Brooklyn Bike Jumble at Old Stone Park, where vendors and collectors set up tables and sell all sorts of things, much like your regular flea market — except everything is focused on the bike-avore: small parts, frames and forks, clothing, wheels, energy food and bikes themselves. You could even land a ride for cheap: Recycle-A-Bicycle techs will be giving free estimates. So if you’re trying to sell, they’ll give you an appraisal so you can price fairly; if you’re looking to buy, they’ll inspect and diagnose any problems so you can figure out if you’re getting ripped off. There’s also an outdoor dance party from 4-7 and then an outdoor screening of bicycle-related animation and shorts from 7-9.

Brooklyn Bike Jumble, Saturday, 10am-4pm, Old Stone Park, Fifth Avenue at 3rd Street, Park Slope.

You'll see some dancers from the Cynthia King studio and their vegan slippers (but maybe not the sheep).

Dancers from the Cynthia King Studio and their vegan slippers (and a sheep).

We’re actually being told to “be there or be square” for the Greenwood Playground Spring Flea Market and Tag Sale on Saturday, and we’re inclined to believe it. This is no ordinary flea the Friends of Greenwood Playground have put together, but a MEGA-Flea, with live music, live dance from the Cynthia King Studio, discounts for local restaurants, prizes, a book-swap and even worm-composting lessons from the Botanic Garden. And, oh yeah, probably a ton of stuff to buy from the vendors selling “treasures, joyous junk, and everything in between!” All this, from 9 to 5 at the playground. We’ll be seeing all you non-squares there.

Greenwood Playground, Fort Hamilton Pkwy at E. 5th St., F or G trains to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.

05/31/09 2:13am

Some people (not us) have a hard time believing the concept “free.” Organizers at the Score! swap meet in BKLYNYard on Saturday repeatedly had to remind visitors that yes, it’s free, as in, just take as much as you can carry, and if you want more than you can carry, come back later with a bigger bag. Get used to it, folks—Mean Red Productions, the group behind the event, told us they’re trying to open a semi-permanent swap-meet store. But can you really get anything decent at these things? We performed a  spot check. (more…)

picture-76Warriors, come out to play-ay…. the first of today’s top two Brokelyn-approved free events: “The Streets of Brooklyn in Film,” a free film fest examining Brooklyn’s gritty image in film, including The Lords of Flatbush, the French Connection, and of course, the 1979 classic about our favorite band of leather-vested  hard-luck hooligans. Read an interview about it in The Local. Today from noon to five at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Isand University Spike Lee screening room, room 122 in the Library Learning Center. No address listed on the release for this, but the campus is at Flatbush and Dekalb.

picture-37Event #2: SCORE! a gigantic swap at the BKLYNYard, an outdoor music space on Carroll Street between Nevins and Bond. The big giveaway, today from 11 to 6, is sponsored by local groups (FreeNYC, Newmindspace, RefugeNYC, MeanRed Productions), attendees are encouraged to bring clothing, books, music and kitchen miscellaney to trade for others’ toss offs. Unclaimed merch will be collected by Rock and Wrap It Up, an anti-poverty group that distributes donations to non-profits throughout the city. Find out more here BKLYNYard.