04/18/17 9:00am

Photo via BBQ Films / Facebook

You know that acquaintance on Facebook, the person you don’t know too well, but their life is too interesting to ignore? Well for me, that person is Leah Taylor Dunbar. We met years ago when her husband and I worked together on Manson The Musical – yes, a musical comedy about Charles Manson that surprisingly never made it out of off-off-Broadway. Leah has, for the past few years, been posting photos of her involvement with an immersive cinema company called BBQ Films. After seeing her post photos from their latest Mean Girls event in Greenpoint, I decided it was time to ask Leah what this BBQ Film thing was all about.

Leah couldn’t wait to tell me about the company and invited me to her office at Flavorpill in Soho to discuss. “The production company started out as a casual rooftop cookout and film screening in Spanish Harlem,” she told me, “and developed into a pop-up cinema club and then to the fully experiential production company around today. Their goal is to use storytelling to create community and bring an element of surprise and excitement back to movie fans.” (more…)

05/28/14 10:05am
nitehawk shorts festival

We mean, this could happen if your movie is bad enough, but hopefully it won’t happen

Did you see last year’s movies at the Nitehawk Shorts Festival and huffily walk away thinking you could make a better movie. Well, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is pal, because Nitehawk is holding a second edition of their short film competition, and they’ve put out a call for submissions starting June 2. Just make sure your movie is more Man Getting Hit By Football and less A Star is Burns. (more…)

Traifik d’Info is one of the films set to screen this year.

Traifik d’Info is one of the films set to screen this year.

Carribeing, Flatbush’s annual film festival celebrating Caribbean cinema and culture, needs some help getting off the ground this year. So, like any good artistic endeavor, they’ve turned to crowdfunding — though, their campaign’s a little more, uh, technical than some of the other ones we’ve seen. (more…)

02/04/13 2:00pm


If you’ve been wondering what Coney Island was like back before we were dreading the idea of an Applebee’s opening up there, now’s your chance. This week, Film Forum’s screening Little Fugitive, a 1953 film about an adorable 7-year-old who uses Brooklyn’s favorite amusement park as a hideout after he thinks he shot his big brother (don’t worry, it’s just a prank!) (more…)

01/15/13 1:00pm
Before Brooklyn Brewery, Rehingold ruled BK's beer world. via The Bowery Boys

Before Brooklyn Brewery, Rehingold ruled BK’s beer world. via The Bowery Boys

Before it had a great brewing scene, Brooklyn had an even bigger one back in the days of our grandparents. But then some geniuses decided banning alcohol would be a good idea and the scene started to dry up and die. But now some enterprising filmakers are telling the story of how we went from Miss Rheingold pageants to nothing to Brooklyn Brewery setting up shop in Sweden. (more…)