12/02/16 3:25pm
Even though the days are a little shorter, Extra Fancy's market will keep the holiday cheer alive. via IG

The days are a little shorter, but Extra Fancy’s market will keep the holiday cheer alive. via IG

In case you thought we were all done announcing winter holiday markets after yesterday’s bonanza of a roundup, we’ve got another one for you, and it features vendors you’re unlikely to have seen anywhere else. If the humdrum Etsy fare just isn’t doing it for you right now, come around back behind Extra Fancy (302 Metropolitan Ave.) in Williamsburg tomorrow, Dec. 3 and Sunday, Dec. 4 for a cozy little cloisters of jewelry, antiques, wellness products and children’s fashion.

Best of all? Drink specials for our readers! Read on to find out how to knock a few dollars off those Extra Fancy pints you’ll be drinking while you browse. (more…)

09/03/15 1:34pm
Because it's not just a matter of taste. via Extra Fancy

Because it’s not just a matter of taste. via Extra Fancy

Ahhh, Labor Day: it hastens ever closer, bringing with it the cruel reality of summer’s end, reminding us of winter’s inevitable return. But we mustn’t fret. For here, in the best borough of them all, we have ways of making summer last all year long!  We’ve got slushy frozen drinks even in sub-zero temperatures (well we did, at least), tiki bars serving island-style cocktails whatever the season…and best of all, we can enjoy some damn fine seafood anytime we want.

As a New England native, I think I can boast a fair bit of a authority on the shellfish and mollusk offerings here in Brooklyn. And there are a lot of ’em to choose from. So, here’s a roundup of the best Brooklyn spots for lobster, clams, crab and oyster—all available well after this delightful August heat and humidity is a thing of the past. (more…)

06/04/14 12:47pm
bartender happy hour

You already spend too much time slinging drinks, so don’t spend all your money buying them

You just started your new job at a bar/restaurant/café. After a long day of serving people, the only thing you deserve is to drink and relax. But if you’re new in the neighborhood, it can be hard to find a late night option without blowing all of your hard-earned tips. Before you step into a bar that closes twenty minutes after you walk in, check out these options that offer a fun hang for those working in a restaurant or bar—without sacrificing your paycheck. (more…)

12/06/13 9:04am
meatball shop

Sometimes you’re just drunk and need some balls, know what we mean? via Facebook

There’s no point in ignoring the drunk munchies, or the drunchies. They will come for you nightly. They lurk in the back alleyways of cocktail bars, around the corner from the neighborhood tavern and sometimes they flash you blatantly as you polish off that 6-pack of Tecate from the bodega. What you can do is make them less depressing by enjoying them among friends, and at the right places. So here’s a rundown of some of the best late-night drunken eating in the borough.  (more…)