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This is more of a Williamsburg soldier we suppose

This is more of a Williamsburg soldier we suppose

We know that the desire to use “Brooklyn” as shorthand for everything twee, unmanly and precious is strong, but someone explain to us what the hell Esquire means by this:

Is the Pentagon about to turn the military into Park Slope?

NBC News obtained a memo currently circulating around the Pentagon that states that the US military is starting to accommodate “individual expressions of sincerely held beliefs” in their dress code. As the report puts it, this includes “conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs of service members.”

We’d like to know what Greenpoint’s hipster soldier has to say about this. In the meantime, if anyone knows what the hell Esquire means by this, shoot us a line at toocleverbyhalf [AT] gmail.com

[h/t Fucked in Park Slope]