06/16/16 3:17pm
Farewell, Brooklyn's best punchline: The artisanal mayo store got priced out (but maybe not for good)

Empire Mayo’s Vanderbilt Avenue home now has a for-rent sign outside. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Nothing has ever landed on our doorstep in quite such a neatly wrapped bundle of punchlines as the Brooklyn artisanal mayonnaise store, which opened in Prospect Heights in 2012. It became shorthand for just how far Brooklyn’s food preciousness had gone, rescuing even lowly mayonnaise from the depths of low-class condiment prison into Empire Mayo’s small shop on already excessively cute Vanderbilt Avenue. SNL joked about it, Good ran a story titled “Why mayonnaise matters in the gentrification debate,” the Wall Street Journal wrote simply “Yes, artisanal mayo.”

You might need a new small business strawman to pick on soon: Empire Mayo is closing its store at the end of July, though the brand will probably live on online or in another store TBD. (more…)

07/08/13 8:00am
What are you going to do with these people? Via Flickr's Robotpolisher.

What are you going to do with these people? Via Flickr’s Robotpolisher.

‘Tis the season for jorts, drunkenly re-installing a window unit (advice: no) and — eep — parent visits. Assuming your M &/or D have a few New York trips under his or her belt, it’s time to mix it up from the Met-High Line-Grimaldi’s trifecta. Continue to impress your parents or at least give them reason to act impressed by taking any of our suggestions come their next pilgrimage. Make them proud by showing off your savvy, budget-conscious tour of the city, and maybe you’ll impress them enough they’ll buy you a real meal in a sit-down restaurant for once. (more…)

07/11/12 9:01am

Slim Jim, meet your trendy Brooklyn cousin.

Yeah, we know the Brooklyn food scene has jumped the pasture-raised shark, but it’s not like everyone’s going to be abandoning Smorgasburg for Wendy’s any time soon. At this point it looks like blood orange donuts and Bulgogi tacos are here to stay. Cooking up your own scheme for the next banh mi stand? Before you quit the corporate ranks (or your coffee shop job) and join the pork bun party, know that the food business is probably a lot riskier, more demanding and, yes, expensive than whatever gig you may be leaving behind. And be prepared to spend less time in the kitchen and more with accountants, city permit agents and suppliers. Still curious? Here, a handful of seasoned Brooklyn foodtrepreneurs on what you need to know before taking the po’ boy plunge. (more…)

That's a lot of mayo.

Have you ever looked at that boring ol’ jar of Hellman’s and thought it was just too cheap to possibly be any good? Far be it for Brooklyn to leave no stone un-twee-ified: An artisinal mayonnaise shop called Empire Mayonnaise opened this past weekend at 564 Vanderbilt Ave. in Prospect Heights, The Brooklyn Ink reports. Flavors include Smoked Paprika, Walnut, Lime Pickle, Safron, Vadouvan, and, of course, Bacon. It’ll cost you $6 for a 4-oz. jar of egg yolks and vinegar, if that’s your sort of thing. Though I’ll be honest: ever since this scene in Undercover Brother (skip to 2:25), the thought of eating mayonnaise makes me gag more than a little.