10/26/16 2:30pm
This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG

This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG

We know it’s hard to believe, but life will go on after the 2016 general election is over. Regardless of who wins (no Trumpies no Trumpies) you’ll have a life to get back to, an apartment to pay rent on and a job that’ll help you do it! Unless, that is, you don’t have a job.

If you find yourselves in the throes of funemployment that’s looking less and less fun every day, then let the Brokelyn job fair find you something fun and paid to do. Assuming the country doesn’t end up in a burning cataclysm of fiery death on Nov. 9, you could land a sweet job in book reviewing, bookkeeping, brand managing and more. Have a peep at all these neat positions we found, and see which one is worthy of your talents. (more…)

03/11/14 9:35am
the verge

Vox is on the verge of something big, so get on board while you can. via The Verge

Everyone would like a job of course, but some people want something more than something that takes up eight-hours of each daily march towards death. They want something with prestige, or at least to work at a place gobbling up their competition, so we’ve got good news for you: Growing journalism behemoth Vox Media is hiring in New York for positions at Curbed, Racked, Eater and tech website The Verge. Best of all, none of these jobs require you to interact with Matt Yglesias. (more…)

06/11/12 10:43am

You’re just one wafer thin mint away from restaurant industry success!

The New York restaurant world is a weird place to be. The money flows freely, but through odd and mutated channels. The pay grade runs from chefs barely making rent ($12 an hour) to the average income of the managers ($40K to $60K), to executive chefs ($85K to $125K) to the wild pay range of bartenders and servers ($100 to $10K a night at Per Se). (more…)

03/05/12 5:18pm

May have once bought beers here to sneak into a nearby bar. Via.

Fierce bodega loyalty is a point of pride for most New Yorkers, as those local proprietors of late-night munchies and six packs are often the guys who let you run a tab or teach you some elementary Arabic/Spanish if you’re in tight with them. They come in tons of shapes and sizes, from the ones with nicer sandwich counters than Subway to the stores that are clearly a front for some kind of cat-protected business. You choose to shop there, even after another Duane Reade moves in down the street, because you sympathize more with the small business owner than you do with a big chain. And because they sometimes sell you illegally cheap cigarettes.

To celebrate the humble bodega, the Racked/Curbed/Eater empire is launching Bodega Week next week, and they want your input on the best bodega in the city, plus any crazy bodega stories or secrets, and pictures of the weirdest product you’ve found. Cats, magazine stands and other woah-dega curiosities will also get featured. So, Brokelynites, do you have a bodega worth of submitting?

10/28/11 4:34pm

Do you have something that says "Dad loves sugar?"

Maybe you should turn down those Snickers this Halloween and go for a Sugar Daddy instead? Taking a page from the Brokelyn tickler file, Eater just published a very straight forward map of the specific places you can go in Manhattan to meet a person who can actually afford to treat you to dinner at said establishment. According to Eater, you can go to The Cannibal to meet “attractive young Murray Hill businessmen” or find a “well-groomed Upper East sider” to split a $26 pizza with at The Mark Hotel. Of course, these fine places might not even let your 99 percenter single ass in there, so you’re welcome to join Team Brokelyn at Hank’s instead. But you’re paying, ladies.