05/20/15 1:06pm
4th of july fireworks

AMERICA. via Flickr user Ann Althouse

We fought for them and carried on for a few years and got them back last year, but let’s be honest, just one year of fireworks wasn’t enough. So we’re happy to report that the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks celebration will once again be taking place along the East River. The announcement came earlier today from Mayor Tall himself, as he calmed the nerves of those who didn’t want the celebration moved back to the Hudson. If New Jersey wants to celebrate the Fourth of July, they can get their own fireworks spectacular. (more…)

04/14/14 9:36am
east river fireworks

We should celebrate with a fireworks show! via Flickr user Crashworks

For the last two years, this blog has been part of the crusade against Macy’s for their decision to move their Fourth of July fireworks show to the Hudson River. And with tempetatures starting to rise, we figured our anger would too this year, but now we can rest easy because Mayor de Blasio confirmed to the Daily News that he’d convinced Macy’s to bring their Fourth of July fireworks back to the East River where they belong. Score one for Mayor Tall. (more…)

05/07/12 1:42pm


[UPDATE: VIACOM IS A JERK] Well, this is amazing. Like every breathing person in Brooklyn, we spent the weekend mourning MCA’s death and blasting Paul’s Boutique so loud that none of our neighbors even complained cuz they were doing the same thing too. Today our grief hangover got treated to this long-lost pop culture treasure: a previously unreleased video of the Beastie Boys performing “The New Style” on a boat between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges in the East River for the abandoned third season of Chappelle’s Show way back in 2004! Remember Chappelle’s Show? Dave even gets to let the beat drop himself. [via The Hairpin]