04/13/17 1:30pm
Photo by Louise Ma/WNYC.

Yeah, you can still get busted for stoop drinking, but at least you can get it cleared easily. Photo by Louise Ma/WNYC

New York has progressed so far in recent years that getting busted for minor offenses like drinking on the street, smoking weed in front of a cop or taking a nice long post-bar piss in an alleyway fall in the category of “not that bad” punishments (well, if you’re white, at least). At the same time, other things you can still get ticketed for like riding your bike on the sidewalk or letting your dog go off-leash are still as annoying as ever. All of these can compound into a headache of warrants, unpaid fines and general NYPD harassment that could stay on your record for years or eventually get you arrested. These are also the kinds of cases weighing down the overburdened court system and delaying the actually important crimes that need to be handled.

Luckily, there is a way to get your low-level offenses taken care of without too much hassle. This weekend, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is bringing its Begin Again program to Bed-Stuy to give Brooklynites and everyone in the city a chance to deal with summonses for low-level offenses quickly and get a clean record without having to navigate the city’s entire complex legal system.  (more…)

Drink on brosef.

Champagne for my real friends; real tickets for sham advertising. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

Hey look, it’s suddenly legal to drink on the beach in Coney Island! Huzzah! I mean, what else would be the explanation for this ad showing three white people who are most definitely standing on the beach in Coney Island, Brooklyn? Because they’re most certainly not something an ad company pulled out of some stock art website after a search for “Ed Hardy douchehat vacation seduction scheme” keywords. Champagne surf party for everyone! Except, no of course it’s not legal. (more…)

07/19/13 3:41pm
One of these guys is doing this wrong. Do you know which one? via Flickr's Kilgub.

One of these guys is doing this wrong. Do you know which one? via Flickr’s Kilgub.

[UPDATE: 3/3/16: While the NYPD announced it isn’t going to arrest people for public drinking in Manhattan any more, that doesn’t apply to Brooklyn; and you can still get a ticket citywide for doing it. But use this guide to avoid a ticket too.] Despite the heat wave that makes this feel like living in the hell’s new bbq restaurant, and the Royal Baby fever that is making it feel like we never won our independence from those Brits in the first place, this is still gershderned America. And in America, in summer, you want to be drinking outside, all the time every day. That is of course not legal, and there’s nothing like an open container ticket to ruin an otherwise great summer vibe.

BUT … did you know there is an incredibly easy, two-step process to avoid getting busted by Sgt. Buzz Killington? It’s true! Follow this guide below to power up your summer, smartly: (more…)