10/06/14 10:21am
drink and draw macri park

The drinks will enhance your skills immensely. via Facebook

1. Kick off autumn with free skee ball and a funniest flannel contest at Full Circle Bar. (Monday)

2. Macri Park Bar brings in a model for you to sketch at Drink and Draw. (Tuesday)

3. Manifesto is taking over the People’s Republic of Brooklyn with laughter for the people. (Tuesday) (more…)

03/18/14 1:19pm
this n' that drink and draw

Drink and draw at This n’ That is a relaxed atmosphere in which to hide your alcoholism behind some culture. via Facebook

Drinking is no doubt a great vice to have in moderation. Drinking and drawing is an even sweeter combination in a borough full of such artistic ambition. The proliferation of drink n’ draw in Brooklyn brings to mind when Picasso found friends in Henri Matisse, Joan Miró and George Braque and would meet with them to exchange ideas in his and their craft. I picture them in Paris, the capital of the arts, drinking…and drawing together every week. Here’s a roundup of drink n’ draws in Brooklyn, whether you’re Picasso or just Picasso in your own mind: (more…)

foxy vermouth burlesque drink and draw

Want to draw her picture? Now you can. via Facebook

We are not the world’s most artistic people, it’s one of the reasons we use our words to make a living. That doesn’t preclude us (see, big word) from taking an interest in drawing things under the right circumstances. Like say, if there’s a bunch of alcohol involved. And then if you want to just go the extra step and decide we’re going to be drawing a sinful burlesque performer, well sure, what the hell, we’ll be there. Apparently Ditmas Park’s Bar Chord read our damn minds, because they now have themselves a burlesque drink and draw. Va-va-voom! (more…)

11/12/13 3:36pm
drink n' draw 3rd ward

Get ready to draw, get ready to drink, all over again.

We all got bummed out when 3rd Ward closed. Not about your art that was either your livelihood or your work’s culmination, now stuck within the shuttered premises, or your recently purchased membership. No, nothing like that. It was the apparent demise of the weekly Drink N’ Draw class. Well all is not lost, for the Drink n’ Draw anyway: the alcohol-infused art class has found a new home –  Bushwick’s Bat Haus (279 Starr Street) – and will set up there for the first time tomorrow at 8pm. (more…)

10/10/13 1:28pm
Well, so much for that

Well, so much for that

As the New York Observer reported, Brooklyn DIY and art space 3rd Ward suddenly shuttered last night, with no warning. It’s a stunning turn of events for the space, which had managed to be successful enough to spread the gospel of Brooklyn DIY to a branch in Philadelphia. But now it’s gone forever, and you might have some questions about membership refunds, where to take classes now and what’s next for the building. We’ve got some answers. (more…)

07/31/13 2:46pm
TODAY TODAY TODAY (via Facebook)

They’ll teach you to dance, for cheaper (via Facebook)

Good news for all you budding artists, creative types and savvy business minds out there: all-encompassing East Williamsburg community art space 3rd Ward is offering half-off memberships, but the discount ends TODAY, so you only have a few hours to finally afford  that intensive woodworking class you’ve been lusting after all these years. Hear that, IKEA? I’m going to build my own goddamn dresser, so you can keep that Malm crap all to yourself . (Note: I will still eat your meatballs) (more…)

08/15/12 4:53am

Charcoal pencils, booze, models, and a guy playing guitar with a bone. All this for free tonight, but only because you read Brokelyn. Outdoor Wednesday night Drink & Draw classes are normally $10 at The Living Gallery in Bushwick, but if you utter the name of your favorite Brooklyn webmag tonight, it’s free. More details in the Brokelyn Breaks. And if you want to offer your own deal in the Brokelyn Breaks, email this guy.

07/27/12 2:31pm

Drink and Draw in full effect at 3rd Ward, every Wednesday.

Brooklyn can make you pretty self-conscious if you didn’t crochet your own tea cozies or can the heirloom cucumbers you didn’t grow last summer. I’m always down to bead a couple necklaces but the second the clock strikes happy hour I tend to lose motivation for all things sober. Thanks to the latest trend of combining liquor with crafting I get to be crafty and I don’t have to worry about my level of alcoholism; everyone’s doing it! Here’s a run down of four boozy art classes that are taking over this borough. One of them is free, but most of the others come with free booze. (more…)