01/06/16 1:12pm
His legend will live on  via Yelp user Jice E.

His legend will live on via Yelp user Jice E.A

A legendary Philadelphia boxer who looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone once told the son of his most famous rival that “time takes everyone out, it’s undefeated.” At least that’s what we think he said, it’s kind of hard to understand him, with the way his mouth moves. Regardless, that statement has never rang more true then when we learned this week that Dr. Zizmor, who has graced our trains for decades, announced his retirement. We’ve already been hard at work, trying to find a new subway mascot to make the dreadful NYC commute bearable, but what about those legendary ads featuring the good doctor in front of a rainbow or the Empire State building? Will we have to scourge eBay to once again see, up close, the face of the man who promises us “clear, beautiful skin”? Thankfully, no. The Dr. Zizmor ads will forever be preserved inside the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. (more…)

01/05/16 3:48pm
Can anyone hope to fill these shoes? via Yelp user Jice E.

Can anyone hope to fill these shoes? via Yelp user Jice E.

After nearly 40 years in the business of making people look different than they normally look, Dr. Zizmor, the most culturally-referenced dermatologist in New York City, is retiring. Even though nothing can truly stop the driving arrow of time (as evidenced by Zizmor’s current appearance), the good doctor had us all mystified and even comforted by his gaudy, rainbow-colored ads that adorned the subway cars of New York City.

So, who will come to be New York City’s next bastion of banner advertising in Zizmor’s wake? Whose mug will manage to interrupt the ever-increasing streams of Seamless ads and Oscar health insurance puns as our new mascot? The Brokelyn staff put their heads together and came up with a few ideas. (more…)

03/01/13 8:55am
He'd have fit right in, honestly

He’d have fit right in, honestly

Before it rode off into the TV sunset, 30 Rock was known for a being sitcom that was in love with New York. We particularly liked the occasional Mr. Met cameo. But for anyone who’s ever ridden the subway and passed time staring at the ads, there’s one that’s always stood out: “Thank You Dr. Zizmor!” The ad, which despite being clear about what its advertising is mysterious because it looks like it was made in 1995, is as much of a New York institution as the Yankees at this point, so it makes sense Tina Fey tried to get the man responsible for it to make a cameo on her show. (more…)