01/06/16 10:13am
They're coming

They’re coming

It’s the first Wednesday of 2016, and it’s like every other Wednesday. That’s not a bad thing, Wednesday is a herald of the coming end of the week, so those among you who are truly devoted to partying and poor decisions must be thrilled. Even if you’re a little more responsible though, the Brokelyn Events Calendar has a whole bunch of stuff you can get out there and do, without using work on Thursday as a base for your hangover. (more…)

12/02/15 8:28am
Learn everything about what went into that very specific lettering tonight. via Flickr user Laser Burners

Learn everything about what went into that very specific lettering tonight. via Flickr user Laser Burners

Here we go, Wednesday, here we go! Don’t forget to run out into the world chanting the traditional Wednesday chant we all know and love, because we’re that much closer to the weekend. Also don’t forget though, that the Brokelyn Events Calendar has some great stuff for you to do tonight, especially these five nights out. (more…)

11/30/15 8:33am
And you thought you had a tough time with your relationship

And you thought you had a tough time with your relationship

Yes, I know, it’s Monday. On this particular Monday though, you should really avoid all the “Ugh, Mondays amirite?” that everyone’s prone to, because come on, we just had a really short week. The good times where we didn’t work couldn’t last forever, but you can jump right back into your habit of having fun nights by consulting the Brokelyn Events Calendar. Or make it even easier and just consult this list of the best things harvested from it. You can do whatever you like. (more…)

11/20/15 11:13am
tk via Facebook

Your prayers for a great date spot near a lot of trains have been answered by St. Gambrinus. via Facebook

Looking for love, but can’t bear to give up the comfort of your closest train? Hey, we get it. But what will you do when you meet someone who lives in Midwood? Don’t you want to give that cutie from Long Island City a chance? Thankfully, there’s no need to schlep all the way to their hood until things get serious. Despite the head-scratching lack of fine dating establishments by some of our premier subway stations there are always those dive bars in the rough, so here are some places where you can meet up halfway and still have a great date. (more…)

11/18/15 10:34am
DItch the p via Junior's

Ditch the pumpkin for some cheesecake this Thanksgiving. via Junior’s

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of good taste in desserts must be in want of a pie to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Well…actually, it’s a truth ALMOST universally acknowledged. Because there are those among us who, for whatever reason, do. Not. Like. Pie. My mother is one of these people who shuns apple and pumpkin pies for anything else she can find when Thanksgiving dessert time rolls around, even if the options are limited. And while I firmly disagree with the pie-averse, I see no reason why they shouldn’t have equally yummy sweets to conclude this national day of gluttony. Luckily, there are a number of Brooklyn bakeries offering fantastic pie alternatives for Thanksgiving. (more…)

11/05/15 11:13am
What are they planning? Find out tonight

What is the robot menace planning? Find out tonight

“Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday,” sang Rebecca Black in her viral shame hit from a couple years back. You kids should follow her advice and go out and do something crazy today. Or at least something fun, which the Brokelyn Events Calendar can help you with. (more…)

10/23/15 12:11pm
A physical reminder that we're the best of the best

A physical reminder that we’re the best of the best

What’s the number one borough in all of New York City, the number one city in the entire world? It’s an argument that you could carry on for hours, days even without ever coming to a firm conclusion. Some might say that’s because there’s no actual objective way to measure who’s number one, but soon there will be, after Brooklyn installs an enormous two-story bronze arm with its index finger pointed skyward in a gesture that will remind everyone coming over the Brooklyn Bridge that Brooklyn is Number One. Don’t like it? You can just turn your ass right around and go back to Manhattan. (more…)

10/16/15 1:12pm
Get seduced by this transexual Transylvanian in Williamsburg

Get seduced by this transexual Transylvanian in Williamsburg

It’s getting colder out and there are more and more ghost sightings (or attempted ghost sightings anyway) around the borough. That can only mean Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means: Putting on a crazy costume and getting freaking wasted, all in an attempt to ward off the ghost of you getting old. We’re here to help, with the best ways you can celebrate Halloween in Brooklyn, both on the big day itself and on the run up to it. (more…)

09/25/15 11:27am
Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

As they do every year, Michelin is about to announce what they consider to be the best restaurants in New York City. And while we all love a good meal out on the town, sometimes you don’t want to take out a mortgage to be able to afford it. So that’s why we have the Michelin Bib Gourmands, which are the best restaurants the prestigious guide says you can get two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less. Brooklyn is all over the list, with 32 restaurants to eat out at and look fancy and impressive, which is great. However, when it comes to choosing the dessert or the wine, don’t ask us what you to do. It’s your journey. (more…)

09/23/15 1:29pm
What was the anger selling? Screenshot via Gothamist

What was the anger selling? Screenshot via Gothamist

You’re probably familiar by now with the above video (sadly now taken down) of the screaming, finger pointing, fight threatening white guy who told another white guy that “the only reason white people like you are living here are because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you.” As much as we’d love to believe that this fount of anger and obliviousness is a real human being, we know that every great video on the internet comes with an 80 percent chance of actually being viral marketing for some company or another. Who could want a pasty sack of aggressive entitlement with two-toned hair getting their product some buzz on the internet though? We’ve got some ideas! (more…)