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The lobby of your office errrday.

The lobby of your office errrday. via Archinect

It’s been a while since our last hot n’ fresh jobs post hit the stands, and you might have been left feeling high and dry this month, thinking we must not really care whether you might ever afford another music festival. But you would be wrong in thinking that, because we definitely do care. We want you to have all the stuff of life at minimal cost, and what’s more, we want you to have fun making the money to do it.

In that spirit, here are five sweet Brooklyn jobs that range from floor manager to cellarman, pastry production to video production. No matter your area of expertise, one of these oughta pique your interest. (And if nothing does then hey, there’s always Hawaii.) (more…)

06/03/16 2:00pm
Brooklyn is for lovers (with no money): A guide to cheap summertime dating

It’s a barger-than-life date. via Brooklyn Barge

Brooklyn is a great place to fall in love. But dating here in the summer? Forgetaboutit. Well, don’t actually forget about it. I’m just saying that there’s a tyranny of choice, with so many options for what to do on a date that it occasionally leaves a brokester feeling overwhelmed (and eventually short on rent).

Lucky for you, spending a perfect afternoon on the cheap just happens to be in our wheelhouse! This borough really is made for people who want to do something special with a special someone without breaking the bank — you just gotta know where to look.

So with a little preparation and the help of this handy Brokelyn dating guide, you can have a memorable time with Mr. (Swipe) Right that doesn’t require you to sell your prized baseball card/Beanie Baby collection/kidney. Whether you go dutch on these, split it halfway, treat someone or get treated, nothing’s going to break the bank. And don’t worry about giving us credit for any of the ideas you try. We’ll just expect seats at the head table during the wedding reception.  (more…)

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Two tacos from Chinantla for just five dollars equals the elimination of hunger from your stomach. Photos by David Colon

Two tacos from Chinantla for just five dollars equals the elimination of hunger from your stomach. Photos by David Colon

Has this ever happened to you: You find yourself in Bed-Stuy and you’ve got a rumbling stomach but not a ton of cash? Maybe you live there, maybe you’re just visiting a friend, but either way you need to eat something cheap and fast, before a serious case of hanger gets you in trouble. Well don’t fear, you’ve got this handy list of cheap Bed-Stuy eats that you can get for under $10, guaranteed to leave you feeling full and satisfied. (more…)

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A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Facebook

A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Dough’s Facebook

People. I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever you are doing – STOP. Get your butt out the door and experience the best day of all: National Donut Day.

Every doughnut shop plays by their own rules, so keep reading to find the best deal in town for you and your doughnut needs.

Krispy Kreme– $Free.99! (In case, that didn’t read the doughnuts are free!)

Dunkin Donuts– Free donut with coffee purchase. I may or may not have already consumed two coffees and two jelly filled this morning…

Dun Well Doughnuts – Free doughnut with purchase of espresso drink. Don’t let the ‘vegan doughnut place’ deter you because their doughnuts are stupidly delicious you won’t be able to tell the difference. And if you can, you have the world’s most refined taste buds.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop– $1.10 donuts all day everyday. Basically, everyday is Donut Day. Tip: make sure to call ahead because they sell out of donuts multiply times a day. Don’t worry! They are replenished, but to avoid a wait, or to place an order, call ahead!

Dough– Be careful with this one Brokesters. Today Dough is featuring their Matcha (green tea) sugar doughnut. (Fun Fact: Dough revealed this doughnut in Japan at a food expo, and the demand for it was so high they decided to bring it home to the states. Thanks guys!) The fun doesn’t stop there; today, if you buy 6 Doughnuts, you can enter your name in a lottery to win FREE DOUGHNUTS FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Gourmet Guild– Get your doughnut loving self to GG for BK Poppers. “Oh, what are those,” you say? Doughnut holes. For $.75 a pop.

Happy Friday, ya’ll and get your sugar high with god’s single greatest gift to man: the Donut.

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07/02/13 2:05pm
Want these Best Cheap Eats ribs? Get 'em at Fletcher's. Photo by Lori Lovejoy Fletcher

Want these Best Cheap Eats ribs? Get ’em at Fletcher’s. Photo by Lori Lovejoy Fletcher

This year foodies learned what those of us with decidedly thin pockets have always known: less is more. Although this year’s New York Magazine Cheap Eats issue is lined with a few unpredictable fusion spots, the real stars this year are the old-school American classics. Brooklyn stars as well, getting a bump to 18 spots in this year’s list, as opposed to 15 last year. Donuts, burgers, big-ass sandwiches, and barbeque have always had a special place in our hearts, and people are on the fact that you can find ’em here for cheap. Of course, no list is perfect, what do you think they missed? (more…)

06/07/13 11:13am
Don't pick at it!

Don’t pick at it!

Doughnuts: miracle food or more-than-miracle food? Wherever you fall on the “doughnuts are great” scale, the one thing we can all agree on is that they should be celebrated nationally. Oh hey, and look at that, there is a day to do that, and it’s today. So, how are our local and chain doughnut purveyors celebrating? Various delicious ways. (more…)

02/12/13 3:00pm
Donuts from Dough

Who needs love when you have donuts from Dough?

Valentine’s Day can be very stressful for single people, what with everyone out on awesome dates. But if you’re the type to eat your way through a bad day, then this is an excellent time to indulge in your worst habits! It can be a lot of fun, very delicious, and no one will judge you. In fact, when you eat these Brooklyn-made treats, the feelings you will be eating will be happiness and joy, as opposed to loneliness and resentment. So grab your stretch pants, or just buy a pair of jeans a size larger so you don’t feel bad come February 15. Feelings have never tasted so good! (more…)

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via DonutSummit

Soon you might not be able to buy a 32-ounce cup of Mountain Dew in the city any more, but don’t worry because you can still get your sugar fix today: it’s free donut day! Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme are giving away a free donut today in celebration of this dubious “holiday.” DD requires you to buy a drink, but KK says no purchase is required. There is, by the way, all of two Krispy Kremes in NYC, while there are at least 48, 000 Dunkins. So we know about the chains, what about all those little donut shops that make Brooklyn such an artisanal pasturesmithed food capital?  (more…)

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Photo via Flickr's Amanda McCormick.

While your friends are spending their underemployment days learning the intricacies of Excel spreadsheets and half-skim-frappa-mocha-chinos, you could be mastering the arts of donutry. Bed-Stuy shop Dough (home of tastes like the hibuscus, graham cracker cheesecake and lemon poppy donuts) is looking to hire a few good bakers to learn how to make and glaze doughnuts for a part-time position. Pastry chef Beth Costello tells us the job is not difficult and doesn’t require any experience: “You pretty much just get to hang out all day, listen to music and make doughnuts,” she says. The job is between 20-30 hours a week, midday and evening shifts, pays $10 an hour, you get a 35 percent discount at Dough and Choice Market, plus you get to taste doughnuts and French press coffee all day. To apply, email beatboxbeth@gmail.com. Dough is at 448 Franklin Ave.