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Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

In spite of the occasional 75-degree sneak attack (“I’ll never let go!”- Summer 2015), the calendar says fall has arrived in Brooklyn, so who are we to argue. And as far as seasonal booze is concerned, the dessert-in-a-pint known as pumpkin ale tends to reign supreme. Now, let’s be clear: we at Brokelyn love us some pumpkin ale (to the point of creating a definitive list of the best!). But we need not think of it as the be-all-and-end-all of getting your autumnal drink on…not when hard cider exists in the world! Cider is having a moment right now; there’s even a Manhattan bar completely dedicated to tap ciders from around the world. Brooklyn might not have an all-cider-all-the-time spot, but there are plenty of neighborhood bars with cider lists that extend beyond the usual Magner’s and Woodchuck. Here are a few great options: (more…)

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Why, they'll fit right in, won't they? via The Guardian

Why, they’ll fit right in, won’t they? via The Guardian

Roll out the hand-stitched red carpets! Put on your finest tweed cap, then doff it! Honk your cab horns in majestic awe! His royal highness Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate Middleton are coming to visit Brooklyn this weekend! As much press as Brooklyn has gotten over the last few years, the Royal Family might not be up on what the best things to do and see while they’re on our side of the pond. So, we thought we’d use our expertise to give the royal duo a guide to show the Brooklyn good time they deserve.  (more…)

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Photos by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

Photos by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

The Double Windsor   

double windsor 2

What it is: The Double Windsor is a mainstay in South Brooklyn, as famous for its beer selection (and growlers) as it is for its burgers. With a gorgeous long bar, spacious interior and table sections, it’s long been a great spot for anyone grabbing a drink after some quality time spent in Prospect Park, whether after a Celebrate Brooklyn concert or aninformal frisbee game in the Long Meadow.

Why we love it: Though it doesn’t have an outdoor area, there’s something that double windsor 3says “summer” about Double Windsor. It could be all those trips to try any of the 14 rotating craft beers on tap, or to grab some food after a concert at the bandshell, or Prospect Park in spitting distance from the front door. This is the kind of place you head over to for a couple rounds after a hard run with Team in Training, or just to get your day drink on, knowing you won’t have any issues getting through their food menu.

Who to bring: Anyone who made it down to the park to hang with you beforehand. Or really, any fun group of friends who may not all know each other. The Double Windsor has a fun “the more the merrier” vibe to it with a combination of ample long, communal tables with wait service and a good standing area.

What to order: The burger. It has a reputation that precedes it as just one of the more solid burgers in the area. And of course, the sriracha honey chicken wings are probably not a bad bet.

Fun fact: Double Windsor has a trivia night the first Monday of every month, with “boozy” prizes. Given that that they’re a bar, that’s a good sign you have a chance to try some of their quality beers for free. -Eric Silver

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Double Windsor

Double Windsor
210 Prospect Park West
South Slope
(347) 725-3479

What it is: New-Brooklyn’s local bar alternative to Windsor Terrace stalwart Farrell’s across the street.

Why we love it: Two walls of the bar are windows, so the Brooklyn passing by on the street outside is part of the flow and vibe inside. It’s very meta. There’s something literary and scholarly about the buzz of conversation along communal tables and horseshoe bar. Also, burgers. Yum.   (more…)

01/25/12 7:00am

NOTE: Please see our updated 2015 list of Brooklyn Bars with Wifi here!

You’ve been there before: unable to work at home, you pop in to the local coffee shop to soak up the wifi and get yourself focused with a cup of joe. The next thing you know, you’re on your third cup, you’ve got the shakes and somehow still aren’t done working. You’ve got to take the edge off somehow, but still don’t want to go home. What’s a girl to do? Fortunately for you, Brooklyn is home to bars that offer wifi AND open early enough to get you back in balance. Happy hour, here you come! (more…)

This is the eleventh in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we’re showcasing Double Windsor, a below-the-park oasis for craft beer lovers that works hard at keeping the neighborhood vibe.

Photo via Alex Lopez, NYCgo.com

210 Prospect Park West, Windsor Terrace

What it is: A casual bar with a serious roster of American craft beers, locally sourced pub food, and frogs’ legs (not a euphemism).

Why we love it: It’s spacious, it’s cheap, and comes with an expansive view of Prospect Park West that includes Farrell’s (so that you can see today what Double Windsor might aspire to be in 150 years, in its best dreams or worst nightmares). (more…)

Brew on

Luckily, you don't need all this space to home brew

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and your choices to celebrate probably involve drinking of some kind, either by sneaking a cup o’ brew down to the parade or by going to the bar and ordering the drink-and-shot combination with a politically volatile name. Or, instead, you can commit to learning the art of brewing yourself, to save some cash next year, and to feel like your drinking habit is also a productive one.

Tonight, the folks at Brooklyn Brew Shop are giving away free home brew kits and other beer-related schwag for YOU if you can pass a test of craft beer trivia. The shop crew will be holding down The Double Windsor in Windsor Terrace from 7-9 p.m., where they will host beer trivia, and give away free 1-gallon homebrew kits, including ingredients for black & tan, grapefruit honey ale and new juniper- and coriander-spiced “Bel-Gin” Strong.

The Brew Shop opened in 2008 to help city folk brew their own beer in apartment-sized batches. Practice trivia question to get you ready for tonight: What has two thumbs and loves free beer schwag?