12/15/16 4:30pm
You can help put this campaign rover the top! Image via Kickstarter.

You can help put this campaign rover the top! Image via Kickstarter.

New Yorkers love blurring the line between the creature comforts of their living rooms with the service of public spaces. First we got a dedicated Cat Cafe in Brooklyn; now we might be getting a restaurant specifically targeted to dogs and their owners.

Via DNAinfo today:

Two dog-loving New Yorkers are gearing up to bring their dream of a truly dog-friendly restaurant to Brooklyn in the new year.

The name? BYOD. That’s “bring-your-own-dog.”

Verena Erhart and Lauren Hanlon are raising $35,000 through Kickstarter to open the new restaurant in Prospect Heights or Crown Heights, they said, to cater to dog owners looking for a place to hang out around Prospect Park.

“We’re both dog owners and we feel that people feel bad leaving their dogs at home, [and] even more when they go out and have fun,” Erhart said. “So, we’re trying to combine things … going out to eat and have drinks and having your dog with you.”


07/15/16 12:55pm
Dog owners are recruiting their dogs to hunt for Pokemon with them. Photo via Twitter @CooperDowell

Dog owners are recruiting their dogs to hunt for Pokemon with them. Photo via Twitter @CooperDowell

On Tuesday, an animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana put out a Facebook ad calling for Pokemon Go players to volunteer walk their shelter dogs, which has since gone viral. The shelter director Paul Peckinpaugh got the idea after seeing hordes of folks out and about all over the city chasing Pokesmon.

“It would be great if every one of those individuals had our dogs with them,” he told the Huffington Post.

On the one hand, it makes sense to merge the two — dog walking and Pokemon hunting. If Pokemon Go players are logging so many steps on the hunt for Pikachu anyway, why not give them something real to accomplish while they’re at it, like contributing to the greater good by getting a shelter dog some exercise? Dog owners who play Pokemon Go are constantly bragging on Twitter about taking their own dogs on frequent and longer walks to track down invisible monsters, as though their pets were their prized crime-fighting sidekicks.

But, with leash in one hand, phone in the other, eyes squinting into the screen, head in a virtual world, they may actually be putting their own dogs at risk. And it’s certainly not smart to give a distracted, game-crazed novice responsibility, albeit temporary, over a vulnerable, anxious shelter dog, veterinarians and dog experts told us.

“In general, people don’t spend enough time looking at their dogs when they’re walking them, so it would be hard for me to wholeheartedly get behind something that distracts people from their dogs,” said Anna Jane Grossman, founder of the School for the Dogs  in Manhattan. “When you’re walking with dogs, you have to always be braced for the worst case scenario.”

Grossman had another good point: “Shouldn’t walking a dog be fun enough? Do we really have to add in Pokemon?” (more…)

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We have bigger subway problems than this little face. Via Flickr user TK.

We have bigger subway problems than this little face. Via Flickr user Seth Werkheiser.

These days it seems that we just can’t agree on anything. Did Steve Avery really do it or was he set up? Should we go to that one mediocre brunch spot we always go to, or that other mediocre brunch spot we sometimes to go? Now the issue of dogs on the subway is another of the countless things we can’t agree on. The New York Times focused an entire article on the topic earlier this week. MTA rules say a dog must be carried in an enclosed bag or container and “carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.” But a lot of folks regularly ignore that (or just don’t know it), and these people who bring their adorable furry friends to brighten up the underground misery should be rewarded, not slapped with a $25 fine. Here are 10 real subway problems that should be banned before we worry about dogs: (more…)

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Re-vamp your rescue. Via wikimedia

Re-vamp your rescue. Via wikimedia

Of course we love rescue dogs with their loving gratitude, missing fur patches, mysterious scars and little bits clipped from their ears. They’re not only cheaper and more sustainable than the breeder kind, they’re… more interesting. But sometimes those built-in quirks can be a challenge, like when they refuse to poop anywhere but your bedroom floor or snarl at anyone with a black hat on. Who knows why? If you’re a recent rescue dog owner and want to begin rewiring your newly saved canine, this seminar is for you. Join professional dog trainers and other rescue owners at Empire of the Dog from 7:00-9:00pm this Wednesday. This is a humans only seminar where you will discuss topics like how to build confidence and security; managing an overly attached dog; remedial house training for re-homed pets; and using family friendly training methods to teach new and modify old behavior. Then ask you RSVP in advance; you can do so here.


the gate

Who could object to this? via Facebook

There’s nothing like a dog-friendly bar, at least for most of us out there. Drinking and beer and petting dogs, it’s just a great way to live. Some people apparently can’t handle that kind of awesomeness though, as Park Slope Stoop and DNA Info reported, some monster called 311 to complain about the fact that Park Slope’s The Gate lets people bring their dogs in. Obviously there are worse people in the world, but we’re gonna put you in the top 5 this week, anonymous 311 narc. (more…)

10/27/14 9:10am
anna jane grossman school for dogs

And of course, always make sure your dog wears a helmet

I love Amos, my Yorkiepoodle, oodles and oodles. But I’ve never known him to be able to hold down a job. Sure he is cuddly (sometimes), lets me know when someone is at the door and provides good Instagram fodder. But ours is largely a parasitic relationship, as dog poop sucks as a form of currency. Fortunately, poverty isn’t so bad when you have a roommate to lick your tears.

I work as a dog trainer at the School for the Dogs and am surrounded by a lot of nerdy dog types, all of whom don’t skimp when it comes to their doggie pals. But that doesn’t mean we spend a bundle. There are many, many things you can do to be a great dog owner without going broke. Here are some tips my scrappy dog-professional pals and I have come up with over the years. (more…)

Get each roll blessed

Bless those rolls.

Your pet dog or cat or manatee (just bring him back to SeaWorld already) probably hasn’t been to church in a while, considering the last time you tried your dog wouldn’t stop howling and your cat used the pews as a scratching post and your manatee kept picking fights with Sister Bernadette. If you’re concerned all dogs but yours go to heaven, don’t worry, there’s still hope, because a Flatbush church will be bestowing blessings on your animal buddies for free this weekend. (more…)

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cavalier king charles

Not the exact dog in question, but the same breed of awwww. via Flicker user Mulling It Over

If you work from home, you’re probably occasionally jealous of your friends who work in forward-thinking offices when they gush about their office dogs. But you can tell those friends to stuff it, because the perfect opportunity for the work-from-home set to have an office dog is here: a couple in Boerum Hill who will pay you $150 to $200/week to watch their two “chill snggler” Cavalier King Charles dogs every Monday through Friday. (more…)

05/06/13 4:00pm
Make sure your dog is comfortable wearing this

Make sure your dog is comfortable wearing this

You’ve got a dog, and having a dog costs money. And time. And while having a dog provides you with companionship and something laugh at while high that won’t get it’s feelings hurt, doesn’t it ever feel like your dog could be doing more for you? Well now, thanks to a mysterious Craigslist offer asking to rent your dog, it can do more for you. (more…)

01/23/13 3:00pm
Today we name our pets "Pasta Batman," tomorrow, our children. Via TVRefill.

Today we name our pets “Pasta Batman.” Tomorrow, our children. Via TVRefill.

Coco, Jackson, Ripley, Phoenix, Atticus, and Prince. These aren’t names taken from a Park Slope first grade roster, they’re among the most popular dog names in New York. Just in case you were wondering how original or unoriginal your totally creative historically referenced dog name is, Dogs of NYC has sifted through the city’s dog license data to bring you the top ten dog names in various categories. (more…)