02/02/16 2:08pm
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A guy with a beard walks into an old man bar. Horace and Pete image via screenshot.

Louie CK, one of New York City’s most entertaining humans, surprise dropped the first episode of his new web series Horace & Pete over the weekend. It’s essentially a filmed version of a one-take play, line-flubs, intermission and all, about two brothers who own a dive bar in Brooklyn called Horace and Pete’s, which has been in the family for 100 years. The play/show is great, full of timely references that make it feel like it was filmed that very morning (there’s a discussion about Donald Trump and the caucuses for example). It’s clever, unique entertainment, with a stellar cast and an egg of Louie’s dark humor cracked over Death of a Salesman that matches his move toward more drama.

The crux of the show is the 100-year old-dive bar, its patrons and its place in the modern world. There are two main antagonist elements: a sister (Edie Falco) and her lawyer, who seek common law property rights to sell the bar; and some bearded and banged hipsters, who come into the bar looking for “authenticity.” Yes, using hipsters in your show as villains is almost as common as putting them in your commercials as heroes. But Louis, ever smart, is tackling a real issue here: why do we get so offended by the people who search for “authenticity” in an increasingly homogenous city? (more…)

773 lounge

They’ll be back. via GoFundMe

Need more proof that Monday is the worst day everything? So check it out: On Monday we learned that Montero’s, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, was ready to sell to a developer who’d make their block a mall if any of the developers met their price. Booooo. Today though, on not-Monday, we learn that 773 Lounge, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, will be reopening in September. Just in time for a Mets playoff run! (more…)

12/29/14 3:40pm
The color's already fading from our memories

The color’s already fading rapidly from our memories. via Facebook

The rent in Williamsburg has been making us more nervous than ever for the neighborhood’s cool spots, and Time Out New York reports our worry is well-founded. The owners of Trash Bar have announced that Williamsburg prices are as dive bar/venue combo unfriendly as you’d imagine and they’re expecting to close soon. (more…)

11/10/14 11:46am
773 lounge

Get it back to how it was in the good old days. via GoFundMe

We were all bummed to hear about the fire at the 773 Lounge, or at least those of us who are fans of it and good bars in general were bummed. Still, the owners vowed to rebuild, and you can help them do that by throwing some money to their GoFundMe. Do it, and you’ll have a place in alcohol Valhalla. (more…)

And when you get really drunk, you can pretend like dosing your salad in white wine is the same as a "white wine reduction."

And when you get really drunk, you can pretend like dosing your salad in white wine is the same as a “white wine reduction”  via Flickr user tracy benjamin

As the famous Shakespeare quote goes, “What’s in a name? That which we call a dive bar, by any other name would still doth offer $6 beer/shot specials.” Despite our sometimes delicate sensibilities over here at Brokelyn, we’re not too discerning when it comes to the definition of a “dive bar.” Usually a bit grungy, always a bit cheap, never a bit boring, a good dive bar is akin to 4am refrigerator-raid nachos: a solid option, especially if you’re not getting laid.

But a new Bushwick bar is challenging everything our ravaged intestines have loved and feared about the divey-est of dives: the food. DNAinfo reports that Alphaville (140 Wilson Avenue) opened last week with the usual suspects on hand: PBR tallboys, shitty well liquor, and…warm purple carrots? Yeah, okay. (more…)

wreck room

Say goodbye to this. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

Now that the likes of Zosia Mamet and Penn Badgley live there, Bushwick doesn’t have room for graffiti-filled cesspools of beer-and-shot combos and terrifying bathrooms. Specifically, we’re talking about Wreck Room, a stop on the “Hey, I’ve puked in front of here” tour that you soon won’t be able to bring friends to, because according to Bushwick Daily, the dive is closing its doors on Saturday(more…)

11/25/13 1:13pm
dive art


Most people go into bar bathrooms for only three purposes: having sex, doing coke or actually answering nature’s call. And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you do the first two options together. But it turns out there’s a fourth reason to go into a bar bathroom: to see art. Or at least two videographers managed to make it seem like Brooklyn’s dive bar bathrooms are lovely art exhibits as well as places to pee, in their video Dive Art. Between this and ToiletFinder, clearly toilets are New York’s new booming industry. Typical de Blasio’s New York. (more…)

Jackie's Fifth Amendment

Goodbye forever. Photo by Dave Colon

All good thing things end. We don’t know who made that stupid rule, but so far there hasn’t ever been a good thing that lasts forever. The latest victim of this stupid rule is Park Slope’s Jackie’s Fifth Amendment, the dive bar that staunchly remained the same as it ever had as Park Slope was inundated with children and giant strollers and yoga. Jackie’s is closing in September and we couldn’t be more upset. (more…)

01/03/13 8:19am
That's gonna be me up front. via Flickr user Se Mo

That’s gonna be me up front. via Flickr user Se Mo

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I try to avoid them. Just not that big on self-improvement. Yet there’s still so many things I haven’t done in Brooklyn, or haven’t done enough that I’m willing to try to commit to making them happen. Like, say, staying on the Cyclone after riding once and sitting up front the second time. Eating more vegan comfort food. Going to the Rockaways more than just one or two times this summer. Drinking at every dive bar. I’m gonna determine once and for all whether or not East Williamsburg is a neighborhood and bite the bullet and go to a Nets’ game (and boo the crap out of them). Help rebuildStand up for the G train. Actually go to brunch sometimes, weekend or weekday. See more than one movie outdoors this summer, since you never know who’s gonna be there. Have an affair (which can be helped along by $1 oysters). Hell, maybe I’ll even try playing soccer since we have those new fields. What about you? How are you going to make 2013, if not better, at least more interesting than 2012?

12/31/12 9:00am
occupy sandy brooklyn

Occupy Sandy volunteers, dominating the good feels in 2012. Photo by Jenna Pope.

Oh 2012. Everyone kept worrying about you being the last year in human history before you happened, and then by the time the election hit fifth gear, they were hoping you really would be. Despite all this, you readers managed to have a hell of a lot fun reading topless in the park, giving Philadelphia an inferiority complex and getting into the politics of Urban Outfitters and endlessly debating the merits of Girls. Even as the year ended with a powerful hurricane, it was met with an equally powerful outpouring of support from in-the-muck volunteers. We’ve been happy to bring you these stories this year, and we hope you had fun reading; so without further ado, here are our top stories of 2012: (more…)