10/17/16 3:00pm
Nets gain: Your IDNYC will get you 25 percent off Barclays Center tickets

25 percent off this expensive haus? Not bad. via Flickr user Adrian Kinloch

If you haven’t got your IDNYC card yet, now’s as good a time as any to make the schlep. It’s barely a schlep, anyway; the ID is free, and there won’t be long lineups to get one since you’re so late to the party yourself.

Why now? Well, IDNYC has always boasted discounts at a number of cultural institutions — free one-year memberships at the Botanic Gardens, BAM and the Brooklyn Museum, for example — but now, your IDNYC also makes up for in sports game discounts what it lacks in sensible function. You get 25 percent off Barclays Center tickets! (more…)

08/30/12 8:58am

Stopping for a nosh at the 2011 Century Bike Tour. Via FB.

The NYC Century Bike Tour on Sept. 9 offers plenty of company as you wind your way through routes starting at 15 miles and going up to 100 miles. Beyond just the victory of touring the city on bike, it’s added another incentive this year: Bikes & Bites, where riders can stop at local businesses along their route and get discounts and freebies at places like Nathan’s, Brooklyn Label and Rockaway Taco. Apart from the obvious refueling perk, this program also allows you to see places you might not normally ride by or visit, and thus brings new customers to businesses and new haunts to you! Deals on offer include lavender (and regular) lemonade, hot dogs, pizza, health juices, lemon ice, knishes, sandwiches, and more from various local vendors in Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens. (more…)

07/31/12 9:20am

Maybe we can cut down on these a bit.

Sure, there are lots of things that could save you money or time by making coffee at home — your handheld electric grinders or the decidedly non eco-friendly k-cup craze, etc.. But the act of purchasing a cup of coffee at the local coffee shops can feel more like a ritual than a necessity. Yet ritual doesn’t always overshadow expense. Two things happen when you purchase coffee out: You pay sometimes upwards of $3.50 just to satisfy a caffeine craving; and you end up using a disposable paper cup that adds to a growing waste problem. Despite this, there is a way to be at peace both environmentally and financially while continuing to buy your coffee. Here is a list of coffee shops that offer a discount for bringing in a reusable cup: (more…)

04/27/12 1:57pm

Mo pedaling, mo money.

It’s a good time to be a biker in the city: bike lanes are appearing all over; the weather’s turning nicer; and now, small businesses are offering discounts and free stuff for people who arrive via bicycle. Bike NYC, the city’s new hub for “all things bicycling,” lists a lot of these on its deals page. Most are 10 percent to 25 percent off various food joints such as the Pulp and Bean in Crown Heights, but there are discounts on passes to Brooklyn Boulders and even merchandise at The Little Lebowski Shop if you arrive on two wheels. Strangely, there are no bike shops in the listings…

So what are you waiting for? This is the closest thing we’ve got to a tax on cars, so take advantage of it.

08/23/11 12:50pm

Everyone knows of all the different group deals sites out there — odds are, you’ve got Groupon, LivingSocial and maybe even JDeal offers flooding your inbox every morning. But those deals don’t have exclusive providence on saving you money: there’s still Twitter! Yes, the land of various fictional Hulks and annoying rich celebrities is packed with accounts whose sole purpose is saving you money, getting you into free events (like advance movie screenings or The Colbert Report) and getting you free beer every day of the week. Follow these accounts to make sure you don’t miss a single open bar, sample sale or last-minute airfare deal. (more…)

08/03/11 12:42pm

If you want to use your BK Library card for more than just looking legit, you can use it to save money on things you need! A partnership  gives cardholders discounts at stores and restaurants including Ozzie’s Coffe, PSBrooklyn, Awedacity and more. But you don’t have to go hunting for these deals any more — get the iPhone/Android app Vidappe and it will send you push notifications when you’re near a business that offers a discount. (more…)

Boing Boing owner Karen Paperno

We know Brokelyn readers love deals of all kinds, so here’s one for you: A store in Park Slope has a special 10 percent discount just for lesbians.

So says a sign behind the register at Boing Boing, a maternity and breastfeeding boutique at Union Street and Sixth Ave.

Karen Paperno (left), who sells all manner of nursing and baby gadgetry at her shop, has been offering the deal for about a month. She says she has about one taker a day. She also fields occasional complaints. (more…)

06/04/10 11:30am
Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek

Here’s another NYC goodie  from group-coupon site KGB deals. Through Tuesday, Jun. 8, you can buy a $4 ticket  for any AMC movie theater. Little fine print for this one—except for the limit-one-per-customer, possible 3D/IMAX surcharge and black-out in Canada. Still, it’s a nice deal if you need a big-budget breather from the indie mania about to descend on the borough. AMC’s got a pretty good showing around NYC, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one. Buy the discounted tix here, and do it soon—over 90 percent of them are long-gone.

05/27/10 8:14am
The mayor of Bar Matchless gets a free drink.

The mayor of Bar Matchless gets a free drink.

Foursquare isn’t just for playgrounds anymore. The location-based social networking tool has exploded since its 2009 SXSW debut, and the site is starting to reward its members with more than just points and badges (not that we don’t love the I <3 BK badge, for those who’ve graced 25 different Brooklyn venues). Lately, bars and restaurants from Bay Ridge to Bushwick are offering free drinks, desserts and a few other benefits to their best Foursquare customers. (more…)