03/23/11 6:31am

If you’re a Brokelyn reader, there’s a reasonable chance you’re a creative of some type, a freelancer or a DIYer. Go ahead and DIY those sock-monkey dolls, those hand-painted picture frames and ye olde avocado hair mask, but Rus Garofalo of Brass Taxes says the DIY approach doesn’t work too well for taxes.

Rus (above) is a video editor and improvisor in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn who took a day job assisting a tax preparer three years ago during the great freelance slowdown — and discovered more in his day job than he expected.

Since then, he’s made a specialty of doing affordably priced tax preparation (by that we mean $200 ish) for freelancers, artists, and other nice people like Onion writers, Colbert Report producers, crafty Etsy folks, actors, musicians and, yep, Brokelyn contributors. (Three of us, actually.) (more…)