11/14/14 3:03pm
bushwick bike lane

Give this man a bike lane. via Flickr user Timothy Krause

If you’ve ever ridden your bike around Bushwick, you might have noticed that there isn’t much in the way of bike lanes, as cyclists are left to fend for themselves, whipping chains at cars that get too close. Well, maybe not that last part, but there’s definitely a paucity of bike lanes there, and now the Department of Transportation wants to give the neighborhood more, according to DNA Info. They’re even being nice enough to listen to community input on where they should go. (more…)

10/10/14 9:04am
pulaski bridge

Dang it. via Flickr user Marjorie Lipan

Anyone who’s ever tried to ride their bike across the Pulaski Bridge, or is on the side of the angels in the bikes vs. cars war, had to be thrilled with the news came down that the Greenpoint/Long Island City connection was going to get a dedicated bike lane in 2014. Well, so much for that noise, because Streetsblog reports that the Department of Transportation still had the bike lane in the review phase. Looks like cyclists and pedestrians still have to have an “uncomfortably close to each other” party until then. (more…)

05/22/14 11:26am
love locks

Little did Madison know she caused a massive car accident. via Flickr user Robert Hoge

Despite what you might think, the odds are that your relationship won’t last forever. Even if it goes until the end of your life, you die, and then that’s that. So we get it, you buy a Masterlock or lock of some sort and attach it to the Brooklyn Bridge, to leave a permanent memorial to the person you used to bone. The problem with this, according to the Department of Transportation, is that you’re killing the bridge, so they’d like you to please stop doing this. Plus, they’re pretty sure this won’t save your failing relationship anyway. (more…)

citi bike

Helmets are a perfect summer accessory. Soon… Photo by Mary Dorn

In a perfect world, teased hair, positive thinking and a fedora would be enough to protect your soft, mushy brain when you’re on a bike. Sadly, fedoras don’t protect your doughy brain as well as helmets do, so you should definitely get a helmet and maybe put away your fedora forever. Fortunately, the Department of Transportation and the Brooklyn Public Library can help you with the helmet part on Tuesday, with yet another helmet giveaway. (more…)

free bike helmet

Your head could use one of those. via Facebook

As we all know, it’s Bike Month. Hooray Bike Month! The only problem with Bike Month is that being a cyclist means you have to be on guard to not be murdered by a car. One way to help live through the whole “getting run over” thing could be having a helmet. Oh, but you’re too cool to spend money on one. Well, lucky for you then, that the Department of Transportation will just give you a damn helmet today, down at the Kensington Public Library. (more…)

03/10/14 10:40am
citi bike

Look, these mobile ads aren’t paying for themselves. Photo by Mary Dorn

If there’s been one real problem with bike share in New York so far, it’s definitely not that the system is too small to be that effective outside of a section of Manhattan, it’s not that the two stations near the Brokelyn home offices are inexplicably empty all the time and it’s not that it’s not that the system has no timetable to expand. It’s that somehow, the system isn’t making any money. So, finally, the Department of Transportation is finally stepping in to fix that, with commissioner Polly Trottenberg telling the City Council that a rate increase isn’t out of the question to get the service up to profitability. (more…)

08/27/13 4:00pm
Just don't make it nice people crash their bike while admiring it. via NYC DOT Flickr

Just don’t make it nice people crash their bike while admiring it. via NYC DOT Flickr

Hey frustrated artists working at day jobs that are crushing your dreams, the city wants to hear from you. Well, to be fair, you don’t have to be a frustrated artist. But, the city is looking for artists to paint the traffic barriers separating bike lanes from car lanes, so why shouldn’t be you? (more…)

06/13/13 4:00pm
This could be your bike! via Wikipedia

This could be your bike! via Wikipedia

We’ve got to hand it to the city: they’re pretty good about giving things to people. Trees, compost, and it turns out you can also bother the Department of Transportation for some bike parking. Which is good news for those of us who don’t want to hurt trees or have to buy extra long chains that get around light poles that are really thick. (more…)

05/10/13 8:49am
Path to prosperitt. via Flickr user Kordite

Path to prosperity. via Flickr user Kordite

Bike lanes are a contentious issue in New York politics, just like a lot of bike-related issues are. Part of it is that people fear change, part of it is that Mike Bloomberg tends to be an imperious dickhead about installing them. But looking beyond the arguments, what are bike lanes good for? A ton of increased economic activity where they’re installed, it turns out. (more…)

You're gonna have to prove it. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

You’re gonna have to prove it. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

Last night, City Councilmember Letitia James convened a public hearing for residents of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill to talk about their opinions on the suddenly controversial bike share program, and it was slightly tense, as anything dealing with bikes is. People for and against the stations used “think of the children” as an argument, like a bunch of Helen Lovejoys, there were moments of booing and shouting and there was even a smattering of applause when James mentioned the vandalism of one of the bike stations, because we’re all reasonable adults here.

The biggest news to come out of the meeting though, turned out to be a boon for opponents of the program and a warning to supporters: if Citibike isn’t profitable, the city won’t be subsidizing it. So if it doesn’t make money for Citi and Alta Bicycle Share, the city will quietly shunt it off to the same scrap heap that houses all those unsold E.T. Atari cartridges. (more…)