02/26/15 1:13pm
They've always been progressive

They’ve always been progressive

A hot topic preceding the Oscars before the real controversy of Neil Patrick Harris’ bad job as host overshadowed everything was the fact that Hollywood is white as hell. Just a bunch of whiteys giving each other awards, talking about how Selma couldn’t get award votes because the stars wore protest t-shirts and then when a Mexican director actually wins an award there’s a completely bizarre green card joke. HBO figures maybe they can fix this by getting more women and minorities into the movie business, so they’re looking for women and minorities for their intensive writing fellowship/TV development program. (more…)

02/11/15 11:19am
Well, the do call her LADY Liberty

Well, the do call her LADY Liberty

We’ve previously covered the plight of women in these parts, at least when it comes to the feckless dudes they’re trying to date and the other dudes who are just awful, but this morning at least brings some good news. When it comes to the pay gap, the amount of money a woman earns compared to men, women in New York state have not only vaulted over it, but they’ve filled it in and are standing taller than dudes now. A new study from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, shared by Glamour, contains the news that young women in New York make $1.02 to every $1 that men make. We welcome our new highly paid female overlords. (more…)

12/09/14 11:25am
emma sulkowicz

She’s leaving the mattress at home, this time. via The Columbia Spectator

Sexual assault and rape on college campuses, and college administrations’ response to it, is about as hot-button an issue as there is at the moment. Among those keeping the conversation going is Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz, who is very literally dragging her experience into the open, by carrying a mattress around campus until her alleged rapist is expelled. It’s part of a performance art piece for her senior thesis that she’s calling “Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight).”

You may have read about Sulkowicz any number of places, most notably in a profile by New York Times art critic Roberta Smith, who talked with her about the senior thesis, and will now continue the conversation with Sulkowicz at the Brooklyn Museum this Sunday at 2pm. (more…)

10/28/14 2:45pm

We haven’t talked about street harassment here for a little while, but hey let’s do that now, since here a brand new video of a woman who committed the crime of walking down the street in pants and got hours and hours of people hollering at her. If you have things that we humans call “empathy” or “a working brain,” we’d suggest not reading the comments, since they’re the same depressing mix of people saying she’s just being complimented and calling her conceited. If you want to piss them off, throw the Hollaback Project some cash, and if you’re a woman who’s always dealing with catcalling, here are some tips for combatting it from someone who grew up here dealing with it. (more…)

10/07/14 10:09am
anti-man spread psa

What’s truly rude is that Philly beat us to it. Photo by Meghan Stephens

We don’t know what it is about dudes and their professed need to sit with legs spread so wide they start taking up two seats at a time on the subway. Yet it happens so often that Saving Room For Cats never seems to run out of material, and amNewYork did an entire report on the shithead behavior. Newsflash: Your balls? Not that big. Yet while we persist in thinking Tumblrs and outraged commuters interviewed in newspapers will make a change, it turns out that Philadelphia is just going with the pure public shaming route, with the above signs plastered on their trolley system. If these PSAs are good enough for Philadelphia, they’re certainly good enough for New York City. (more…)

09/08/14 9:43am

Not all cabs. via Flickr user Eric Konon

We just got done grading cab apps available around here, but the thing about technology is that it always keeps moving. Sure you can pay for your cab by credit card now, but can any app protect you from the problem of creepy (at best) and criminal (at worst) drivers? Well actually, there’s an app for that launching next week according to the New York Times, at least for female passengers. Called SheRides (not to be confused with the Danzig song), the app will employ an exclusively female staff that will only pick up female passengers. (more…)

07/24/14 2:14pm
silicon alley

New York City’s tech scene, basically. via Facebook

New York City’s tech scene is really booming, or so we’ve been led to believe, what with the coining of the phrase “Silicon Alley” and the whole Brooklyn Tech Triangle thing. Which is good we guess in the sense that it brings jobs, but it looks like it also brings some of the bad parts about the meritocracy that is tech, like the fact that it’s mostly a bunch of dudes in the boardroom yelling “DISRUPT” into their Google Glass or whatever. In fact, New Yorker’s tech scene is so good at excluding women in the boardroom that we lead the nation in it, with just 38% of NYC tech companies having a female executive on their board. (more…)

sue smith

Sue laughing at the concept of adding some dudes to the line up. via Facebook

Female comics are making gains and causing laughter all over Brooklyn, with names like Jo Firestone, Charla Lauriston, Sasheer Zamata, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer standing out as some can’t-miss names in comedy. Our pal Sue Smith, who you might know from Brokelandia, her useful and informative posts or even Best Week Ever, belongs on that list too, especially since she hosts Tits & Giggles, a free show featuring the best female standups in the city every other Wednesday at Cobble Hill’s People’s Republic of Brooklyn (247 Smith Street). And hey, tonight is one of those Wednesdays. (more…)

05/21/14 4:01pm
saving room for cats

It all makes sense now! via Saving Room for Cats

Men on the subway who decide to stretch out and take up two spots is always a go-to subject for ridicule that everyone can get behind. Silence your #notallmen. No one ever knew why men did this though, beyond some macho “I own everything I see” attitude that some guys have. No one knew that is, until a Tumblr user recently came up with a brilliant theory: they’re saving room for cats. And so, Saving Room For Cats, a Tumblr dedicated to Photoshopping cats in between the legs of men spreading out on the train was born, and was brilliant and we all laughed. Except for r/mensrights. A couple more favorites after the jump. (more…)

ride brooklyn

Look how happy she is! You could be this happy too. via Facebook

After many false starts, it might be spring, maybe. Just in time for summer! In that case, you obviously want to to get out there on a bike with all of your friends, but you might have the slight issue of not having a bike. In which case, Ride Brooklyn’s Park Slope location (468 Bergen Street) is coming to the rescue, at least if you’re a lady, with a live ride demo and 10% off sale for all of their Giant women’s bikes on Saturday. (more…)