08/22/16 12:00pm
The Schlep Sisters bring new meaning to the phrase "good-time gals" (#10)

The Schlep Sisters bring new meaning to the phrase “good-time gals” (#10)

1. This week marks 100 years of the National Park Service. Today’s Centennial Celebration includes an ice cream social, music from Ramblin’ Dan and Atlas Genius, a talk and interactive puzzling with Bill Nye the Science Guy, and a DJ set by Questlove. (Monday, Brooklyn Bridge Park, FREE)

2. For a much boozier anniversary celebration, head to the Dorothy Parker Birthday, which includes a distillery tour and gin-making lesson, martini specials, and readings from Parker’s works. (Monday, The Shanty, FREE)

3. The Brooklyn Comedy Fest is in town, and tonight is a BCF special edition of the BackFat Variety Show, starring Hari Kondabolu, Jo Firestone, Junior Assassin, Kerry Coddett, Liz Magee, and Dan Wilbur. (Tuesday, 61 Local, FREE) (more…)

03/16/16 9:34am
Savoir Adore's founder, Paul Hammer.

Savoir Adore’s founder, Paul Hammer.

Hello, sweet reader babies, and welcome to another installment of Musicians Talk Making It. This one is particularly exciting because it’s the start of weekly installments, as opposed to every other week. We’ve gotten so many amazing local artists interested in being featured that we’re increasing our output. Keep ’em comin!

This week I sat down with Paul Hammer of north Brooklyn-based “fantasy pop” outfit Savoir Adore. We chatted on the phone before they left to bring their dreamy pop sounds to Austin for a certain music festival this week. He told us how he went from being an “an emo acoustic kid,” listening to Dave Matthews Band and Usher to having a huge following, getting invited to play SXSW, and gave advice for musicians who are just starting out.

“Most successful people think about their art 24/7,” he said.  (more…)

03/15/16 1:04pm
This venue might have been your life.

Sound man/venue manager Edan Wilber gets transcendent in a scene from the Death By Audio documentary.

After beginning with the suggestion that “This movie should be played loud,” (and with its frequent concert footage, it certainly couldn’t hurt), Death By Audio documentary Goodnight Brooklyn: The Story of Death By Audio opens on a scene you might recognize. DBA resident Stephanie Gross explains to the hopeful crowd, in a line stretching around the block, that they probably won’t be able to get in to the already packed last show ever held at the venue on Nov. 22, 2014. No one leaves though, holding out hope that they can say goodbye and take part in a small piece of Brooklyn history. What could possibly inspire people to stand on a line in the cold with almost no hope of getting into a hand-built music space? (more…)

03/10/16 1:37pm
Odetta Hartman on the prowl (#1)

Odetta Hartman prowling around (#1)

1. Go on the prowl at Festival of the Hunt, an evening of Americana music & film, with five hours of tunes from the likes of Morgan O’Kane, Feral Foster, and Odetta Hartman. (Friday, Littlefield, $15)

2. Bring plenty of quarters to the Death By Audio Arcade, where indie video games built into 80s arcade cabinets at the venerable DBA (RIP!) will be playable by all. (Friday, Flowers for All Occasions, FREE)

3. Laugh it up while sipping freshly distilled artisanal booze at Crunk City, with jokesters Langston Kerman, Charles Gould, Emily Winter, and more. (Friday, Industry City Distillery, FREE) (more…)

02/26/15 2:47pm
death by audio

Never forget the cargo net. Photo by Mary Dorn

The end of 2014 was a particularly rough stretch for the Brooklyn D.I.Y. scene, losing pretty much every foothold in Williamsburg. Even before that though, a lot of beloved D.I.Y. venues closed up shop, leaving a bit of a hole in the scene. With that in mind, Williamsburg art space Cloud City (85 N. 1st Street) will be taking a look back next month with the “RIP DIY” photo exhibit, featuring pictures capturing moments at Brooklyn’s closed venues from 20 photographers. We’re pegging the odds of the exhibit closing due to being replaced by a condo at 4:1. (more…)

12/30/14 9:55am

Will 2014 go down as “The Year of Closure?” We don’t know, that’s for history to decide. What we do know is that so many venues, bars, restaurants and pieces of the landscape threw in the towel this year. Places that managed to become iconic, places on their way and places strangled in the crib before they could be.

So we decided to give the closed and torn down places an Oscars-style “In Memoriam” video. This isn’t a collection of every single place that closed in Brooklyn this year, but we think it’s a good cross-section showing 2014 was a toilet year. On the other hand, like our global tourism ambassador sings about New York, “Like any real love/it’s ever changing,” so what do we know. (more…)

12/10/14 3:42pm
death by audio vice

Apparently this was not appreciated. Photo by David Colon

Ever since the world learned that Vice was taking over most of the block that housed Death By Audio, Glasslands, 285 Kent, indiescreen and the Muse, there’s been a little bit of tension between the media company and the DIY world. That and 10,000 “Isn’t THIS ironic?” jokes. Vice has remained mostly silent in the face of people complaining about them taking over the block, but an interview on Bedford + Bowery with DBA’s Edan Wilber in which he claimed that the venue wasn’t bought out was apparently a bridge too far for Vice, who, along with DBA’s landlord told BrooklynVegan a starkly different version of events. (more…)

11/20/14 10:59am
This, plus drinking games.

This, plus drinking games.

1. Soul Understated brings their soul-hip-hop-jazz sound to The Classon Social Club. (Friday)

2. The author of 33 Artists 3 Acts discusses her work on behind the scenes narrative studying artists like Ai Weiwei, Jeff Koons, and Carroll Dunham. (Friday)

3. Laugh, cry, make witty cultural references, and call your mom at Videology’s Gilmore Girls Party. (Friday)

4. See apolocalyptic art rock trio Bugs in the Dark and find out of that genre is as scary as their name. (Friday) (more…)

11/06/14 10:50am
royal palms shuffleboard club

Win or lose, you’ll be doing a good deed. via Flickr user Robyn Lee

1. Hop on the soul train at R&B and funk dance party The Mess Around. (Friday)

2. Ebola is on everyone’s minds, so why not enjoy grindhouse exploitation flick Ebola Syndrome at Spectacle Theater? (Friday)

3. Go claim your two Brooklyn Brewery beers and some laughs at Greenpoint Comedy Night. (Saturday) (more…)

11/06/14 9:13am
death by audio

Death By Audio curator Mark Kleback relaxes in DBA’a cargo net. Photos by Mary Dorn

Before we were mourning Glasslands’ announced closure, we were hit with the news that Death By Audio would be closing at the end of this month. The pedal company/venue/artist studios lasted 10 years, which is a pretty good run, all things considered, but it’s still a shame to see it go. Before they pack up for good though, DBA’s community will be hosting Death By Art for the rest of November, an art show that opens up the space behind the venue itself, which is rarely seen by the public. Before the show though, we got a look behind the scenes at Death By Audio’s studio space, whose chaotic, DIY aesthetic is an outlier in Williamsburg today instead of the norm. (more…)