06/23/14 1:33pm
subway crime

Trainjackings are much less likely to occur in New York these days, according to the numbers anyway.

Given that they’re isolated, often underground caverns full of garbage and rats, people might be under the impression that subway platforms are a place for crime. Turns out we should put those Warriors-era fears to bed though, because a the Daily News looked at data covering subway crime from 2008 to 2013 and it turns out that unless someone beats you up or robs you at the Broad Channel A station, there hasn’t been a ton of subway crime over the last five years. (more…)

07/25/12 1:07pm

Another satisfied Bonnaroo customer.

CatalpaNYC comes to Randalls Island this weekend, another attempt by big-time promoters to make some big-time money ($180 for a weekend pass) off of NYC residents, who as we all know, are starved for big-name touring acts. Are you going? Are you excited about going? Are your friends going and rubbing it in your face? One person who won’t be going (unless his job pays him to, of course) is the Daily News’ Jim Farber, who let loose a fire hydrant-pressurized blast of hate on festivals like Catalpa this weekend.  (more…)

05/04/12 9:29am

Wikipro bros photo via Daily News.

Stop staying up late and creating the Wikipedia page of the second unit director for Waterworld out of the kindness of your own heart: turns out you could’ve been getting paid for it this whole time. The Daily News reports today some savvy Brooklyn bros are making a living writing Wikipedia entries for people either too lazy, modest or incapable of doing it themselves, at $300 a pop. So far they’ve had a dozen clients through their site Mywikipro, including the guy who runs the Animation Block Party at BAM. So is this a genius idea you want to copy, or does this basically ruin wikipedia for everyone? This is why we can’t have nice free things!

04/06/12 2:46pm

It'll be nice when memorials aren't the only way to track bike accidents. Photo by Flickr's Daniel Cuper.

It may come as a surprise to you that the NYPD has not been tracking bike accidents this whole time, because for whatever reason bike crashes just didn’t seem that important to a city that has lots of stopping and frisking to do. Today, The Daily News has the scoop that the NYPD has finally started tracking bike accidents and treating them like car crashes by writing full accident reports, instead of the short information cards they used to fill out. All this means that the city will be documenting and tracking accidents to look for trends, which is surely a good thing for anyone concerned about bike safety and the availability of bike lanes (unless, of course, the data show you are all biking drunk on sidewalks all the time). And it least it means you won’t have to track your own accidents from now on.

03/09/12 11:34am

The finished product coming out of the printing machine. Still via Daily News video.

Yes, that’s right, you can now take that great manifesto that’s sitting on your computer that no publishing house wants to buy to the library and print it your own damn self. On Wednesday, the Grand Army Plaza branch of the Brooklyn Public Library installed the Espresso Book Machine, a do-dad that busts out your own work in five minutes for about $149, according to The Daily News. You can also print some books that you can’t find in the library. But does it print Kindles?

02/02/12 4:32pm

Attn all the single ladies (and, uh, dudes).

Brooklyn, we work hard. TOO hard, apparently, to get sumpin’ sumpin’ on the side. The Daily News this week looked at newly released Census data that seem to indicate all of us busy ass hustlers in the borough are too focused on paying rent to worry about getting your romantic life in order. The paper quoted experts who said Brooklyn’s socioeconomic diversity means these results are not surprising. “They are beginning their careers and postponing marriage,” CUNY sociologist Richard Alba told the News.“They tend to concentrate in the same neighborhoods,” which means Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick, the area that has the most balanced cluster of both single men and women. Hm, not really surprising. Editorial comment below.  (more…)

01/11/12 6:19am
Sean Redmond Six Point

Sixpoint brewer Sean Redmond makes the list (ours too!) Daily News photo by Todd Maisel.

The Daily News isn’t an obvious place to find worthwhile outings in Brooklyn (if you’re looking for “sexy celebrity Mormoms” on the other hand…). But the tab’s new list of BK favorites has some intriguing local finds. Shark burgers on Utica Avenue, Buddhist tomb-sweeping day at Cypress Hills Cemetery and the city’s first all-female mariachi band are “just a few of the things we at the Brooklyn bureau of the Daily News love right now.” Have you been to the Brooklynphono vinyl shop in Sunset Park? How about the Muslim-owned kosher Coney Island Bialys and Bagels in Sheepshead Bay? Or the decidedly not kosher Paneantico salumeria in Fort Hamilton? Here, the rest of the Daily News favorites and over here, the sexiest WAGs in sports.

01/09/12 12:04pm

Time is money in New York City, and you’re most likely short on both. Gothamist points out this Daily News  story today on a study that confirms a sweet hack you can do to separate yourself from the rest of the clueless transit masses: The most crowded cars are usually the ones at the front of the train, or right next to the stairwells, while the ones in the rear have a lot more breathing room. No duh, you say? Not when you think how many people just stop right at the bottom of the damn stairs. Learn the super secret art of pre-walking and you’ll be on your way to full Subway Jedi status.

04/29/10 5:14pm

dictionaryThe Daily News just unearthed from Craigslist maybe the biggest Brooklyn compliment ever. A London travel firm is looking for freelance “Interpreters of Brooklyn English” to help out blank-staring foreigners and out-of-towners who show up here and find our little pizza slice of the English language an “unexpected challenge.” In the spirit of international diplomacy, we thought we ‘d offer a handy little guide to our own native language, Brokelynese, heard only at rock-bottom happy hours, dumpster dives, late night clothing swaps and other low-budget environments. (more…)

03/17/10 10:55pm
Buckley's in Marine Park is worth a field trip, sez the Daily New.

Buckley's in Marine Park is worth a visit, says the Daily New.

I’m still trying wrap my head around this article in the Daily News pronouncing the best food in Brooklyn. The piece nods impressively to some establishments I’ve never heard of (like Buckley’s in Marine Park), and covers the far reaches of the borough, with neighborhoods including Ocean Hill (best West Indian food) and Homecrest (cheap health food). But if the lineup sounds pretty random so far, you’re not wrong.  (more…)