11/10/15 4:11pm
You can do it! via via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

You can do it! via via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Our brief respite from real fall weather is just about over, and it’s starting to get into layer weather and heavy coat weather. So you’re thinking about putting your bike away for the season, except for maybe a freak warm February day. You don’t have to ride the subway everywhere if you don’y want to though! Next week, any bike riding lady who wants to get some instructions on how to pedal through the wind and snow or keep her bike in one piece during the winter can, at one of four free cycling classes for women coming to Brooklyn. (more…)

09/16/15 10:38am
Get outta here! via Flickr user Planetgordon.com

Get outta here! via Flickr user Planetgordon.com

Biking in the city is actually pretty fun, despite some very specific complaints we’ve had about it before. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make it better, like for instance calling out people who park in bike lanes. Ohhhh how we hate those people who park in the bike lanes, causing us to swerve out into traffic and possible personal harm. WNYC is on your side here, and wants your help compiling people who pretend the bike lane is a parking lane, to see if the city’ enforcement efforts to stop it are working. (more…)

05/19/15 1:18pm
It's nice to be rewarded for cycling. via Facebook

It’s nice to be rewarded for cycling. via Facebook

May is usually when things start to warm up around here, so of course it makes sense that May is also Bike Month, when people suddenly try to rekindle their relationships with the bikes they neglected all winter (not that you had to). Whether you’re just hopping back on the bike or you rode it through our awful winter, you deserve a reward and Transportation Alternatives is giving it to you by setting up some bike commuter stations tomorrow in Brooklyn, with free coffee and snacks. (more…)

04/24/15 11:25am
red hook crit

They go fast. via Flickr user Eric Konon

Usually when it comes to packs of speeding lunatics going around and around in circles for hours, you’ve gotta go find New York’s closest NASCAR track (which is upstate in Watkins Glen). Fortunately, you’ve got a free, somewhat similar, bike-based option here this weekend. Want to watch packs of cyclists speed around a street track at upwards of 35mph on brakeless bicycles? Come watch the Red Hook Crit on Saturday. (more…)

04/15/15 9:24am
Just let me pay the ticket and leave please

Just let me pay the ticket and leave please. via Flickr user istolethetv

No one likes getting traffic tickets, mostly because of the fines and because oh come on that light was definitely yellow/I was pulling my bike onto the sidewalk not riding on it and other reasons you did nothing wrong. Drivers at least have the option sometimes to skip a fine and go to traffic school where they pretend to learn, and soon cyclists might have that option if a new bill in front of the City Council gets passed. (more…)

03/05/15 11:54am
Let's start thinking about this, hm? via Flickr user Roger

Let’s start thinking about this, hm? via Flickr user Roger

Yeah yeah, we know, snowing out. You know what though? There was baseball on the radio yesterday, summer festivals are rolling out their lineups and it’s fucking March. One final roar from winter isn’t going to stop us from proseltyizing the gospel of #summeriscoming, because the calendar just keeps moving. Time to start thinking about bike rides to Coney Island, bike rides to Rippers, bike rides to places that aren’t the beach. Don’t have a bike? This is the weekend to get one because Ride Brooklyn is having a big sale this weekend. (more…)

02/12/15 10:08am
It's time to get back on your bike

It’s time to get back on your bike

We know, we know, you’re looking at that headline and saying “Spring? The hell you mean spring? Ain’t you seen it’s snowing outside?” First, stop talking like a Teamster, it’s embarassing. Second, while there were some flurries this morning, the sun is out for more time each day, baseball players are in Port St. Lucie in the best shape of their lives and spring is definitely coming. If you’ve been one of those people who’ve been riding in the winter anyway, your bike might need a little love and a good gunk-scraping. No need to do it yourself, not when our pals at Ride Brooklyn have your bike, with a limited number of tune-up discounts for you. (more…)

01/06/15 9:35am
Denmark don't care. Denmark is kicking our ass, all while enjoying a higher average quality of life than us. DENMARK, guys. They're like 1/100th our size. Step up your game, America. via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Denmark don’t care. Denmark is kicking our ass, all while enjoying a higher average quality of life than us. DENMARK, guys. They’re like 1/100th our size. Step up your game, America. via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Conventional wisdom in America holds that the only time for biking is when the weather is nice. Biking may be downright delightful from April to October, but you don’t have to listen to conventional wisdom and give up your two-wheeler when the snowflakes start a-fallin’. After all, conventional wisdom once held that the Earth is the center of the solar system, and look how THAT turned out.

Point is, conventional wisdom is hardly the end of the argument, and you should keep riding bicycles everywhere forever even in the cold, because they’re wonderful, they’re cheap and they keep you in shape. We’ll even tell you how to beat Old Man Winter and keep riding until it warms up. (more…)

11/14/14 3:03pm
bushwick bike lane

Give this man a bike lane. via Flickr user Timothy Krause

If you’ve ever ridden your bike around Bushwick, you might have noticed that there isn’t much in the way of bike lanes, as cyclists are left to fend for themselves, whipping chains at cars that get too close. Well, maybe not that last part, but there’s definitely a paucity of bike lanes there, and now the Department of Transportation wants to give the neighborhood more, according to DNA Info. They’re even being nice enough to listen to community input on where they should go. (more…)

10/13/14 9:50am
chuck schumer bike

Keep that phone in your pocket, senator. via Paul Steely White

Senator Chuck Schumer loves riding his bike, and he really opened up about it to the Daily News this weekend, telling the paper it’s a good way for him to clear his mind and see the city from  the ground floor. Good for you, Senator Schumer! Riding a bike is healthy and relaxing, at least when you aren’t dodging vans speeding through red lights as if they don’t exist. Still, despite a video that features him saying he obeys every traffic law, New York’s senior senator commits one glaring jerk move during the profile, and it seems like it’s something he does all the time:

“As he biked through Brooklyn with a Daily News reporter last week, Schumer answered his flip phone without slowing his roll. ‘What’s up? I’m on the bike!’ he said, making his way along Bedford Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant.”

Senator, it’s not alright to talk on your phone while you ride your bike. (more…)