electric pallet jack

Could be useful

We’ve all been there: You’ve got a pallet full of something or other that’s been dropped off in front of your apartment, when you suddenly remember that you don’t actually own a pallet jack. Not even a manual one! You could take each individual box off the pallet, but you really want to just get it inside and get it over with. Well, if you were a little smarter, you could have already have gone down to Sunset Park and picked up this free electric pallet jack that needs a good home. (more…)

postage stamps

You can have it all/My empire of stamps. via Flickr user waitscm

You come across the occasional weird thing being given away on Craigslist. Your tank full of bugs, your excess breast milk, a sex swing stand. But ever have we come across something as sad this this listing giving away a dead guy’s stamps,some used and some not used which was apparently part of his last wishes. It’s very sad, but on the other hand, if you have some wedding invitations to send out, you should stop by Fort Greene soon. (more…)

You've always wanted a library

You’ve always wanted a library

We know, we know: we said not to trust librarians or libraries after the bitter truth about #mellowghazi came out. But maybe you can be a different kind of librarian, a better librarian. You’ve got a perfect opportunity to find out if you can, because someone in Midwood is giving away one thousand (1,000) books this afternoon to whoever shows up and takes them. Time to start thinking of what you’ll call your new spot. Relaxed Leaves, maybe? (more…)

01/23/14 11:02am
curated craigslist

Just think of how much time you’d have to waste just to find this bar cart. Which you clearly need

We all love (hate) Craigslist, and all the wonderful things it did to make classified listings more responsive and the way it helped destroy disrupt the newspaper and alt-weekly industries. The problem with it is that there’s a lot of crap on Craigslist that you’ve gotta wade through to get to the good stuff people are selling. But now someone else will do that for you on their website Curated Craigslist. How else will you waste time at the office now? We suggest taking up online gambling! (more…)

12/30/13 12:41pm
de blasio inauguration

Q: Why is this man smiling? A: He doesn’t have to pay for an inauguration ticket. via Facebook

If you weren’t able to snag a ticket to “Red” Bill de Blasio’s people’s inauguration, don’t fret just yet: you can still go! The only problem is that you’re gonna have to pony up. Showing the entrepreneurial zeal that will no doubt be crushed under the man’s Sandinsta-issued boot once he takes office, industrious jerk scalpers on Craiglist are selling the previously free tickets to the de Blasio inauguration for as much as $75. Seventy five goddamn dollars! (more…)

When will you stop going in circles?

When will you stop going in circles?

Need a different way to exercise but still don’t want to pay for the gym? Or do you need a conversation starter for when you bring a date home that doesn’t begin “Yes, those are Star Wars action figures handmade out of potatoes”? Well good news, we suppose: a Clinton Hill resident is giving away the above gigantic hamster wheel on Craigslist. Giant hamster not included. (more…)

10/15/13 1:08pm
Right at home in that David Lynch-themed apartment you're making

Right at home in that David Lynch-themed apartment you’re making

Surveillance is so hot right now. The NSA does it, the NYPD does it, hell even Snapchat is getting into the act of telling the government things about you. But why let faceless corporations and vaguely sinister government agencies have all the fun, when you can get started on your own dystopian nightmare surveillance space with these free cathode ray TV monitors? (more…)

09/20/13 3:20pm
Dunham's reaction, after reading the story

Dunham’s reaction, after reading the story

There’s a rumor going around the ol’internet town that someone wrote some disturbing and weird Lena Dunham fan fiction, or even a missed connection about her. “Lena Dunham’s Dick,” if you can get through it without your eyes rolling into the back of your head (we couldn’t) purports to be a missed connection from her old boyfriend at Oberlin, and is all about how he’s so emasculated by her success, while he’s just a struggling playwright. Which would be funny if it were true. Instead, the guy who wrote it is a TV writer in LA who went to Wesleyan. (more…)

09/05/13 3:10pm
Also useful for: wearing

Also useful for: wearing

Look around at your apartment. You hate your chairs, don’t you? Sure they do the job of having people sit on them without completely falling apart. But what else do they do, really? They’re very boring. Wouldn’t your apartment be more exciting by reminding you of a place where you can get drunk and get into fistfights? Well then you should probably grab these bar stools and the barrel that comes with them before someone else does. (more…)

08/30/13 9:23am
VENTURE! Why is the landlord calling looking for back rent?

VENTURE! Why is the landlord calling looking for back rent?

We know how it is with Craigslist roommate searches. Put up one too many boring ads and the next thing you know, you’ve actually, literally died of boredom and need to be revived by a trained EMT. So you put together something that you think is “fun” and “clever,” about looking for a roommate and an archenemy. But here’s the thing: there are rules in a civilized society, and one of those rules is that you can’t live in an apartment with your archenemy. (more…)