12/02/16 12:14pm
Corporate livin' ain't easy.

Beware these office space cadets. via gratisography

What is it about the office that brings out the weird people and uncomfortable interactions? Perhaps it’s the mundaneness of the job or the sterile environment. Our parents’ generation put up with them for a guaranteed career and pension; but that’s all out the window now. We’re a generation of freelancers and entrepreneurs. It’s a lot of work, but a hell of a lot more fun. And you don’t have to put up with the strange and annoying denizens that roam the corporate halls. It’s especially true if you snag a sweet spot at Coworkrs.

Coworkrs delivers a hospitality-centric approach, with curated spaces and premium services, which means no cubicle farms or brown sludge coffee. It’s a chic place where everything is taken care of, allowing you to work, meet clients, and build your business in a professional-friendly environment. The company has five different locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn and offer co-working spaces, dedicated desks, and even private offices. It’s perfect for everyone, from the one-woman show that’s ready to move beyond the coffee shop to the startup that’s outgrown the living room. Plus, you’ll be in the company of people passionate about their work — unlike the following folk you’d have to put up with in the traditional 9-5. (more…)

08/22/16 10:40am
Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.

Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.

It’s tough being a roving freelancer in New York City: Cafe owners are cracking down on free wifi, #brands are constantly co-opting your hustle and you get so frustrated at not being paid on time, sometimes you just got to sing about it. It can seem like the city is conspiring against you, closing in around you and constantly raising the price of cold brew when you are just looking for a seat and a reliable wifi signal.

But lo, fear not, for today we learn of one company stepping up to help out overworked freelancers: TGI Fridays, the nation’s leading app-developer, is offering a “Fridays Office” coworking space with free wifi at its Forest Hills location starting this week. It happens to coincide with the return of its Endless Apps special too. If your work schedule would be drastically improved by making your weak freelancer’s body stronger by consuming a feed bag full of mozzarella sticks and the occasional blueberry Long Island iced tea, get your ass to Forest Hills.  (more…)

05/17/16 2:00pm

Bat Haus is just one of Brooklyn’s many options for your home away from home office

It makes sense that Brooklyn — with its large creative class and outsized rents for small apartments — is seeing a boom in coworking spaces, a concept that was unheard of just 10 years ago. Neighborhoods all across Brooklyn now have their own places to rent a desk, or sometimes a spot at a communal table, alongside other freelancers, startup hatchers and gig-hoppers. To keep track of all the options, we compiled a list of every Brooklyn coworking space we could find, along with answers to the most basic questions (sorry, we can’t tell you whether you’ll bump elbows with your soulmate at the coffee machine.)

Each place has a different personality, from living-room casual to corporate, which is summed up in the “vibe” section. Under “perks” you’ll find what they offer beyond a desk and an electrical outlet, and here they really vary, with amenities including everything from copy machines to backyards, event spaces, bring-your-pooch-to-work policies, free ZipCars, receptionists and more. [Post updated on May 17, 2016]. (more…)

07/22/15 4:36pm
It ain't much now, but then, you get to help decorate it.

It ain’t much now, but then, you get to help decorate it.

Plenty of people find that working in Brooklyn’s many coworking spaces helps with their productivity, what with not making them feel crazy by being cooped up in the apartment all day. Freelance journalists especially can always use another coworking space, since journalists are social creatures (just check out NYC Media Twitter sometime. On second thought, don’t ever do that) who love but also bitterly compete with each other. Good news for all of them, and maybe you, that a trio of local freelance journalists are opening a journalism-specific coworking space off the Morgan stop in Bushwick then. (more…)

06/03/15 9:40am
brooklyn creative league

More of this is on its way, so get ready to entrepreneunize. via the Brooklyn Creative League

The coworking space is an important space for you, the office-free independent contractor or freelancer or entrepreneur. Despite the fact that there are plenty of them in Brooklyn, so many people want in on a space of their own, we could always use some more. Good thing then that the Brooklyn Creative League is expanding their space in Gowanus AND opening a new location in Bed-Stuy later this year. (more…)

07/14/14 1:02pm
levi's commuter workspace

Beats being on a train. via Facebook

It’s the summer, so all you hip young people with your flowing hair and cool offices might be biking to work now and need some help with bike upkeep. Also, you lousy freelancers with non-air conditioned apartments might want to go somewhere with air conditioning without having to pay for the privilege. Because of your desirable demographic characteristics, Levi’s will be helping both classes of people with their Williamsburg Levi’s Commuter Workspace pop-up, where you can get free coffee, free wifi, free bike repair and free air conditioning until the end of July. (more…)

the compound cowork

There are worse places to spend a summer Saturday. We think. via Facebook

Freelancers, small business owners lend us your ears! Working out of a cafe is merely a croissant and a small coffee away, but does the fear of having your laptop  stolen while you hit the can or order another large iced Americano ever go away?

If not, and you’re tired of your co-workers consisting of your cats when you work from home, then it might be time to check out a space where other freelancers just like you congregate to get work done. Brooklyn’s newest co-working space, The Compound Cowork (507 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens), is officially launching this Saturday, and to celebrate they’re offering a free day of co-working (that normally sets you back $30) from 1pm-8pm. (more…)

10/10/12 3:20pm

When there’s no more room at the coffee shop, the freelancers will walk the Eath. Via Impact Lab

For most of us midtown galley slaves, the prospect of sliding out of bed and shuffling five feet to the desk to begin the work day sounds like heaven. In reality, it’s hell. Sleeping where you work is fun; working where you sleep is not. Without human contact or sunlight, your motivation flags. You wind up feeding the cat ten times a day and staring at the crumbling plaster wondering how halal street meat would taste for lunch. Fortunately, there’s a new wave of co-working places across the city (which we discussed last year) where you can work in a quiet, professional setting and interact with other untethered “new economy” workers. The government-funded WNYC folks have put together a handy map of many of the coworking places in the city. (more…)

The phrase “meet me under the Brooklyn Bridge” had waaay different implications 20 years ago.

We freelancers, writers, job-hunters, and other non-office shackled professionals of Brooklyn know it’s an endurance test of self control to keep productively motivated while staring covetously out the window of the local coffee shop on these glorious late summer days. Don’t fight it! Every Thursday in August you can work outside under the Manhattan Bridge Archway in DUMBO at Loosecubes‘ free pop-up cowork space. It’s got wifi, some power, food vendors from the Brooklyn Flea and apparently minigolf. Reserve a spot and click away all day al fresco. (more…)

01/17/12 1:53pm

Coworking, live and direct.

We’re told that you folks with day jobs often work at things called “desks” that have ample power supplies and aren’t covered with this morning’s breakfast dishes. For those of us who want just a taste of of not working 10 feet from where we sleep, you’ll be happy to know that 3rd Ward’s new coworking space is offering you one free day through Jan. 31. The space includes fully loaded iMac workstations, free Intelligentsia coffee, free wifi, printing, scanning and the chance to mingle with other co-coworkers, as in, real people who are not your cat. UPDATE: Bitmap is also hosting free days today and tomorrow. RSVP to reserve a spot. The offers are part of JELLYWEEK 2012, an event that highlights coworkers around the world to promote collaboration. Just check in with the desk manager or RSVP to claim your free day.

 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave., Williamsburg.
Bitmap, 300 Graham Ave., Williamsburg.