03/27/17 12:35pm
(Gaby Del Valle/Brokelyn)

Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

If you keep up the hard work, maybe Paul Ryan will actually blast Papa Roach from his car one day—this beautiful New York Times screenshot is, unfortunately, Photoshop, but someday the image of Ryan listening to “Last Resort” as his life’s work falls apart will exist in more than just our dreams. (more…)

03/09/17 1:31pm

In the summer of 1986, Christopher Wallace, better known as rapper The Notorious B.I.G, worked as a counselor at my temple, Park Slope’s Congregation Beth Elohim. Only 14 at the time, he helped with the youngest children, in the Early Childhood Center, alongside his mother, Voletta Wallace, who for years was a revered preschool teacher in the program. “That’s how Christopher ended up here,” my former preschool teacher, Jaci Israel, told me, “when you teach, you bring in your kids, to give them something to do.” (more…)

02/27/17 11:16am
Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

We’re officially more than a month into Donald Trump’s presidency, and though there have definitely been plenty of challenges (terrible cabinet nominees, an uptick in deportations, an increase hate crimes across the country, you name it), the resistance continues, from small community meetings to (some of) the speeches at the Oscars.  This week offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and march forth. (more…)

05/08/12 4:07pm

As I type this, I’m listening to a rebroadcast of Sendak’s final interview on NPR’s Fresh Air, which, if you haven’t heard it, is the SADDEST THING EVER, because it contains quotes such as: “I cry a lot because I miss people. They die and I can’t stop them. They leave me and I love them more. … What I dread is the isolation. … There are so many beautiful things in the world which I will have to leave when I die, but I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready,” and the interview does indeed involve a lot of crying. And here we sit unable to help feeling sad for the passing of an old man, remembering how he affected our lives in one way or another, even if he’s just another kid from Brooklyn done right.

But you don’t have to mourn alone: two Sendak memorial events are being held (so far) tonight: (more…)

04/26/12 10:09am

Yes, it really is Poem in Your Pocket day. How about one by this handsome guy?

• Vinegar Hill: Party with Poets at powerHouse Arena

• Gowanus: Record a podcast with The Voice of the Gowanus, others

• Downtown: Find out if Brooklyn is really sustainable with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

• Park Slope: Explore your unconscious mind with the Secret Science Club

• Park Slope: Party like it’s 1948 at Jonathan Safran Foer’s congregation

• Bed-Stuy: Get your P-funk on at an old-school listening party at Bedford Hill

There’s gobs more on our Brooklyn Events Calendar, where you can also post your own event.

Jodi Kantor

Jodi Kantor, Timeswoman, Obama profiler and journalistic dreamboat.

Have you ever seen those “Reasons to Love New York” year-end issues of New York Magazine, where they distill the year’s happenings into truths about the city and everyone feels warm, fuzzy and smart at the same time? Stay with us — here’s a “Reason to Love Brooklyn” (not this one.): When the local synagogue has an author’s night, the speakers are the novelist behind a Best Picture-nominated movie and the writer of a scandalicious White House tome. Yep, Jonathan Safran Foer (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) will grill Jodi Kantor (The Obamas) about her buzzy new book in Park Slope next week, and it’s totally free. Should be interesting. (more…)