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Ever wanted to run away to the circus when you were a kid? Here in New York, it’s only a train ride away. And you can actually get paid to do it.

Coney Island businesses are currently hiring for their summer season, and those include some of your favorite games, rides and restaurants on the People’s Playground: Luna Park needs game operators, Nathan’s Famous needs hot dog hawkers, Deno’s Wonder Wheel needs that joker who asks you if you want “swinging” or “non-swinging.” The list goes on, and there’s certainly something for everyone.

Picture it: you’ll get to spend your summer daze on one of the best beaches (personality dependent) in the borough, ride some rides for free, sun yourself on the beach during your breaks and listen to a pretty decent music lineup wafting over from Coney Island Amphitheater (a lineup we initially feared would just be terrible). Not to mention that given the current state of Brooklyn dating, the Coney Boardwalk might just be your best bet for finding this year’s summer fling.  (more…)

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DJ REsy ready to rock the chocolate factory (#3)

DJ REsy ready to rock the chocolate factory (#3)

1. Check out awesome printed artworks at Bed-Stuy apartment gallery Gesamtkunst Werkshop’s Spring Flat File Event, with pieces on sale from $5 to $500. (Friday & Saturday, Gesamtkunst Werkshop, FREE)

2. Protect your neck at standup show Whiplash, featuring a killer lineup including Jon Glaser, Jermaine Fowler, Janeane Garofalo, and Aparna Nancherla. (Friday, Bell House, $10)

3. Get your groove on in a very sweet place at Junxion and the Chocolate Factory, with yummy tunes from DJ REsy, Davidson Ospina, MAMBISA, and 2melo. (Friday, Fine & Raw, $22.09) (more…)

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We’re going to be in line. Are you? via acidpolly / Flickr

Ever since the first hint of winter chill breezed past us late last fall, we’ve been gearing up for Summer 2016. You know this already because you’ve seen us trying to convince you that it’s summer even when it’s not. And if there’s one thing we can say for certain, it’s that a real Brooklyn summer always starts on Coney Island. Perhaps you too have been waiting all year for the day when you could once again survey your Brooklyn kingdom from atop a swinging car on Deno’s Wonder Wheel.

Well saints be praised, that day has finally come.

It’s time for the 31st Annual Blessing of the Rides at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park, which also marks the official opening of Coney Island’s amusement parks and attractions for the whole summer season. From this Sunday (March 20) [UPDATE: Opening day was postponed due to the weather; now it’s on Saturday, March 26] on, you can ride the Cyclone, frolic along the boardwalk and rot your teeth on candy apples, soaking in the promise of another Indian summer that this joyous occasion brings. Too much? Nah, we don’t think so. The Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone are giving out free rides to the first customers too! (more…)

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There's a long tradition of killing Republicans. But why? Via

There’s a long tradition of killing Republicans. But why? Via

This 2016 election is coming down hard, and shows no signs of lightening up. Where the Democrats’ cultural conversation remains even-handed in the debate on a viable presidency between Clinton or Sanders (even if Sanders has the official NYC comedy vote), the Republican arena is largely consumed by the ever-increasing absurdity of its forerunning candidate, Donald Trump. We’re not going to spend any words on that guy, though you should see how he’s making the news lately. Instead, we’re going to tell you about a play that might shed some light on why we all hate him so much.

Killing Republicans is a new rock opera musical coming to Coney Island in April courtesy of Dick Zigun, the neighborhood’s unofficial (but more or less democratically chosen) mayor. The show marks Zigun’s long-rumored return to the theatre after years of focusing energies on his neighborhood’s revival through Coney Island USA (the not-for-profit arts organization that produces The Mermaid Parade, among other things). And the show hasn’t even opened yet, but it’s already summoned a tweetstorm of vitriolic responses and inspired pundit controversy online.

What’s all the fuss about? Brokelyn wanted to know, too, so we talked to Zigun about his fascination with the Republican party’s notoriety and got the skinny on this new musical. You may not find any explicit political endorsements for 2016 in Killing Republicans, but here’s Zigun’s official stance on Republicans: “You don’t have to marry one, but you really shouldn’t shoot them.” (more…)

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Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.51.01 AM

Someone get Mr. Horvath on PrEP.

We’re back in Brooklyn for this week’s episode of Guys, we mean, Girls. Last night’s episode, “Good Man,” put the focus on the men. Finally, a show that gives a voice to white men. Adam wants love, Mr. Horvath wants sex and Ray wants lids. Fran probably doesn’t want anything except for like an easy to maintain haircut and probably a pair of Toms.

Ray confronted the new coffeeshop across the street over their refusal to give their customers lids, but ends up embarrassing himself. Fran’s psycho roommate forces him to move in with Hannah probably too soon. Hannah’s dad is in town to bareback some stranger he meets on the Internet, but he makes the rookie mistake to leave his wallet behind. He calls Hannah in a panic to retrieve his lost wallet. When she learns her dad didn’t use protection, she freaks and calls Elijah. Of course, Elijah isn’t excited to get involved in all that noob drama, so he ditches them for a nearby bar where he’s hit on by a handsome local newscaster (played by the great Corey Stoll).

Oh, also, Jessa and Adam keep being gross. (more…)

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Boardie jobs mean you'll never be board. Via NYC & Company.

Boardie jobs mean you’ll never be board. Via NYC & Company.

Want a back pocket-full of Wet Hot American Summer-ish stories to regale your friends with? Well, here’s your chance, gang. Replace Camp Firewood with the hot little ticket that is Coney Island, and you’ve got yourself a summer job à la Adventureland—minus the awkwardness that is Kristen Stewart’s and Jesse Eisenberg’s forced on-screen chemistry, and plus all the hot dogs.

Today and tomorrow, you can check out a huge job fair with more than 500 spots looking to be filled: candidates will be screened for positions as ride operators, game operators and more at Luna Park, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, (run, don’t walk) Nathan’s Famous and El Dorado Auto Skooter. Living out your boardie dreams is always a good time, but this year, with the hot to trot amphitheater—a 5,000-seat concert, comedy, and “other” venue—opening in July, the good times will definitely be wild river flowin’. (more…)

A rendering of the amphitheater shows  the Childs Building lit up at night. Via Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

A rendering of the amphitheater shows the Childs Building lit up at night. Via Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

Coney Island has gone through some fits and starts of rebirth in recent years. Some parts are only exciting if you love waiting in line for chain hamburgers or shoving food-scented bread down your throat. But here’s one major development that could (probably) be a good thing: The boardwalk this summer will get a huge new 5,000-seat semi-outdoor amphitheater that’ll host concerts, sports, family events and comedy, and become the new home for the annual free Seaside Concert series. Set to open in July, it’ll finally put use to the old historic old Childs Building, which has been sadly sitting vacant for years. The seating arrangement will allow crowds to expand into a space next to the boardwalk, for some summer shows with an ocean breeze. There’s no word on who will appear there this year, but beachside summer entertainment at the boardwalk is something has been sorely lacking for years. Don’t let anyone tell you NYC isn’t a beach town.  (more…)

02/12/16 3:00pm
It's a supermarket sweep!

It’s a supermarket sweep!

I like supermarkets. I really do. They often make their way into my dating life, and I’ve been asked more than once, “For our next few dates, can we go someplace that isn’t a supermarket?” It’s not like I want to go to every Key Foods or Met Food in the borough. And It’s not like I’m trying to map out every humdrum faux-organic-natural-food market full of overpriced kale and coconut smoothie supplements. I just really like going to supermarkets.

And I especially like going to ethnic ones. Often, I’ll try and find a restaurant nearby so that I can eat some ethnic food and then hunt down ingredients from that dish. I’ll get a little culture. I’ll ask some questions. Maybe I’ll find something questionable, like the place that sells pig uterus. Or the spot that has almost-expired dairy products for 50 percent off.

Either way, I’ve been to a lot of spots, and racked up a repertoire of gems that I’m ready to share with the world. So, here they are: the best ethnic supermarkets worth the train ride, and then some. (more…)

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Hey look, it's you, and this is now. via Flickr user Jerry Donhal

Hey look, it’s you, and this is now. via Flickr user Jerry Donhal

Winter temperatures are finally upon us, which means it’s time to start enjoying our second wind of summer. What? But it’s not summer. Yes it is. Summer is basically just a time when you are always warm and you do beach things. And we’ve rounded up a number of inexpensive ways you can do all the beach things this season, like walking in the sand, day-drinking, playing boardwalk games, going swimming and more.

Caution: activities below should not be attempted if you have other things to do. Because much like an actual summer day spent at the beach, these things are mostly lazy, will take all of your time, and will inevitably end with you getting drunk.  (more…)

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Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

There are only a few more days of 2015 left! Whether you are filled with hope, melancholy or dread for the upcoming year, don’t let the old one go out with a whimper. Even if you didn’t get invited to any killer house parties this year, you don’t have to schlep into Manhattan to find an awesome party. From booze to burlesque and food to fireworks, there are plenty of Brooklyn New Year’s Eve events and activities in every neighborhood to fit any-sized budget. (more…)