12/08/16 1:35pm
Anti-capitalism lives on with a cash-optional coffee shop opening in Williamsburg

Just some of the miscellany you’ll find in this coffee shop/art project space. via IG user @stefpix2

It’s no secret that your coffee addiction runs you a hefty annual tab. And with third-wave shops in almost every BK neighborhood these days, you may end up dropping $4-6 on drip because it’s French Press, or pourover, or just plain pretentious. But thankfully, there are still a few caffeine-addicted artists kicking around Brooklyn who actively oppose capitalism, and are making a powerful statement about just what “coffee culture” should really mean by creating a cash-optional café in Williamsburg.

Created by artist Fran Illich and freelance curator Juliana Cope, the AridoAmérica Winter Plan will serve as a café and gathering space where patrons can forgo the monetary cost of their coffee and opt instead to barter goods or services in exchange for a cup. Illich told the Brooklyn Paper that he was seeing a lot of people in New York “looking for a shelter, a safe space to talk, to drink some coffee, eat, cry,” and was inspired to run the alternative coffee shop as a “four month art project” to show people that there are “things more important than money.”

So, starting tomorrow (Dec. 9) through March 30, you can skip your regular morning coffee spot and head over to El Museo De Los Sures gallery (120 S. 1st St.) in Williamsburg, where a cup of coffee is only as valuable as you believe it to be. Sounds a little like most other art, doesn’t it? (more…)

05/07/14 2:29pm
new york times coffee map

Come on guys

Coffee. New York loves coffee and the Times is ON it. There’s nothing wrong with an article looking at the rise of people around here appreciating coffee and the response to it in the market. There is however, something wrong with the Times then publishing an interactive map letting you know where to get great coffee and leaving out huge swathes of Brooklyn that aren’t Williamsburg. Sounds like someone is getting a loogie in their latte if they come to Bed-Stuy. (more…)

good to go cup

Would you carry around a lid everywhere you go? via Facebook

No matter how environmentally friendly they try to be, there’s a huge built-in waste component to coffee shops with the whole disposable cup aspect. The more successful a coffee shop is, the more paper to-go cups you’re selling that will end up in landfills or the subway tracks or a recycling plant at best. But now in DUMBO, a team of students have introduced the concept of plastic reusable coffee cups that you give back to the coffee shop when you’re done. On the one hand, it costs $5 to get a cup and you have to carry the lid around with you. On the other hand, you can skip the line at participating shops and get 25 cents off, so would you throw down for one of these? (more…)

01/24/13 1:00pm
What dangers lurk in the Iris Cafe's biscuits? via Facebook

What dangers lurk in the Iris Cafe’s biscuits? via Facebook

Each morning Brooklyn Heights residents wake the smell of roasting coffee, the chatter of their neighbors, and an abundance of fresh-baked muffins and scones. And it is awful, according to the Post (via the Observer)Some residents living above Iris Café, which opened in 2009, are now threatening to take the eatery to court for chronic food odors that have been deemed “offensive.” (more…)

01/14/13 2:00pm
Oslo, in happier, less burned times. via Flickr user Ancient Cycles

Oslo, in happier, less burned times. via Flickr user Ancient Cycles

We joked about it last week, but in reality, Oslo’s Bedford Avenue store burning down is a bummer. It was a locally owned coffee shop in an area where Starbucks has yet to penetrate, and more than that, it employed people who lived around the neighborhood. Now of course, those people are out of work, through no fault of their own. Fortunately, Lucky Dog (which is a bar you can turn into an office) is helping them out with a fundraiser benefitting the employees. (more…)

01/09/13 4:13pm
A burned out Oslo is just the beginning. Photo via Austin McCutchen

A burned out Oslo is just the beginning. Photo via Austin McCutchen

This could be the end of life as we know it. It’s true, Brokesters, things are a-changin’, for better and for worse. For better: we may be seeing improvements on the G train. For worse: we may be losing Coney Island to a strip mall anti-paradise. But the biggest change to come, indeed one of the most horrifyingly and universally life-altering things we could imagine, has to do with none other than our precious, precious coffee supply. That’s right, folks, according to The Awl, our future coffee supply is in danger. (more…)

10/31/12 9:28am

We could all use a coffee and a friendly face today. Via TA Facebook.

Finally tackling your fear of bike commuting into work today, thanks to Sandy? Transportation Alternatives is serving up free coffee and commuter support from 730am-11am on the  city side of the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges today, and possibly more days this week too. And the coffee is from Brooklyn Roasting Company to boot.

Gentrifier trap?

Last Thursday, we brought you the story of the world’s most tone deaf do-gooder. Casting themselves and gentrification by way of espresso as a force for good, our mystery blogger invited one and all to a pop-up espresso shop in Bed-Stuy. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak to this coffee clown, so on Saturday, I rode down Patchen Avenue to where it meets up with Sumpter Street, not quite knowing what to expect. (more…)

09/28/12 10:12am

Coffee really does stunt your growth: that’s a 45 year-old man. Via Baby Metoxen

Are you a “don’t touch me until I’ve had my morning coffee” kind of person? Hah, trick question. We all are! Until Sigmund Freud climbs out of his grave and gives impassioned testimony in front of Congress on the benefits of cocaine, coffee is all we have to get us through the day, alert and chewing on our pens with nervous energy. Fortunately, today is National Coffee Day. Originally started to bring attention to the plight of small coffee farmers, it now exists to bring some relief to the under-caffeinated masses with free coffee from a few chains. (more…)

08/22/12 4:30pm

Scary latte photo courtesy of Examiner.com.

Since quitting my museum job a month ago and starting a job at a coffee shop, my life has simplified considerably. No more getting screamed at by crowds of people in foreign languages, no more answering the same question 873 times a day, and no more hour-long peak-time commutes. The only down side: customers who require very special attention and behave badly when they don’t receive it. Trust me, we’re here for you soy macchiato drinkers; nobody sets out to be a bitchy barista. So how about you don’t do any of these things on your next coffee run? (more…)