12/28/15 9:11am
Rock the mic tonight, the way you've always wanted to. via Flickr user Nev Brown

Rock the mic tonight, the way you’ve always wanted to. via Flickr user Nev Brown

Hello out there, and welcome to another Monday Funday. It’s the very last Monday of 2015, so you’re probably taking stock of what kind of year you’ve had. Have you gone out and gotten drunk enough this year? Have you taken in enough culture? Sang your lungs out enough at karaoke or at shows? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention to the Brokelyn Events Calendar. You can still fix it by checking out some great things listed on it tonight, so get out there and make the last Monday a great one. (more…)

12/03/15 8:16am

Let art take you to some weird places in DUMBO tonight. Painting by Nadine Boughton, via Facebook

Alright, we did it, we made it to Thursday. Just get through this day and the weekend awaits. You love the weekend, it’s where you can do whatever you want with your time. During the week, things are a bit more limited, but the Brokelyn Events Calendar has a few things that are good for weekday entertainment. Take a look below and pick one, you won’t be disappointed. (more…)

12/02/15 11:50am
via Shwick Market

The Shwick Market is just one of the over 20 Brooklyn holiday markets where you can pick up cool things during Christmas season. via Shwick Market

Now that we’re all done stuffing our faces with turkey leftovers, it’s time for the gift-buying panic to set it. Are you suffering from an overwhelming pressure to buy everyone in your life the perfect present? Has your agoraphobia kicked in at the mere thought of fighting the hordes of Manhattan tourists?

Here at Brokelyn, we are all about minimizing holiday PTSD. Our number one tip: stay in the borough and shop locally! There are tons of Brooklyn holiday markets, pop-ups and fairs for you to find something fun and affordable for everyone on your gift list. (more…)

12/01/15 8:52am
What are New York City's pests plotting?  Find out tonight!

What are the pests of NYC plotting? Find out tonight!

Welcome to Tuesday. It’s…well you know, it’s a Tuesday. It’s fine, it’s not that exciting but it could also be worse. At least we’re a day closer to the weekend. Also at least you’re not heading to jail for the rest of your natural life like Sheldon Silver. Man, imagine that. In jail forever for selfish crimes of corruption, never able to enjoy the Brokelyn Events Calendar ever again. Take it from me kids, don’t do selfish crimes of corruption and don’t hang around politics for 50 years. Instead hang around Brooklyn do some fun stuff tonight. Maybe hang around politics for 20 years though, we need some decent leadership. (more…)

11/17/15 9:41am
Bluebird brunch will leave you feeling anything but blue. via FB

Bluebird brunch will leave you feeling anything but blue. via FB

Winter is nigh upon us. It’s time to throw on flannel underwear and never leave the apartment. Soon enough we’ll all be dodging slush monsters while waving away rumors of how nice California is this time of year.

Don’t despair, readers. We might all turn into wretched mole-people this winter, but brunch is forever ours. It knows no season. In that spirit, check out these brunch spots with working fireplaces. Between that and their cozy, Christmas-ready ambiance, you’ll be sure to warm your belly and soul against Californians. (more…)

11/10/15 9:03am
This is the new way standup comedy happens. Photo by Matt Lief Anderson, via Facebook

This is the new way standup comedy happens. Photo by Matt Lief Anderson, via Facebook

Oh no it’s raining and kind of cold today. Let’s forget all about that nice weather we’ve all been having and moan about the everlasting darkness in our lives from now until April probably. It’s all over, all over. Well, that’s fine, that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun stuff to be found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, so you should still get out there and enjoy yourself. It’s good for the soul. (more…)

11/05/15 11:13am
What are they planning? Find out tonight

What is the robot menace planning? Find out tonight

“Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday,” sang Rebecca Black in her viral shame hit from a couple years back. You kids should follow her advice and go out and do something crazy today. Or at least something fun, which the Brokelyn Events Calendar can help you with. (more…)

11/03/15 1:30pm
Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

In spite of the occasional 75-degree sneak attack (“I’ll never let go!”- Summer 2015), the calendar says fall has arrived in Brooklyn, so who are we to argue. And as far as seasonal booze is concerned, the dessert-in-a-pint known as pumpkin ale tends to reign supreme. Now, let’s be clear: we at Brokelyn love us some pumpkin ale (to the point of creating a definitive list of the best!). But we need not think of it as the be-all-and-end-all of getting your autumnal drink on…not when hard cider exists in the world! Cider is having a moment right now; there’s even a Manhattan bar completely dedicated to tap ciders from around the world. Brooklyn might not have an all-cider-all-the-time spot, but there are plenty of neighborhood bars with cider lists that extend beyond the usual Magner’s and Woodchuck. Here are a few great options: (more…)

11/03/15 8:57am

You could be sitting between Mikey Heller and Colin Burgess, just like Steve Whalen, “Mr. Jokes.” via Steve Whalen

We’re now two days removed from the Mets not winning the World Series, and it still hurts, so maybe you still want to sit in a dark room by yourself. I understand. Still, who knows how long this November heat wave will last (and if it goes on too long it’s just gonna be disturbing and not fun) so get out there using the Brokelyn Events Calendar and these five best picks from it as your guide. (more…)

10/29/15 10:16am

He’s got some fishy tales for you tonight

Last night’s baseball game didn’t go so long that it should have kept you up last night, but I get it if the result did. That being said, there’s no baseball tonight, so you may as well put your bad feelings about this Wolrd Series aside in a little box, consult the Brokelyn Events Calendar and go to something fun. Like one of these five events, maybe. (more…)