02/08/17 4:00pm
Court Street is in session: 6 old-school businesses surviving a changing Cobble Hill

Photo by Yelper Hans R. I base my anticipation for a cold cut on how many signs and knives the butcher shop has

Today, Court Street is the second most expensive place for commercial real estate in Brooklyn, topped only by Williamsburg’s Bedford Avenue. Pricey high-end baby clothing boutiques, such as Jacadi and Sprout San Francisco, seem to keep sprouting up, and stores like Rag & Bone have been replacing neighborhood bar and grills.

Recently, the strip of longtime mom-and-pop shops has seen some of its decades-old vendors shutter in the face of mounting rents, including two beloved bookshops. After 30 years in the neighborhood the notoriously cluttered Community Bookstore at 212 Court St. sold for $5.5 million last May, 10 times what owner John Scioli paid for the building in 1980. Then, just a few months later, fellow literary neighbor and Court Street community staple Book Court announced that they would be closing for good after 35 years of business.

An influx of Italian and Middle Eastern families immigrated to the neighborhoods in the early 1900s, setting up family-run stores and businesses. Even as the streets gentrify and become more commercial some of these businesses have stood the test of corporate greed and still stand, now generations old.

As neighbors worry that a sense of community is disappearing, they need to look to establishments like these five to be reminded that the old communities still exist. (more…)

01/15/15 4:24pm
See what kind of American sniping was worthy of an Oscar nod, before everyone gets mad it wins Best Picture

See what kind of American sniping was worthy of an Oscar nod, before everyone gets mad it wins Best Picture

Okay, okay, so we were all a little underwhelmed by the pallor of this year’s Oscar picks. The Academy redeemed itself ever so slightly by its Lego Movie nomination of “Everything is Awesome” for Best Original Song, but we’re still grumpy! That said, you’re definitely going to want to beef up your knowledge about the films in question before the appointed hour. In order to help you with that, here’s a rundown of where in BK movie theaters you can still see any of the 2015 nominees. (We stuck to Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress, Best Director and Best Foreign Language film. Otherwise this post would take us until Oscar night to publish.) (more…)

09/29/14 10:09am
Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Provided what you see isn’t terrible, going to the movies could be a great time. Plus, it’s the fall now, so it’s time to grudgingly look at some indoor activities to keep you entertained. Though movie tickets may cost lots of money and the shirt off your back, and a popcorn and soda will cost your shoes, your phone, and you’ll have to work at the theater for a couple of days, the moviegoing experience doesn’t have to be the beginning and the end of your night.

If you’re on a date that, after the theater lights go up, you’re not ready to end, there’s no need to sulk right on home if the ticket took a decent bite out of your wallet. Just because the credits rolled doesn’t mean the good times can’t, and these cheap bars and restaurants within walking distance of the movies will keep them going for you.


05/17/13 11:14am
You're gonna disappointed by Superman anyway, may as well do it cheap. via Facebook

You’re gonna disappointed by Man of Steel anyway, may as well be on the cheap. via Facebook

We’re not sure when this was decided, but movies are for rich people. This innocent pastime which once welcomed all tax brackets into its chilly, air conditioned arms seems to have slipped away, and for many of us, the days of seeing cinematic wonders unfold before us on a screen larger than a laptop screen are naught but a memory.

Well, we don’t know how to fight that, but we do know that doing something that doesn’t include the overconsumption of alcohol and subsequent high bar tab shouldn’t lead to regret and an empty checking account. So, we’ve rounded up this list of Brooklyn theaters where you can go to the movies for cheap(er). (more…)

Photo via Flickr's William Self

Dear Cobble Hill Cinemas: We could go on and on about how we’d much rather hand over our $10 to your smiling, independently owned faces instead of shelling out $13 and some dignity at the bigger UA bully down the street; or how your concessions are priced lower so we don’t feel like we’re shopping at the last snack bar on the international space station; or how your crowds are pleasant and respectful and actually bought up all the tickets to Bridesmaids one Saturday night three weeks after its release while the newly released, far dumber Hangover 2 still had plenty of seats available. But there’s something bigger that cements our crush: it’s that old-generation, Saturday-morning-movie-with-Dad kind of charm the theater captures so well. You are located in one of the most Brooklyn stretches of Brooklyn down Court Street, with enough cozy bars, tasty food and enticing chocolatiers to justify missing the first showing. Climbing the winding staircase past movie scenes painted on the wall, it’s easy to imagine being there when all the movies were black and white and everyone wore fedoras. But mostly, we love that that the one time a bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate covered pretzels fell out of our bag as you were taking our ticket, you just smiled, laughed, and waved us through.

So, dear reader, you should buy this $15 Groupon for two tickets, popcorns and sodas today and go see for yourself. And even if you miss the Groupon, love up on some of their bargain nights: $7 seats all day Tuesdays and Thursdays and up to 5pm from Monday-Friday.