Welcome home, lady!

Welcome home, lady!

Searching through Craigslist for a room in New York is one of the more depressing endeavors you can put yourself through. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the terrible listings you come across are a joke. On the other hand, sometimes, like in the case of this $450/month windowless walk-in closet that three guys are advertising as ideal for a woman, they’re entirely too real and you’re face-to-face with the pitiless screaming ghoul that is New York City real estate. Close your eyes and don’t look at it, lest it melt your face off! (more…)

09/25/15 11:27am
Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

As they do every year, Michelin is about to announce what they consider to be the best restaurants in New York City. And while we all love a good meal out on the town, sometimes you don’t want to take out a mortgage to be able to afford it. So that’s why we have the Michelin Bib Gourmands, which are the best restaurants the prestigious guide says you can get two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less. Brooklyn is all over the list, with 32 restaurants to eat out at and look fancy and impressive, which is great. However, when it comes to choosing the dessert or the wine, don’t ask us what you to do. It’s your journey. (more…)

This is what $500,000 gets you, folks.  (via NYT)

This is what $500,000 gets you, folks. (via NYT)

I recently received a Google news alert, i.e. an ad, for a condo in Clinton Hill. I’m not in the market, but something struck me about the property. Not its precious name (Aperture 538) or the severe appointments, but its price tag: a staggering half-million dollars for a 533 square-foot studio. That is sheer lunacy — why would anyone pay that much for such a tiny space? Yeah, yeah, location, location, location. The ad says, “Clinton Hill is an ideal neighborhood to call home…”, which is true if you have no concept of the value of money. But I do; so I wondered if that cash would be better spent buying somewhere less desirable and simply visiting Brooklyn every weekend. (more…)

09/03/15 9:15am
Fall in love with Terror Amor's garage rock tonight. via Facebook

Fall in love with Terror Amor’s garage rock tonight. via Facebook

Hooray, it’s Thursday. That means that tomorrow night will be Friday night, and in a twist that’s even better than your usual Friday night, it’s going to be a Friday night on a three-day weekend, so you can be more irresponsible than usual. Still, don’t give Thursday a short shrift, not when there are so many cool things to do as found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

08/21/15 10:16am
Coffee shop or bar? These places, like Greene Grape Annex, are both. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Coffee shop or bar? These places, like Greene Grape Annex, are both. Photo by Tim Donnelly

The Williamsburg Starbucks made news this week by starting to offer beer along with their soy-frappe-cappuccino-whip-drinks. Count us among the unimpressed. Starbucks may be good at cake-pops and pumping out a Pumpkin Spiced Latte in under fourteen seconds, but the borough is filled to the brim with local spots that serve up the coffee/beer combo without sending most of your money back to Seattle. Whether you’re craving a post coffee stout in Park Slope or an IPA with your espresso in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn coffee shops offer you many (better) options than beer from Starbucks.

07/16/15 1:08pm
via Heartland Brewery

via Heartland Brewery

Fulton Street has been steadily accruing its fair share of craft beer outfits, with Hops Hill and Glorietta Baldy being some of the more notable additions on that front. But now, we’re getting something a little more unique: Gothamist reports that Heartland Brewery, the employee-owned brewpub in Union Square that shuttered its windows this past winter, has “tapped” the market in Clinton Hill with a space on Waverly Avenue that’s part retail storefront, part taproom and bar snacks. You can sample, nosh and learn about this decades-old name in craft brewing before making a purchase to take home!  (more…)

07/16/15 8:46am
BAM R&B Festival

You’ve got bookings on the mothership. via George Clinton

Here it is, you’ve made it to Thursday, look at you! We understand your excitement, because especially in the summer time, Thursday is the last day of the week anyone really tries at work. So while you’re hastily trying to do today’s and Friday’s work so you can just dick around taking personality quizzes tomorrow, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the best things happening in Brooklyn tonight, courtesy of the Brokelyn Events Calendar. (more…)

07/09/15 8:43am
Finally, Movies With A View has come BACK to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

Finally, Movies With A View has come BACK to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

Welcome to Thursday! You survived most of the week and the great almost-apocalypse of 2015. Congratulations! Reward yourself by doing one of these fun things we found on our event calendar, like the kickoff for the Brooklyn Bridge Park movies or learning some stuff about Greenpoint. What? Learning is fun. (more…)

05/27/15 8:28am
sonya art walk

Look how much fun these people are having with art! via Facebook

It’s late spring in New York City, and you’re probably being inundated with images of all the highly Instagrammable art happenings that are perpetually popping up around here. Though it’s inarguably awesome to have access to so much new art on the reg, maybe you want to have a serious art binge without venturing into Manhattan or taking a boat. Look no further than the 16th Annual SONYA Art Walk this weekend! (more…)

Home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership

This could be home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership

We tend to vascillate between telling you real estate is a lost cause and then telling you things like hey, look at this one exception. Well, today we’re on the positive side of the equation, because DNA Info reports that yet more affordable housing is coming to Clinton Hill! A new building at 490 Myrtle Avenue is offering up 19 units to the affordable housing lottery. That means $1,064 two-bedrooms, $877 one-bedrooms and $816 studios. Hey, maybe you can get married and move out, after all.  (more…)