04/03/17 10:01am

Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

Democrats have been losing seats for years, and a Trump presidency should be the time for a leftist resurgence. This week’s events include a fundraiser for Democrats out West, who need support now more than ever before, as well as rallies and protests, fundraisers, letter writing events and a few happy hour specials and parties that will let you support a good cause (and your fellow Americans) with a drink in hand. But remember: direct action is always the best course of action when possible, and nothing sends a message like thousands of bodies on the street defending their rights!


03/08/16 4:30pm

Photos by Margaret Bortner

Rape whistles have long been mocked for their purported function. Not only are 82 percent of sexual assaults perpetrated by someone known to or trusted by the victim, but generally speaking, by the time an attacker comes into view of someone who has a rape whistle, the time for defensive action has probably passed. So as a cautionary tool, it’s kind of useless. On the other hand, you can make some pretty beautiful music with it.

That was precisely the goal for the girls of Jess Delfino’s Rape Whistle Choir of America, who convened on the steps of City Hall today to send a very direct message to the mayor’s office: rape blows! (more…)

03/07/16 4:00pm
City Hall should get ready to witness a little choral history. via Wikipedia

City Hall should get ready to witness a little choral history. via Wikipedia

For reasons that are pretty much just angry men saying “because reasons,” rape is still a very serious and global threat to women in the year 2016. International Women’s Day is tomorrow (March 8), and we hope you’ll take the opportunity to decry rape and other battles women are still fighting this year, while celebrating the small victories we’ve had along the way.

One New York comedian, 39-year-old Jess Delfino, is out to prove that the tone of International Women’s Day can be both light-hearted and serious with a press conference and performance by the newly-formed Rape Whistle Choir of America. (Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like.) The choir is the longtime brainchild of Delfino, who was getting tired of always using her standup as a soapbox for her feminism. She filled us in on tomorrow’s event, and told us all about her group of whistle-blowing women out to harmonize with the issue at hand.  (more…)