12/19/14 2:01pm
mike's hot honey

If you’re wondering what to get a foodie for Christmas, one of our experts says pick up Mike’s Hot Honey. via Facebook

Foodies are notoriously difficult to shop for if you’re not a foodie too. Are they into baking? Butchering? Do they even have room in their kitchen for a potato ricer? Facts like these are crucial so that you don’t end up buying the chef in your life their third microplane. To help you out, we’ve asked three rising stars on the Brooklyn gastronomical scene for their recommendations to help you improve the kitchen of your favorite chef. (more…)

12/17/14 1:19pm
Your fashionista friend loves selfies, so surely she'd be head over heels for a selfie pillow from

Your fashionista friend loves selfies, so surely she’d be head over heels for a selfie pillow from Aelfie

Sometimes the most fashionable people are the hardest to shop for. What do you get the girl that’s always on top of the latest trends, snagging the best accessories quicker than you can say, “sample sale”? Fear not, ensembly-challenged. Here are three fashion experts on what to get the sartorially savvy person in your life. (more…)

12/16/14 10:25am
ifc center

Your cinemaphile friend would appreciate Santa bringing her an IFC Center membership. via Flickr user Carlos Lowry

Happy holidays, Brokelyn shoppers! It’s time to show your broke cinemaphile friends how much you appreciate them and shower them with gifts. Instead of taking wild guesses from us, let us introduce you to four talented actors, directors, and filmmakers in Brooklyn to tell you what to give to the film nerd. You could give them tickets to the most thought-provoking films and performances. But really, what film nerd to you know that is not secretly an aspiring filmmaker? Give them a mix of things to watch and tools that enable them to create a film that you will watch. (more…)

12/12/14 3:15pm
ms. marvel kamala khan

A comic book is a book, especially if it’s Ms. Marvel, Volume 1. So says one of our book goft experts, Rahawa Haile.

Books! There are so many out there, and if you’re trying to buy one for someone as a gift, your odds of buying a not that great one are astronomically high. Fortunately for you, we live in a borough with plenty of intelligent, well-read people, so we asked three of them what they think your book worm friend will go absolutely gaga for. So take it from them, and not us, since all we ever read is stuff on the internet. (more…)

12/08/14 3:46pm
high maintenance

High Maintenance, which follows the strange life of Brooklyn’s most famous fictional pot dealer is just one gift your comedy nerd friend will flip over. via Facebook

It’s that time of year again, the time where you feel the need to buy friends gifts even if you’re not entirely sure what they’d like. Why take the risk the gift you agonized over buying your friend will be met with a strained polite face and a request for the receipt when you can just take advice from some of Brooklyn experts on what your friends will love? Today, we’ve got some of Brooklyn’s best comedians telling you what you should buy for that comedy-obsessed friend of yours for Christmas. (more…)

12/17/13 10:48am
Cannot kill the family; buttery is found in me

Cannot kill the family; buttery is found in me

As you surely know by now, Brokelyn has a pronounced pro-pun bias. What you may not know is that we are also in the pro-metalhead camp (as this reporter’s first, third and fifth concerts were all METALLICA). This is all why the tasty creations by Williamsburg’s Better Off Spread caught our eye: Not only are the names of each item infused with heavy metal themed punditry that would have Dimebag Darrell rockin and rollin in his grave, but the vegan, organic spreads themselves are pretty damn delicious. The sweet (Master of Peppermints and the pumpkiny Cashew the Bell Tolls) or savory (the spicy Jalapeno Be Thy Name or the peppery Ace of Spice), concoctions are good enough that they’re meant to be served as their own appetizers, but you can just as easily throw them on a sandwich. And you may have seen them in our raffle at last week’s No Office party too!

$11-$13 each, or get the Master of Peppermints two-pack for $20; available online or throughout NYC

12/23/09 2:02am

teaBrokelyn is officially in favor of splurgy little pick-me-ups (cause we can’t afford big ones), and a current addiction is stopping into Sacred Vibes Apothecary for a couple ounces of custom-blended tea. The chamomile/peppermint/licorice is a soothing balm for what ails us (being awake at 3 a.m.) and rest assured shop owner Karen Rose has a leafy blend for what afflicts anyone on your list too. Yes there are teas for eczema, arthritis and high blood pressure, but if you don’t think Constipation Relief Tea is an appealing stocking stuffer, how about one that promises beautiful skin? The cocktail of calendula, red clover, chickweed, burdock root and cleavers makes for pleasant winter sipping, and Karen says it’s like a facial in a teacup. Or maybe we said that. Beautiful Skin Tea is $10 a 2-ounce bag at Sacred Vibes, 376 Argyle Rd. between Cortelyou and Dorchester, 718-284-2890.

12/22/09 1:13pm

glovesWe’re gonna catch all kinds of crap for posting a gift from Target, since it isn’t exactly a homespun mom-and-pop enterprise, but here goes anyway. For at least the last couple of years, Target has been selling ladies mitts, two pairs for $1.50. That means you can put a pair in your pocket, on your nightstand, in your backpack, in your glove compartment (it’s called that for a reason) hanging from the mantle in place of a stocking, dangling from your belt for a chic winter look etc. etc. etc. You will never have cold hands, nor especially warm ones, but what do you want for less than a buck? We love them, evil retailer, one-ply acrylic and all. You probably already know this, but here are the Brooklyn Targets.

12/21/09 4:23pm

photo from zibbet.com/Frankenkitty

photo from zibbet.com/Frankenkitty

There are loads of iconic Brooklyn shots on sale around town, but this cotton-candy-colored take on a Coney Island landmark called to us with its dreamy, almost toy-like look. It’s one of the photos Brooklyn’s Mari Lowery is selling under the name Frankenkitty on the new Etsy rival site, Zibbet. As her handle suggests, Lowery has a sardonic eye, but she does the creepy doll thing without making you cringe, venturing into the established genre of spooky mannequins and bunny-costume photos with refreshing grace. The richly toned yet under-saturated images, coupled with animated compositions, make the pictures more compelling than the run-of-the-mill, was-your-childhood-that-awful shots.

Photos are $25 for an 8-by-8-inch print. Act fast if you want to get your photo-loving friend a print in time for the 25th—your last day to order is Wednesday, and the photographer will ship it next day or priority (you will have to email her at mari@marilowery.com and pay the extra charges).

12/21/09 11:42am

Picture 7Back in our day, just about every sexually confused undergrad had at least one Georgia O’Keeffe poster on her wall, but who knew that the great painter of NSFW flowers also captured the Brooklyn Bridge on canvas? (If the answer is “Like, everyone, you idiot” you can totally keep that to yourself.) According to the Brooklyn Museum’s web site, this is one of the last paintings O’Keeffe made in New York before moving to New Mexico in 1949, and it’s considered “her farewell to the city where she had lived or worked and many years.”

Tell the recipient that you like how the Gothic style arches “proclaim this vast utilitarian structure a kind of American cathedral” (a goodie lifted from the Brooklyn Museum web site). Incidentally, the Whitney, which we heard is somewhere in… Manhattan?… is having an O’Keeffe show until Jan. 17 and for more choice lines here’s a mucho eleganté review written by our friend Barb. The 24-by-36-inch poster is $20 at the Brooklyn Museum gift shop.