We're not sure what's in those boxes but we'll eat it anyway

We’re not sure what’s in those boxes but we’ll eat it anyway. via Flickr user Robyn Lee

Sunset Park is the largest of Brooklyn’s Chinatowns. Yep, there’s more than one. Follow this guide and discover what to see, where to go and what to eat, and you’ll quickly fall in love with the bright and dizzying culture. Whether it’s the incredibly cheap produce or the inexpensive snacks, there is sure to be something that you’re going to want to purchase — but the people-watching and window -hopping game is strong in this neighborhood, so even just a couple bucks is enough to make a day of it. (more…)

04/10/12 11:47am

Another rule: if the sign is not in the English alphabet, it must be good! Flickr photo courtesy of Alexander Synaptic.

In the Wall Street Journal over the weekend was an interesting piece on how to find an authentically good restaurant, and it’s none of the conventional Brooklyn wisdom that it must have a rooftop garden and a Spanish sheep in the dining room to make table side Manchego. In his new book “An Economist Gets Lunch,” wonky Marginal Revolution blogger Tyler Cowen applies the laws of the market to restaurants, and here, reviewer Graeme Wood synopsizes a few of his tricks: (more…)

Taiwan Cucumbers

Taiwan Cucumbers. Photos by Hannah Rosenblum.

Chinese supermarkets are chock-full of delicious, inexpensive stuff—that we know from many a past meal. Still, for the uninitiated, between the hustle and bustle (and often questionable English signage), the stores can seem like impenetrable fortresses. You know that fuzzy squash-looking thing is cheap, but… what to do with it? We decided to head to a couple of Sunset Park’s staple supermarkets and see what we could find, and how to use the stuff back at home. We compared the prices with those at a couple cheap non-Chinese spots (our local C-Town and Key Food). Here’s what we found: (more…)